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HALSEY -- New York City Directory, 1890



With a population approaching nearly 1.5 million, New York City was the largest metropolitan area in the United States as the 19th Century ended. In 1890, the city limits included areas of Bronx, Kings, and Queens counties. This database is a directory of city residents in that year and includes the names of over 384,000 persons. Along with the name of resident (which is displayed surname first) is their occupation, business address and home address (preceded by a lowercase h). For those seeking ancestors who were residents of New York City this database can be a helpful tool.

Source Information:
Directory of New York City, 1890 Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999.


Bryant Halsey, driver, h 343 E. 117th
Cheney Halsey H. broker, 60 B'way, & founder, 477 E. 136th, h Tarrytown, N. Y.
Corwin Halsey, grocer, 11 Burling sl. h B'klyn
Fitch Halsey, produce, 170 Chambers, h 299 S. 5th, B'klyn
Halsey Abram W. (Rev.) h 60 King
Halsey Ada S. h 139 W. 49th
Halsey Charles B. clerk, h 305 W. 145th
Halsey Charles C. adjuster, 58 William, h 939 Madison av.
Halsey Charles R. lawyer, 132 Nassau, h B'klyn
Halsey Charles S. foreman, h 413 W. 24th
Halsey Charles W. carpenter, h 237 E. 74th
Halsey Dennis, driver, h 162 W. Houston
Halsey Dennis, laborer, h 228 Cherry
Halsey Edward C. mer. 18 B'way, h 16 First pl. B'klyn
Halsey Edwin B. millinery, 253 Fifth av. h 672 Lex. av.
Halsey Edwin W. broker, 51 Liberty, h Morristown, N. J.
Halsey Francis W. editor, 41 Park row, h 142 W. 120th
Halsey Frank A. feed, 117 West, h 35 Linden av. J. C.
Halsey Frank S. physician, 1119 Tenth av.
Halsey Frederick R. h 22 W. 53d
Halsey George A. lawyer, 170 B'way, h 97 E. 116th
Halsey George B. lawyer, 50 B'way, h 24 Strong pl. B'klyn
Halsey George W. feed, 2523 Third av. E. h 177th n Jerome av.
Halsey Henry M. agent, 253 Washn. h 70 W. 119th
Halsey Isaac, h 864 E. 165th
Halsey Isaac, h 289 E. B'way
Halsey Jacob L. v. pres. 156 B'way, h Orange, N. J.
Halsey James C. carpenter, h 301 E. 95th
Halsey James E. fireman, h 166 E. 106th
Halsey James Edwin, hardware & cutlery & agent Electric Cutlery Co. 91 Chambers
Halsey John, carpenter, h 413 W. 45th
Halsey John L. engraver, h 428 E. 11th
Halsey Jonathan O. ins. 156 B'way, h Orange N. J.
Halsey John R. jr. lawyer, 62 Wall, h 141 Clinton av. B'klyn
Halsey Louis B. produce, 1006 Sixth av. 1197 Tenth av. & 1579 Ninth av. h Eastchester, N. Y.
Halsey Peter, driver, h 214 E. 88th
Halsey Robert, h 72 W. 48th
Halsey Samuel M. carpenter, h 819 Sixth av.
Halsey Stephen, watchman, h 158 1/2 Cherry
Halsey William H. fitter, h 415 E. 87th
Halsey William McD. school, 34 W. 40th, h Mt. Vernon, N. Y.
Halsey William R. manager, 845 B'way, h 380 Third av.
Halsey & Banta, feed, 117 West
Halsey & Pitcher, adjusters, 58 William


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