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Southhampton, Suffolk County, NY
Dated: March 27, 1745 Proven: April 18, 1746

In the name of God, Amen. I, NATHANIEL HALSEY, of Southampton in Suffolk County, farmer, being well in health. I leave to my son, RECOMPENCE HALSEY , all my houses and lands at Meacox, and 1/2 of a lot of meadow at Accabog in Jumping Neck, which I bought of EDWARD HOWELL, as by deed.

I leave to my two grand sons, ANANSIS and ISAREL HALSEY, œ10 each.
I leave to my son, ELISHA HALSEY, all that my lot of land called the Blank lot; Also my lot of land adjoining to it, called Roberts Lot; And one lot at North Side which I bought of JONAH ROGERS, and also 10 poles wide into the lot I bought of MR. TOPPING, that is, 10 poles wide at the west end, and but 2 poles wide at the water hole, and is on the south side of the lot, joining to his other land; Also all my meadow at Shinecock; Also all my meadow on the east side of Jumping Neck; And 1/2 my commonage.

I leave to my son NATHANIEL all my homestead and buildings, that is, my land, meadow, and buildings, at Cobb; And my lot called Jonathan's Lot; Also all my land called Conklings Neck; And the rest of my land at North side, bought of MR. TOPPING. Also one œ50 right in Lot 29, Great South Division. Also a lot of meadow at the bottom of Jumping Neck called Rapahanock; And two lots at Red creek Neck, which I bought of SAMUEL BISHOP and ISAAC BOWER; And all my right of land and meadow which I have lying with widow MARTHA HALSEY, that is west of Canoe Place; And 1/2 œ50 right of Commonage, east of Canoe Place.
I leave to my son, EZEKIEL HALSEY, all my piece of land at Littleworth, called Rogers Close, and 1 lot and 2/3 of a lot of meadow on the west side of Jumping Neck, which I bought of MR.LUDLAM and Mr. SANFORD.

I leave to each of my daughters (not named) 10s. To my son NATHANIEL, my plow, cart, and ox chain. I leave to my wife the use of 1/3 of all lands and meadows given to my son NATHANIEL, and 1/2 the house and barn. If any of my sons wish to sell, they shall give the rest the preference.

Dated March 27, 1745. Witnesses, ELLIS COOK, EZEKIEL ROSE, JONATHAN HALSEY. Proved, April 18, 1746. Wife ANNA and ABRAM HALSEY, executors.


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