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HULSEY -- Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia



Established in 1850 and covering more than 88 acres east of downtown Atlanta, Oakland Cemetery is the final resting-place for over 50,000 people. This database is a transcription of headstone inscriptions from the cemetery. This update adds nearly 10,000 names to the previously posted data and includes inscriptions from the "Black Section" of the cemetery. Each record provides the name of individual, date of birth and date of death. Between its creation and 1884, nearly all persons who died in the Atlanta area were buried in this cemetery. Additionally, following its creation, other persons were taken from nearby church and family cemeteries and re-interred here. This updated collection contains the names of over 40,000 persons. For researchers of ancestors from the Atlanta area in the nineteenth century, this can be a useful source of valuable information.

Source Information:
Grizzle, R. L. Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Georgia. [database online] Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999.


Hulsey Augustus Jennings 1847-1877
Hulsey Eli J 1812-1890
Hulsey Charlotte Collier 1814-1882
Dorsey Eulalie Hulsey 7-12-1940 61yrs
Hulsey Augustus J 2-17-1877 30yrs
Hulsey Charlie 12-13-1883 68yrs
Hulsey Eli J 3-24-1890 78yrs
Hulsey WH's Infant 7-23-1884
Hulsey Marion J 1-9-1907 65yrs
Hulsey Thomas R 11-18-1920 1day
Hulsey William E 6-20-1921 60yrs
Hulsey William H 5-17-1909 71yrs

Black Oakland Cemetery

Hulsey Cuped 3-8-1875
Hulsey Joseph 4-15-1870 40yrs
Hulsey Lyla 5-12-1877 7yrs
Hulsey Infant Mary 9-17-1886 5mos
Hulsey Infant Mathew 4-5-1883 9mos
Hulsey Matthews 2-26-1872 12yrs


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