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HULSEY -- Atlanta, Georgia Directories, 1889-90



Home to about 50,000 people in 1890, Atlanta is a part of Fulton County, Georgia and the state capital. This database is a transcription of two city directories originally published in 1889 and 1890. In addition to providing the resident's name, it provides information regarding their address and occupation. This collection includes the names of over 46,900 people, mostly heads of households. For those seeking ancestors from northern Georgia, this can be an informative database.

Source Information:
Atlanta City Directory, 1889. Atlanta, GA: R. L. Polk and Co., 1889. Atlanta City Directory, 1890. Atlanta, GA: R. L. Polk and Co., 1890.


Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year

Nealy Hulsey laborer boards 10 Wells Atlanta GA 1889
Wm H Hulsey Hulsey & Bateman r Edgewood Atlanta GA 1889
Miss Adda Hulsey boards 327 Formwalt Atlanta GA 1890
Eli B Hulsey boards Edgewood, s R R Atlanta GA 1890
Isabella Hulsey Kimball House laundress r rear 52 Edgewood Atlanta GA 1890
Ollie Hulsey W & A R R engineer r Chattanooga, Tenn Atlanta GA 1890
Wm Hulsey R C Black clerk boards 146 S Pryor Atlanta GA 1890
Wm H Hulsey Hulsey & Bateman r R R corner Lee Atlanta GA 1890
William H Hulsey; Jerome N Bateman Hulsey & Bateman attorneys
21 1/2 Marietta Atlanta GA 1890


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