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submitted by Douglas C. Huggett


The following was taken from Burke's American Families With British Ancestry,
pages 2726 and 2727. I found this book in the Waukesha Public Library.
Some of the material below is questionable.

Thomas Halsey, mentioned 1618, 1621 and 1633 in documents at Great Gaddesden, emigrated to America about 1637, was a founder of the township of Southampton, Long Island (the first English settlement in the region, which later became the State of New York). In 1640 becoming a land owner and town official. Hollyhocks, the residence of Thomas Halsey, is still standing in Southampton. The house is dated 1649. He was baptised, 2 January 1591 or 1592, at Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, England.

His first wife was Phebe. She was murdered by the indians in 1649. Wyandoch, Sachem of the Pequots, himself led the expedition which captured and executed her murderers. His second wife was ----------- Johannes, who survived him.

He died in 1769 ( M. I. in Southampton Churchyard). His will, executed in 1677, was witnessed by Sir Edmund Andros, Governor of New York from 1664 to 1681. He left behind a young son, Daniel.


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