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HALSEY -- Connecticut Death Index, 1949-2001



This large index (over 1.4 million entries) to deaths in Connecticut contains name of decedent, sex, race, death date, death place, place of residence, age, marital status at death, and more. Many individuals in the index were born in the last half of the 19th century.
Armed with information in the death index, researchers may obtain death certificates from the appropriate town clerk in Connecticut (public records at the state level are temporarily closed). For more information, please contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Vital Records Section, P.O. Box 340308, Hartford, CT 06134-0308. Tel: (860) 509-7897.

What To Do Next?
Contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health <> for information on obtaining death certificates for Connecticut.

Source Information:
Connecticut Department of Health. Connecticut Death Index 1949-2001 [database on-line]. Provo, UT:, Inc. 2003. Original data: Connecticut Department of Health. Connecticut Death Index 1949-2001. Hartford, CT: Connecticut Department of Health, 19xx.


Name - Death Date - Death Place - Age - Race - Gender - Marital Status

JULIAN L HALSEY 17 July 1951 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut 68 Years White Male Married
REINHOLD H HALSEY 03 September 1951 Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut 76 Years White Male Never Married
ALICE M HALSEY 08 July 1952 Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut 87 Years White Female Married
EFFIE HALSEY 31 July 1954 Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut 83 Years White Female Widowed
MABEL M HALSEY 15 August 1958 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut 61 Years White Female Widowed
DORIS B HALSEY 10 July 1960 Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut 53 Years White Female Married
HOWAR P HALSEY 05 March 1963 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut 74 Years White Male Married
IRVIN R HALSEY 24 April 1964 000, Out-of-State, Rhode Island 64 Years White Male Married
JESSI L HALSEY 22 November 1964 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut 52 Years White Female Married
HARRY A HALSEY 20 May 1966 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut 81 Years White Male Never Married
JAMES P HALSEY 24 November 1968 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut 84 Years White Male Married
FRANK E HALSEY 27 February 1969 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut 80 Years White Male Married
MARIO HALSEY 05 September 1970 000, Out-of-State, Mississippi 53 Years White Female Married
LORET E HALSEY 26 October 1971 Bridgeport, Connecticut 77 Years White Unknown Widowed
MAXWE N HALSEY 04 February 1973 000, Massachusetts 69 Years White Unknown Married
ANNIE HALSEY 17 December 1976 Stamford, Connecticut 95 Years White Unknown Widowed
HELEN V HALSEY 02 May 1976 Hartford, Connecticut 76 Years White Unknown Widowed
MAMIE HALSEY 04 August 1977 Cheshire, Connecticut 89 Years Negro Unknown Married
RUBY H HALSEY 17 May 1982 Milford, Connecticut 93 Years White Unknown Widowed
ROBERT H HALSEY JR 08 February 1982 Wallingford, Connecticut 65 Years White Unknown Divorced
BATES HALSEY 04 January 1994 Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut 81 Years White Male Married
MARIE M HALSEY 21 April 1998 Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut 77 Years White Female Widowed


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