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Southhampton, Suffolk County, NY
Dated: January 10, 1751/52 Proven: June 9, 1757

In the name of God, Amen. I, ISAAC HALSEY, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, farmer, being well in health. All debts and legacies to be paid within convenient time.

"I leave to my wife MARY œ20, also the use of the west room in my dwelling house and 100 weight of good Pork, and 100 weight of good Beef, and 1 cow, and the cow to be foddered and drove seasonably to Pasture," "Also 6 bushels of good wheat, 6 bushels of Indian Corn, 3 loads of firewood, and all the butter and cheese in the house that is of her own make."

I leave to my son EPHRAIM the use of all the lands and meadows which I have at Onuck during his life, and no longer, Also 20 shillings, and if my son EPHRAIM dies before his wife, she shall have the use of 1/2 of said lands and meadows and buildings so long as she remains his widow and bears up his name.

I leave to my son, CORNELIUS HALSEY, all my lands and meadows in Pine Neck, and all my lands, meadows, buildings, and Commonage east of Tianah and Red Creek, to the east bounds of the town, Also all my lands, meadows, and buildings which I have at Potunk, including the land in the Upper Division lying against it, Also my 3 eastermost œ50 lots in the New Division lying against Onuck, Also a œ50 right of land in Quioge in the Upper Division, And 1/2 of my manor land, and 1/2 of my Commonage west of Tiana.

I leave to my grandson, SILVANUS HALSEY, all my lands, meadows, and buildings which I have at Speonk, also all my lands, meadows, and buildings which I have at Onuck, including the Upper Division lying against the Neck, except the three 50s given to his brother, Also 1/2 of my manor land and 1/2 my Commonage west of Tiana, and 2/3 of a lot at Quioge, Also
all the money that is due to me from SAMUEL CHARD for rent.

I leave to my grand son, TIMOTHY BIGELOW, œ10.

To my grandson, ISAAC BIGELOW, 20 shillings.

To my three granddaughters, ELIZABETH SPENCER and ABIGAIL and MARY BIGELOW, 20 shillings each.

To my granddaughter, ABIGAIL ELY, œ20.

To my grand daughter, MARY HALSEY, œ20.

After payment of all debts and legacies, I leave all the rest to my grand sons, CORNELIUS and STEPHEN HALSEY, and I make them executors. Dated January 10, 175 1/2. Witnesses, JEDIDIAH HOWELL, RICHARD HOWELL, ABRAM HALSEY. Proved, June 9, 1757.


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