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HALSEY -- Kansas City, Missouri City Directories, 1889-91



Situated across the Missouri River from the city of the same name in Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri was home to about 45,000 people in 1890. This database is a transcription of two city directories originally published between 1889 and 1891. In addition to providing the resident's name, it provides information regarding their address and occupation. This collection includes the names of over 43,400 people, mostly heads of households. For those seeking ancestors from western Missouri, this can be an informative database.


Name Location 1 Location 2 Occupation

Hatfield A. Halsey r 624 Woodland clerk
Charles E. Halsey r 725 Summit clerk
Fannie Halsey 2627 Troost domestic
Milton W. Halsey 29 Delaware block r 725 Summit president
Norman Halsey r 809 e 9th
Warren Halsey
William W. Halsey r 725 Summit clerk
M. W. Halsey; A. Chadwick; I. J. Woodworth; J. W. Tullis 29 Delaware president; vice president; secretary; treasurer
Hatfield A. Halsey r 1300 e 8th clerk
Charles E. Halsey r 1103 Summit
Milton W. Halsey 414 New York Life Insurance building r 1103 Summit president
Richard Halsey r 1910 Locust
M. W. Halsey; I. J. Woodworth 414 New York Life Insurance building president; secretary


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