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submitted by Deb Dixon


Dated: January 21, 1767
Proven: April 19, 1768

In the name of God, Amen. "I, JEREMIAH HALSEY, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, yeoman, being sick and weak in Body, but of sound mind and memory, Thanks be given to God for the same," "And calling to mind the mortality of my Body, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament."

I leave to my loving wife HANNAH all and every article contained in an agreement signed before our marriage, and she is to quit all title to my estate.

I leave to my son, PAUL HALSEY, a certain tract of land to be taken off from my home lot; that is to say, beginning at the southwest corner of my home lot, and going eastward 64 poles to where there is a ditch, and then going with the ditch northward about 64 poles to another ditch, and then going westward along said ditch into the marsh, containing by estimation between 25 and 26 acres, Bounded on the west partly by the land of the heirs of ELIJAH HALSEY and partly by land of THOMAS SANFORD, and north and east by land that I give to my son JEREMIAH.

I leave to my son, JEREMIAH HALSEY, all my dwelling house and home lot and buildings that was given to me by my father, and not before given away. The land that I bought of CAPT. . ThEOPHILUS HOWELL and RECOMPENSE HALSEY is to be understood as not to belong to my home lot.

I leave to my son, STEPHEN HALSEY, the two lots I bought of CAPT. THEOPHILUS HOWELL and RECOMPENSE HALSEY adjoining to my home lot; Also 4 acres of land at the southwest corner of Lot No. 17 in the Great [South] Division.

My executors are to sell my two pieces of enclosed land lying north of the house of STEPHEN SANFORD in Lot No. 17. My will is that all my lands lying in the South Lot No. 17 in the Great Division (excepting the enclosed land where my son MATTHEW'S house stands, and the land I have here before disposed of), and all my orchard land at the Brick kilns, and also all my right in the Amendment that was laid out to my lot in the Little South Division, be equally divided between my three sons, STEPHEN, JEREMIAH, and PAUL.

I leave to my four sons, MATTHEW, ISAAC, JABEASH, and Amos, the sum of œ1, York currency, to be equally divided between them, and to be paid by my executors.

I leave to my two daughters, HANNAH and MARTHA 10 shillings. All my movable estate, after paying debts and legacies, is to be equally divided between my three sons, STEPHEN, JEREMIAH and PAULand I make them executors.


{note: Jeremiah Halsey was the son of Jeremiah Halsey who died in 1737.}


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