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"Halsey" Church, St. John the Baptist
Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire

Photos by Jim Halsey

photo # 7 -- [interior, stained glass window]

"Memorial to Mrs Moore Halsey,
Lady of the Manor of Hemel Hempstead,
given by her tenants.

As a note of some, to me, passing interest, I noted
the text immediately above these small panels. It is
in three parts for the three windows, which it
explains. The text is from Chapter 9 verses 36-42 of
the Acts of The Apostles.

Under the left hand window it reads: "And Dorcas was
full of good works and almsdeeds which she did." Under
the middle window: "And it came to pass in those days
that she was sick, and died." Under the right window
is the text from verse 40: "And Peter turning him to
the body said Tabitha arise." All texts from the
English "Authorised Version."

You will now see the story in the windows."

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