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HALSEY -- U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942



Name  --  BirthDate  --  Birthplace  --  Residence  --  Race
Adam Lee Halsey 5 Jun ??82 Madison, IN Delaware, IN White
Ahart Halsey 29 Dec 1887 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Albert Cecil Halsey 12 Jan 1893 Wythe, VA Pulaski, VA White
Albert Kelley Halsey 10 Feb 1887 Wythe, VA Cecil, Maryland
Allie Halsey 26 Jun 1888 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Andrew Francis Halsey 22 Jul 1878 Batesville, AR Faulkner, AR White
Andrew Jackson Halsey 1 Apr 1889 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Andy Halsey 9 Jan 1881 Fairfield, SC Dallas, AR Negro
Andy Halsey 2 Mar 1882 Wyoming, WV Pineville, West VA Negro
Ballard Preston Halsey 13 Jul 1883 Mason, WV Fayette, West VA White
Ben Halsey 16 Apr 1886 Columbia, NC Norfolk, VA Negro
Benjamin Forest Halsey 17 Mar 1895 Zanesville, Ohio Marion, IN White
Benjamin Harrison Halsey 4 Dec 1892 Cass, IN Tippecanoe, IN White
Blaine Halsey 12 Aug 1895 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Cabell Halsey 27 Jun 1890 Baltimore, Maryland NY, NY White
Charles Bryant Halsey 14 Jan 1880 NY, NY NY City White
Charles Glenn Halsey 15 Feb 1885 Grayson, VA Chester, PA
Charles Lanford Halsey 24 Apr ??96 Edenton, NC
Charles M Halsey 21 Feb 1890 Pineville, WV Wyoming, WV White
Charlie Halsey 18 Sep 1885 Custer, Nebraska Enon, AR White
Charlie Stephen Halsey 19 Apr 1888 Wythe, VA Roanoke, VA White
Clarence Charles Halsey 21 Feb 1890 Meadville, PA Erie, PA
Claude Byron Halsey 28 Jun 1881 NY, NY Lawrence, PA
Cyril John Halsey 19 Jan 1894 Yarmouth, England NY, NY White
Dereury Morgan Halsey 22 Aug 1888 Pineville, West VA Wyoming, WV White
Drury Jesse Halsey 22 Jul 1877 Pineville, West VA Wyoming, West VV White
Edmond Ogden Halsey 1 Oct 1886 Orange, VA Orange, VA White
Ernest Bryan Halsey 19 Sep 1896 Rock View, West VA Wyoming, WV White
Eugene Hayward Halsey 11 Mar 1888 Columbus, SC Baltimore, MD
Everett Mc Coy Halsey 14 Nov 1894 Wyoming, WV Mercer, WV White
Everette Henry Halsey 25 Apr 1889 Wythe, VA Wythe, VA White
Ewin T Halsey 22 Mar 1895 Wytheville, VA Mcdowell, WV White
Felix Sebart Halsey Jul 1878 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Franklin Edward Halsey 1 Jun 1888 Bridgeport, CT Manchester, NH White
Frederic Hancock Halsey 28 Jun 1889 Godfrey, Illinois Miller, AR White
Frederick Biddle Halsey 27 Feb 1893 Philadelphia, PA Montgomery, PA
Frederick S Halsey 7 Jun 1884 Buffalo, NY Wayne, IN White
General Lee Halsey 2 Sep 1887 Wyoming, West VA Wyoming, West VA White
George Washington Halsey 15 Sep 1885 Grayson, VA Baltimore, MD
Glen John Halsey 28 Feb 1892 Utica, NY NY, NY White
Glen John Halsey 28 Feb 1892 Utica, NY NY, NY White
Glenn Berse Halsey 4 Sep 1896 Madison, IN Delaware, IN White
Guy P Halsey 9 Sep 1879 Waterford, PA Erie, PA
Harris Allyn Halsey 8 Aug 1884 Windsor, CT Hartford, CT White
Harry Halsey 7 Jul 1892 Philadelphia, PA Delaware, PA
Herschel Fielden Halsey Sr. 13 Dec 1881 Mouth Of Wilson, VA Grayson, VA White
Howard Phillip Halsey 14 Jun 1888 Windsor, CT Hartford, CT White
Isaac Jackson Halsey 24 Jan 1884 Wyoming, West VA Wyoming, West VA White
Isaac Jerry Halsey 28 Nov 1881 Wyoming, West VA Wyoming, West VA White
Isaac Lester Halsey 7 Jan 1885 Mouth Of Wilson, VA Grayson, VA White
James Halsey 7 Mar 1876 Portsmouth, VA Baltimore, Maryland
James Blaine Halsey 3 May 1883 Decatur, IN Decatur, IN White
James Curtis Halsey 20 Feb 1893 Morgan, Kentucky Kosciusko, IN White
James Newkirk Halsey 21 Nov 1877 Jersey City, NJ Bergen, NJ White
James Peter Halsey 17 Jan 1884 Delaware, NY Fairfield, CT White
John Halsey 19 May 1895 Lippa, Hungary Allegheny, PA
John Halsey 10 Dec 1893 Edenton, Norfolk, VA Negro
John Claude Halsey 8 Feb 1889 Morgan, Kentucky Noble, IN White
John William Halsey 17 Oct 1893 Mercer, Ohio Allen, IN White
Joseph Jackson Halsey 4 Aug 1879 Orange, VA Culpeper, VA White
Julian Lee Halsey 7 Feb 1883 Bridgeport, CT Fairfield, CT White
LeRoy Halsey 17 Feb 1885 Newton, Mississippi Logan, West VA White
Leighton Ellison Halsey 16 May 1886 Kings, NY Kings, NY White
Lewis Bruce Halsey 3 Dec 1890 Grayson, VA Prince William, VA White
Linwood Halsey 20 Jan 1897 Creswell, Philadelphia, PA
Marion Orville Halsey 27 Sep 1882 Independence, AR Craighead, AR White
Nathaniel Halsey 20 Apr 1886 Wythe, VA Wythe, VA White
Neal Halsey 15 Jun 1879 Mouth Of Wilson, VA Grayson, VA White
Ogilvie Halsey 9 Dec 1890 NY, NY PA
Okey Jennings Halsey 30 Sep 1896 Pineville, West VA Wyoming, West VA Negro
Oliver McCants Halsey 22 Jul 1884 Mount Pleasant, SC NY, NY Negro
Paul James Halsey 7 Nov 1895 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Percy Foster Halsey 23 Oct 1892 Water Mill, NY Newport News, VA White
Peter Francis Halsey 24 Jul 1883 Jersey City, NJ Kings, NY White
Raymond Drake Halsey 3 Jul 1888 Hampton, NY NY, NY White
Reece Richardson Halsey 21 Nov 1889 Philada Philadelphia, PA
Samuel Halsey 23 Mar ??87 Philadelphia, PA Delaware, PA
Samuel Halsey 2 Sep 1884 Alleghany, Smyth, VA White
Sanders Crockett Halsey 20 Nov 1880 Wythe, VA Wythe, VA White
Senter Mc Coy Halsey 12 Feb 1894 Pineville, WV Greenbrier, WV White
Stuart Halsey 28 Jun 1892 Wythe, VA Wythe, VA White
Sylvester Halsey 22 Nov 1878 Chowan, NC Southampton, VA White
Thomas Creed Halsey 14 Apr 1892 Grayson, VA Grayson, VA White
Thomas Ernest Halsey 22 Jul 1891 Amherst, VA Alleghany, VA Negro
Thomas Everett Halsey 3 Jun 1896 Canlellville, Ohio Marion, IN White
Thomas Jefferson Halsey 27 Feb 1890 Wilkes-Barre, PA Luzerne, PA
Victor Orla Halsey 16 Dec 1883 Madison, IN Delaware, IN
Vilas Manning Halsey 12 Nov 1884 Mouth Of Wilson, VA Grayson, VA White
Walter Franklin Halsey 20 Jan 1895 Piney Creek, NC Mcdowell, West VA White
Walter Richard Halsey 18 Apr 1879 Raleigh, Garland, AR White
Wardell Herman Halsey 21 Oct 1894 Columbia, SC Roanoke, VA Negro
Wayne Mack Halsey 6 Sep 1894 VA Chester, PA
William Halsey 25 Jan 1882 Norway, MI Prince William, VA White
William Darrach Halsey 26 Feb 1890 Philadelphia, PA West Hartford, CT White
William Edward Halsey 25 Nov 1882 Newark, NJ NY, NY White
William Henry Halsey 9 Oct 1896 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA
William Lee Halsey 16 Jun 1896 Brooklyn, NY Kings, NY White
William Ludlow Halsey 13 Aug 1882 Franklin, PA Susquehanna, PA
William Walker Halsey 10 Aug 1878 Gates, NC Portsmouth, VA Negro
William Zalmon Halsey 1 Jan 1882 Delaware, NY Ocean, NJ White
Cliff Hallsey 12 Sep 1886 Sumter, AL Pulaski, AR Negro


