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535th Bomb. Sq., 381st Bomb Group (H) - WAR DIARY

381st Bomb Group (Heavy) Memorial Association & Triangle-L Society

Commemorating the service of all USAAF units assigned
to Station 167 - Ridgewell, England, during World War II.


During World War II, US Army Air Force units were stationed in Ridgewell, England, and conducted daily bombing missions over Germany and German-occupied France. Corporal Ray Ingham of the 535th Bomb Sq., 381st Bomb Group kept a detailed daily record of his unit's activities, and those diary entries have now been made public record.

The following seventeen months cover Corporal Ingham's War Diary for the months between December 1943 and April 1945. During an eleven-month span between December 1943 and November 1944, the 361st Bomb Group squadron commander was Major Charles L. HALSEY. I have not researched Major (later, Colonel) HALSEY's background, so if any of you know more about this member of our family, please let us know and we'll include his biographical information on these pages.

Many references are made in the diaries of the extreme efforts and sacrifices made by servicemen and women from both the United States and Great Britain, as well as British citizens who suffered great losses during the war. For this reason, the diaries are being included on the HALSEY Family Resource Page on both the U.S. Military page and the British Military page in honor of the contributions made by our family members from both countries during the Second World War.

As soon as possible, we will be including a series of photographs of these men and their bombers. I must warn you, however, that the pilots you are about to meet through the War Diary will grab your attention, and you will become keenly interested in following them through to the end of the war. Some made it, some did not. All were heroes.


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