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Halseys from Ashe/Alleghany County, NC
in the Civil War

The following is a compilation of Civil War Soldiers from Ashe and Alleghany County, North Carolina. If you would like to have copies of the original records, please obtain NATF Form 80 from the National Archives, in Washington, DC, complete it and return it, along with the proper fee.

Some explanations to the abbreviations used in this compilation:

1st Lt - First Lieutenant
2nd Lt - Second Lieutenant
AlCC - Alleghany County Census
AsCC Ashe County Census.
AWOL - Absent without leave
B. - Born
BN - Battalion
Bro. - Brother
Cem. - Cemetery
Co. - Company or County
COL - Colonel
Corp. - corporal
Capt. - Captain
CSA - Confederate States Army
D. - Died
DFR - Dropped from the Roll
disch - Discharged
Enl. - Enlisted
GCC - Grayson County Census
HH# Household number
Hosp - Hospitalized
KIA - Killed in Action
Lt.Col. - Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ - Major
NFR - No further record.
Ord. - Ordnance
POW - Captured/Prisoner of War
Prom. - Promoted
PWR - Post War Roster or Record
Regt. - Regiment
Res. - Resident of
rlsd - released
SCC - Smyth County Census
SGT - Sergeant
V.S. - gunshot wound
USA - United States Army (or of America), note context.
WIA - Wounded in Action


HALSEY, ALEXANDER LEMUEL: Capt., Co. B, 4th VSL. Commissioned Capt. of Cav. on 6/15/62. On August's 1/27/63 list of VSL Officers. Later served in Co. I2, 21st Va. Cav., Enl. on 4/1/63 at Wytheville.

HALSEY, ANDREW, 18, 1860 AlCC HH#108.

HALSEY, CASWELL: 40, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#142. Co. B, 5th NC Sr. Reserves, Enl. 7/13/64 at Flint Hill, Ashe Co., NC. AWOL on 2/28/65. Age 52, Farmer, 1870 AlCC.

HALSEY, FRANKLIN, 31, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#109.

HALSEY, FRANKLIN B.: 21, 1860 AlCC HH#108. Co. A, 9th NC Cav. He was a Res. of Alleghany Co. and Enl. in Ashe Co. on 6/6/61, age 22. AWOL from 7/27/63-2/14/64. In Petersburg, VA 10/28/64 with wound in left hand. Transferred to Raleigh, NC on 11/11/64, then NFR. Age 31, Farmer, 1870 AlCC.

HALSEY, GRANVILLE: 16, Laborer, 1860 AlCC HH#106. Co. K, 37th NC Inf. Native of Ashe Co., Res. of Alleghany Co., where he Enl. on 9/15/61, age 17. MWIA at Chancellorsville, VA on 5/3/63, died in a Richmond, VA hospital on 8/14/63.

HALSEY, HAMILTON: 40, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#416, Co. B, 5th NC Sr. Reserves, Enl. 7/13/64 at Flint Hill, Ashe Co., NC. Pres. on 2/28/65. Age 50, Farmer B. VA, 1870 AlCC.

HALSEY, IRA M.: 25, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#106. Sgt., Co. K, 37th NC Inf. Native of Ashe Co., res. of Alle- ghany Co., where he Enl. on 9/15/61, age 18. WIA at Cedar Mountain, VA on 8/9/62, returned to duty before 11/1/62. Promoted to Corp. on 2/1/64 and to Sgt. before 2/28/65. Deserted to enemy on 2/25/65, took oath in Washington, DC on 3/1/65. Age 50, Farmer, 1870 AlCC.

HALSEY, JAMES P.: Co. K, 21st VA Cav. Enl. on 7/15/63. MWIA and taken POW at Morristown, TN on 11/6/63. Died on 12/10/63.

HALSEY, JOHN, 20, Laborer, 1860 AlCC HH#142. 3rd Corp.: Co. K, 37th NC Inf. Native Res. of Alleghany Co., where he Enl. on 9/15/61, age 21. Promoted to Corp. by 10/31/62. WIA in shoulder at some point, in hospital in Richmond on 7/2/62, returned to duty by 11/1/62. WIA in arm at Fredericksburg, VA on 12/13/62, reduced to ranks by 8/31/63, absent thru 10/19/64, when retired to Invalid Corps.

HALSEY, JOSIAH, 45, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#108.

HALSEY, L. H.: Co. B, 5th NC Sr. Reserves, Enl. 7/13/64 at Flint Hill, Ashe Co., NC. Age at Enl. was 45/6/16, dark comp., gray hair, blue eyes, farmer, born in Alleghany Co.

HALSEY, MARSHAL, 28, Farmer, 1870 AlCC.

HALSEY, R. G., 15, Laborer, 1860 AlCC HH#416.

HALSEY, WILLIAM, 13, 1860 AlCC HH#109.

HALSEY, WILLIAM, 22, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#143. Age 32, Farmer, 1870 AlCC.

HALSEY, WILLIAM B., 32, Farmer, 1860 AlCC HH#414. 1st Lt., Piney Creek Dist., 96th NC Militia. Commissioned on 10/26/61. Age 37, Farmer B. VA, 1870 AlCC.

(Source: New River Notes)


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