Source Information: U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2006. Original data: United States, Selective Service System. Selective Service Registration Cards, World War II: Fourth Registration. National Archives and Records Administration Branch locations: National Archives and Records Administration Region Branches.
The U.S. officially entered World War II on 8 December 1941 following an attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Just about a year before that, in October 1940, President Roosevelt had signed into law the first peacetime selective service draft in U.S.history, due to rising world conflicts. After the U.S. entered WWII a new selective service act required that all men between ages 18 and 65 register for the draft. Between November 1940 and October 1946, over 10 million American men were registered.
This database is an indexed collection of the draft cards from the Fourth Registration, the only registration currently available to the public (the other registrations are not available due to privacy laws). The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
Information available on the draft cards includes:
Name of registrant
Birth date
Employer information
Name and address of person who would always know the registrants whereabouts
Physical description of registrant (race, height, weight, eye and hair colors, complexion)
Additional information such as mailing address (if different from residence address), serial number, order number, and board registration information may also be available.
Which states are currently available in this database?
This database currently contains draft cards for the following states:
New Hampshire
New Jersey*
New York*
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
West Virginia
*The collection of records for these states in this database is incomplete. Therefore, it is possible that an ancestor who fits the age requirement of this registration and is from one of these states, will not currently be found in this database.
Records for additional states will be added to this database as Ancestry can acquire them.
The original draft registration cards for the following states were destroyed several years ago and were never microfilmed before they were destroyed. Therefore, there will never be records for these states in this database.
North Carolina
South Carolina
Locating Originals:
The original draft cards are held by each state's National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Regional Branch. All of these cards are also available on microfilm from the Family History Library (FHL) and/or NARA.
How are the Cards Organized?
The draft cards are arranged by state and are then in alphabetical order by surname, followed by the local draft board number.


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