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HALSEY Marriages for England and Wales - 1897-1906


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HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1897

HALSEY, Albert George Watford 3a 655
HALSEY, Edmund Islington 1b 373
HALSEY, Ellen Elizabeth Reigate 2a 277
HALSEY, Harriett Watford 3a 635
HALSEY, Henry Plomesgate 4a 1059
HALSEY, Joseph Robert Kensington 1a 295


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1897

HALSEY, Arthur Staines 3a 36
HALSEY, Arthur Watford 3a 1052
HALSEY, Edward George Watford 3a 1091
HALSEY, Edward John W. Ham 4a 346
HALSEY, Elizabeth Hatfield 3a 978
HALSEY, Emma Louisa Hatfield 3a 977
HALSEY, Emmaline Leighton B. 3b 815
HALSEY, Emmeline Leighton B. 3b 815
HALSEY, John George Hatfield 3a 977
HALSEY, Margaret Aston 6d 655
HALSEY, William Henry Windsor 2c 945


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1897

HALSEY, Alfred Chelsea 1a 793
HALSEY, Alfred Thomas Watford 3a 1080
HALSEY, Christine London City 1c 28
HALSEY, Hellen Louisa Hendon 3a 373
HALSEY, Joseph Henry Luton 3b 937
HALSEY, Walter John Flegg 4b 79


HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1898

HALSEY, Benjamin Aylesbury 3a 879
HALSEY, Benjamin Aylesbury 3a 89
HALSEY, Clara Kingston 2a 501
HALSEY, Fred Willoughby Fulham 1a 409
HALSEY, Kathleen Elizabeth Fulham 1a 366


HALSEY Marriages in Jun 1898

HALSEY, Clara Pancras 1b 127
HALSEY, Emily Jane Berkhampstead 3a 1153
HALSEY, George John Godstone 2a 449
HALSEY, Hannah Jane Islington 1b 557
HALSEY, Harriet Ellen Hitchin 3a 917
HALSEY, Hester Jane Edmonton 3a 555
HALSEY, John St Albans 3a 1028
HALSEY, Kate Wandsworth 1d 1426
HALSEY, Sarah Ann Mile End 1c 834
HALSEY, Sophia Edmonton 3a 596a
HALSEY, Thomas Winslow 3a 1381


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1898

HALSEY, Alice Ada Ware 3a 889
HALSEY, Annie King's N. 6c 655
HALSEY, Emily St Albans 3a 1108
HALSEY, Esther Caroline St Albans 3a 1069
HALSEY, Harry Frank Dartford 2a 986
HALSEY, Joseph Eastbourne 2b 164
HALSEY, William George Luton 3b 897


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1898

HALSEY, Harry Philip N G Atcham 6a 1322
HALSEY, James Thomas St.Olave 1d 635


HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1899

HALSEY, Arthur William Lambeth 1d 493
HALSEY, Charles Watford 3a 687
HALSEY, Elizabeth Annie Richmond S 2a 518


HALSEY Marriages in Jun 1899

HALSEY, Alice Mary Hatfield 3a 1066
HALSEY, Charles Turner Islington 1b 494
HALSEY, Emily Stepney 1c 631
HALSEY, Florence Lavinia Aston 6d 402
HALSEY, James Dorking 2a 332
HALSEY, John Spencer Leighton Buzzard 3b 948
HALSEY, Mary Sophia Wandsworth 1d 1138
HALSEY, Susan Watford 3a 1156


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1899

HALSEY, Annie St. Saviour 1d 115
HALSEY, Eliza Ann Leighton B. 3b 904
HALSEY, Ethel Leah W. Ham 4a 409
HALSEY, Henry Archer Edmonton 3a 831
HALSEY, Kate St. Albans 3a 1246
HALSEY, Louisa Hendon 3a 430
HALSEY, May Susan Fulham 1a 577
HALSEY, Susan Anner E Hackney 1b 1158


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1899

HALSEY, Beatrice Annie Hendon 3a 376
HALSEY, Charles William G St Saviour 1d 120
HALSEY, Ernest William Hatfield 3a 1077
HALSEY, Fanny Watford 3a 1179
HALSEY, Leonard Bedford 3b 705
HALSEY, Mary Cecilia Chelsea 1a 797
HALSEY, Percival Godstone 2a 451


HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1900

HALSEY, Amy Matilda Leighton B. 3b 518
HALSEY, Arthur [HB]obgen Chichester 2b 594
HALSEY, Arthur Hobgen Chichester 2b 594
HALSEY, Elizabeth Gateshead 10a 1041
HALSEY, Harry Fulham 1a 339


HALSEY Marriages in Jun 1900

HALSEY, Charles Hitchin 3a 972
HALSEY, Edwin John Portsea 2b 966
HALSEY, Eva Mary Watford 3a 1103
HALSEY, James Marylebone 1a 1261
HALSEY, Jane Berkhampstead 3a 1184
HALSEY, John St. Geo. East 1c 541
HALSEY, Phoebe Ellen Greenwich 1d 1749


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1900

HALSEY, Arthur Charles Ampthill 3b 805
HALSEY, Cornelius John Hatfield 3a 1137
HALSEY, David Woolwich 1d 2330
HALSEY, Emily St. Saviour 1d 237
HALSEY, Joseph Barnet 3a 513
HALSEY, Lilian Elizabeth Poplar 1c 969
HALSEY, Thomas Edmonton 3a 935
HALSEY, William Alfred Barnet 3a 506


