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HALSEY -- Oswego, New York Directories, 1888, 1890-93



Located in upstate New York State, on the shores of Lake Ontario, the city of Oswego is county seat of Oswego County. This database is a transcription of city directories originally published in 1887 and 1890. In addition to providing the resident's name, it provides their address and occupational information. It includes over 43,600 names, mostly heads of households. For the researcher of ancestors from upstate New York, this can be an extremely valuable collection.

Source Information: Oswego, New York Directories, 1888, 1890-93. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: Oswego, NY, 1888 Oswego, NY: Oliphant & Boyd, 1888. Oswego, NY, 1890-91 Oswego, NY: Andrew Boyd, 1890. Oswego, NY, 1892-93 Oswego, NY: R. J. Oliphant, 1892.

Name Location 1 City State

Alfred Halsey NY
Caleb Halsey NY
Herman Halsey NY
Albert Halsey NY
Edward Halsey NY
Gamaliel Halsey NY
Adelbert Halsey NY
Mrs. Celia Halsey NY
Frederick Halsey NY
Ed. Halsey, Jr. NY
Don Halsey NY
Mrs. C. M. Halsey NY
Mrs. Maltby Halsey NY
Alfred Halsey NY
Albert Halsey NY
Edward Halsey, Jr NY
Edward Halsey, Sr NY
Elias Halsey NY
G Halsey NY
H J Halsey, Jr NY
Ira Halsey NY
Don Halsey NY
Ed Halsey, Jr NY
Fred Halsey NY
P C Halsey NY


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