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HALSEY -- San Francisco, California Directories, 1889-91



The largest metropolitan area in Northern California, San Francisco was home to nearly 200,000 people in 1890. This database is a transcription of a city directories originally published in that year. In addition to providing the resident's name, it provides information regarding their address and occupation. This collection includes the names of over 252,900 people, mostly heads of households. For those seeking ancestors from northern California, this can be an informative database.

Source Information: San Francisco, California Directories, 1889-91. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: San Francisco, CA, 1889-90: W. H. L. Corran, 1889. San Francisco, CA, 1890-1891: Painter and Co. Publishing, 1890


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Name Location 1 Location 2 Occupation

Mrs. A. Halsey 120 Eddy
Charles M. Halsey Alameda watchmaker
Edward A. Halsey 415 Golden Gate Av clerk
Francis G. Halsey 1914 Lyon bookkeeper
Frank A. Halsey 505 Fell foreman
Henry G. Halsey 625 Shotwell clerk
Henry L. Halsey Oakland salesman
James D. Halsey 2815 Pine clerk
Patrick Halsey 250 Lily Av shoemaker
William F. Halsey 625 Shotwell
Abraham Halsey 328 Montgomery, room 7 r. Palace Hotel mining secretary
Charles M. Halsey r. Alameda watchmaker
Edward E. Halsey r. 415 Golden Gate Av
Francis G. Halsey r. 1914 Lyon bookkeeper
Frank A. Halsey r. 505 Fell foreman
Henry G. Halsey r. 2330 Mission clerk
Henry L. Halsey r. Alameda salesman
James D. Halsey r. 2815 Pine bookkeeper
Patrick Halsey 250 Lily Av shoemaker


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