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1900

HALSEY, Alice Louise Islington 1b 734
HALSEY, Alice Maude M Lambeth 1d 689
HALSEY, Elizabeth Watford 3a 1097
HALSEY, Elizabeth Emma Wandsworth 1d 1272
HALSEY, Ellen Ruth Dorking 2a 304
HALSEY, Francis Edward St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 889


HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1901

HALSEY, George Woolwich 1d 1199
HALSEY, George Frederick R Biggleswade 3b 453
HALSEY, Walter James Barnet 3a 313


HALSEY Marriages in Jun 1901

HALSEY, Albert Edward Epsom 2a 5
HALSEY, Alice Louise Mile End 1c 721
HALSEY, Annie Eliza Ware 3a 946
HALSEY, Edith Diana Yarmouth 4b 34
HALSEY, Emily Camberwell 1d 1427
HALSEY, Henrietta Mary St. Albans 3a 1170
HALSEY, Nellie Hitchin 3a 1035
HALSEY, Nellie Aylesbury 3a 1479
HALSEY, Thomas Hackney 1b 960
HALSEY, William Frederick Poplar 1c 893
HALSEY, William George Hull 9d 524


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1901

HALSEY, Alfred William Islington 1b 685
HALSEY, Alice Eliza Epsom 2a 7
HALSEY, Arabella Mary Islington 1b 788
HALSEY, Arthur John Barnet 3a 552
HALSEY, Charles Christopher Wandsworth 1d 1089
HALSEY, Drusilla Greenwich 1d 1932
HALSEY, Frederick Farnham 2a 250
HALSEY, Gertrude Ellen Yarmouth 4b 26
HALSEY, Jessie Hackney 1b 1054
HALSEY, Joseph Camberwell 1d 1585
HALSEY, Rose Mile End 1c 733
HALSEY, Sibyl Sophie J St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 1012
HALSEY, William Buckingham 3a 1690


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1901

HALSEY, Bessie W. Ham 4a 133
HALSEY, Florence Agnes Yarmouth 4b 33
HALSEY, Frederick St. Albans 3a 1105
HALSEY, George Woolwich 1d 2159
HALSEY, Percy Leonard St Albans 3a 1128
HALSEY, Walter Joseph Holborn 1b 1198
HALSEY, William Leighton B. 3b 871
HALSEY, William George Islington 1b 486


HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1902

HALSEY, Albert Ernest St Albans 3a 887
HALSEY, Charles Herbert Biggleswade 3b 577
HALSEY, Mary Jane Edmonton 3a 653


HALSEY Marriages in Jun 1902

HALSEY, Caleb H.Hempstead 3a 1129
HALSEY, Ernest Lewisham 1d 1673
HALSEY, Harry Watford 3a 1051
HALSEY, Howard Christie Hinckley 7a 113
HALSEY, Lily Ada Brentford 3a 281
HALSEY, Mary May Newport Pagnell 3a 1372
HALSEY, Nellie Newport Pagnell 3a 1371
HALSEY, Nellie Holborn 1b 1109


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1902

HALSEY, Alfred Dartford 2a 1155
HALSEY, Clara Ann Greenwich 1d 1867
HALSEY, Edith Mary Berkhampstead 3a 1410
HALSEY, Frederick Daniel Brighton 2b 540
HALSEY, Frederick William Peterbro' 3b 513
HALSEY, Lewis James W. Ham 4a 418
HALSEY, Olivia Martha Mutford 4a 2015
HALSEY, Philip H. Hempstead 3a 1391
HALSEY, Sarah St. Geo. H. Sq 1a 1177


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1902

HALSEY, Clara Elizabeth Portsmouth 2b 1093
HALSEY, Henry Thomas Birmingham 6d 159
HALSEY, Joseph Salford 8d 120
HALSEY, Kate Brighton 2b 518
HALSEY, Maud Mary Holborn 1b 1334
HALSEY, William Birmingham 6d 171


HALSEY Marriages in Mar 1903

HALSEY, Anna Marie H Hempstead 3a 887
HALSEY, Annie Maria H.Hempstead 3a 887
HALSEY, Edith H Hempstead 3a 887
HALSEY, Fred George Dartford 2a 737
HALSEY, Frederick George Dartford 2a 737
HALSEY, Kate Elizabeth St Albans 3a 823


HALSEY Marriages in Jun 1903

HALSEY, Anna Chard Wimborne 5a 6_6
HALSEY, Annie Jane Marylebone 1a 1340
HALSEY, James Edmonton 3a 847
HALSEY, Thomas St. Albans 3a 1202


HALSEY Marriages in Sep 1903

HALSEY, Arthur John Pancras 1b 270
HALSEY, Betsey Croydon 2a 561
HALSEY, Francis William Wandsworth 1d 995
HALSEY, George Leighton B. 3b 871
HALSEY, Gertrude Lizzie St. Olave 1d 457
HALSEY, Herbert James Portsmouth 2b 998
HALSEY, Herbert James C Poplar 1c 980
HALSEY, Marianne Rawling Richmond, S. 2a 997
HALSEY, Mary Elizabeth Hitchin 3a 1263
HALSEY, Victor W. Ham 4a 149


HALSEY Marriages in Dec 1903

HALSEY, Amelia Maude Aston 6d 471
HALSEY, Florence Ann Lewisham 1d 1940
HALSEY, Frederick Shoreditch 1c 146
HALSEY, James Henry Amesbury 5a 405
HALSEY, Jane Marylebone 1a 1193
HALSEY, Maud Louisa Islington 1b 641
HALSEY, Richard Watford 3a 1230


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