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Births from the Bible of William McDowell Halsey

submitted by Anne Halsey Hurst


William Halsey, Apr 27, 1811 of Nicoll and Euphius Halsey at Ulysses, Tompkins Co., NY

Eliza Gosman, July 20, 1822 of Jonathan B. and Jane Gosman at Danby, Tompkins Co., NY

Children of William and Eliza G. Halsey
Nicoll born at Ithaca, Nov 23 1845 at 6 a (?) m.
Jonathan Gosman born at Tompkins Co, NY Dec. 22 1847 at 8 a.m.
William McDowell born at Tompkins Co. NY Jan. 23 1850 at 11 p.m.
Hugh Stanley born at Tompkins Co., NY Apr. 8 1854 at 5 a.m.
Richard Lenox born at Tompkins Co. NY Aug 5 1856 at 6 p.m.
Jeannie Louise Born at Tompkins Co., NY Sept 3 1857 at 10 a.m.


Alice Jennett Halsey, Aug 21st 1873 at Oxford, NY of Jonathan G. and Alice J. Halsey

Charles Duffield Wrenn Halsey, Dec 8 1876 at Highland Park, Illinois of Nicoll and Eleanor Wrenn Halsey


Eleanor Wrenn wife of Nicoll Halsey born March 26 1845
Alice Janette Howard wife of Jonathan G. Halsey born Jan 20th 1853
Louise M. Woodruff wife of W. M.D. Halsey born June 12th 1848


Stella Duffield Halsey daughter of Richard & Stella born at Freeport, Ill. Sept 20 1886
Stella Duffield wife of Richard Lenox Halsey born September 3 1859


William M Dowell Halsey son of William & Eliza Gosman Halsey born at Ithaca, NY January 23 1850 Wednesday

Louise Maria Woodruff daughter of Charles F. & Minerva J. Woodruff born at Ithaca, NY June 12th 1848 Monday

Charles Woodruff Halsey son of William MD. & Louise W. Halsey born at Newark, NJ 145 Summer Ave., Saturday July 7th 1877 at 4 45 P.M. Baptized by Rev. Geo. M Boynton September 30 1877 at Belleville An (?) Cong Church, Newark, NJ

William McDowell Halsey, Jr. son of William MD & Louise W. Halsey born at Dryden Springs, Dryden, NY at 12 M Friday August 1st 1879. Baptized by Rev. Dr. John Hall February 8 1880 at Fifth Ave. Pres. Church N.Y. City

Edward McDowell Halsey son of William MD & Louise W. Halsey born at Dryden Springs, Dryden, NY at 11 a.m. Thursday August 4th 1881. Baptized by Rev. Dr. Ray Palmer August 28th 1881 at Dryden Springs House, Dryden , NY

Katherine Treman Halsey, daughter of William MD & Louise W. Halsey Born at Mt. Vernon, NY 5th Ave above 3 (0?) St. Sunday August 22, 1886 at 7 30 a.m. Baptized by Rev Charles S. Lane, April 8th 1888 at 1st Pres. Church, Mt. Vernon, NY


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