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HALSEY -- Oregon Marriage Index, 1906-1920


The state of Oregon began recording marriages on a state level in 1906. This database is an index of marriages in the state of Oregon from 1906 to 1920. The index contains the names of bride and groom, county, marriage date and record number. Containing over 400,000 records, this database should prove useful to those seeking ancestors from Oregon.

Extended Description:
To obtain copies of original records,
please contact the Oregon Health Division:
Oregon State Health Division, Vital Records
PO Box 14050
Portland, OR 97293
(503) 731-4108
recording: (503) 731-4095
Fax: (503) 234-8417

If the records cannot be found on the state level, contact the county courthouse where the marriage may have taken place. Most counties also have records prior to 1906.

Source Information: Oregon Marriage Index, 1906-1920 [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original Data: State of Oregon. Oregon Marriage Index, 1906-1920 Portland, OR: Oregon Health Division, Center for Health Statistics, 19--.


Name: E Halsey
Spouse: E
County: Linn -- Marriage Date: 15 D 1909

Name: Elsie Halsey
County: Baker -- Marriage Date: 06 D 1910

Name: J Williams
Spouse: Halsey
County: Multnomah -- Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1909

Name: Walter Guild
Spouse: Halsey
County: Multnomah -- Marriage Date: 06 Feb 1912

Name: Alfred Halsey
Spouse: H
County: Washington -- Marriage Date: 14 Jan 1912

Given Name: Ethel Halsey
Spouse: G
County: Multnomah -- Marriage Date: 21 Apr 1913

Name: Howard Gage
Spouse: Halsey
County: Lane -- Marriage Date: 11 Jun 1917

Name: Minnie Halsey
Spouse: B
County: Multnomah -- Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1916

Name: Murry Halsey
Spouse: D
County: Wallowa -- Marriage Date: 22 Apr 1916

Name: Morris Jones
Spouse: Halsey
County: Multnomah -- Marriage Date: 06 Aug 1917


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