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Egbert Family History

Section F

Related Families

Phipps Family

I. Solomon Phipps, went with Quakers to Charleston, Mass.
II. James Phipps, founded, with others, the colony near mouth of the Kennebec in Maine. 21 sons & 5 daus.

A. Sir William Phipps, youngest son
III. Joseph Phipps, came from Bristoll, Eng. with William Penn. One of nine member-elect to rep. Chester Co. in 1st assembly in Philadelphia, PA 1/10/1683
A. Samuel Phipps Sr., b. Chester Co. (1735-1838) 8 ch.
1. John Phipps, pioneer in Clinton Twp., Venango Co., PA 1797, m. 1792, Catharine Haney, 13 ch., 10 lived to maturity.
a. David Phipps (1793-1857) Westmoreland Co., PA, became judge, m. twice, 1st – Margaret Stewart  of Butler Co., PA, 2nd - Rebecca Eakins, d. 1/1878
1) Catharine Phipps, m. John Dilley, d. pre1890
2) Andrew Phipps, d. pre1890
3) John Phipps, d. pre1890
4) Jessie Phipps, d. pre1890
5) Mary Stewart Phipps, b. 1831, m.  John Boone McMillan, M.D., b. 1827, of Clintonville, PA (See McMillan Family Outline)
a) Andrew J. McMillan, b. 1852, res. of KS
b) Margaret McMillan, b. 1855, m. William Trilby, of Sharpsville, PA
c) Sarah Elizabeth McMillan, (Sadie) b. 2/9/1857, Clintonville, PA,  m. 3/20/1876, Oil City, PA, William McKee, b. 7/7/1845, son of James & Mary (Cochran) McKee of Clintonville, PA
i) Mary Ann McKee
ii) Maggie L. McKee
iii) John C. McKee
iv) Katie McKee
v) Blanche McKee
d) Almira Mary McMillan, b. 1859
e) Blanche McMillian
f) Austa M. McMillan
6) William Phipps, d. pre1890
7) Eli Phipps, d. pre1890
8) Sarah Phipps, m. John Fulton, M.D., of Beatrice, NE
9) David Phipps, d. as ch.
10) Margaret Phipps, m. Ephraim Parker, d. pre1890, of Parker City, PA
11) David Phipps, d. pre1890
12) Henrietta Phipps, m. ---Theo, of Indian Springs, CO
b.  Samuel Phipps (11/25/1795-8/9/1870) became capt. & judge, m. 1823, Amelia Halyday, dau. of Francis & Sarah (Horth) Halyday of Cornplanter Twp., Venango Co., PA. He was sheriff of Venango Co., one term (See Halyday Family Outline)
1) Sarah H. Phipps, m. twice, 1st Robert F. Whann, who d. leaving 2 sons, 2nd – William Raymond
2) Mary Phipps, m. Robert Brigham
3) Catharine Phipps, m. John H. Craig, of Denver, CO
4) Uretta Phipps, m. James Anderson
5) Elizabeth Phipps, d. inf
6) Susan C. Phipps, d. pre 1890, m.  Thomas McMillian, M.D. (See McMillan Family)
7) Eliza Phipps, m. 1860,  Albert George Egbert, M.D. (4/13/1828-3/28/1896) son of Lewis & Aseneth (Nixon) Egbert. (See William & Rebecca (Job) Egbert Family Outline) (See Job Family Outline)
8) John Phipps, d. inf.
9) Francis Halyday Phipps, d. pre1890
10) Samuel E. Phipps, of Edinboro, Erie Co., PA
11) Cyrus D. Phipps, of Franklin, PA
12) Nancy McKee Phipps (Nannie) m. 1867, William Cross, b. 11/19/1845, son of Robert Cross of Clintonville, PA, 1875, bought homestead in Venango Co., PA
a) Effie M. Cross
b) Frank Cross
c) Fred A. Cross
d) Hannah Cross
e) William R. Cross
f) Florilla Cross
g) Hattie Cross
h) Robert P. Cross
13) Harvey C. Phipps, of Leadville, CO
c. John Phipps, (Major) (1806-1876) m. Barbara Hoffman
1) John Phipps, d. at age 27
2) David Phipps, m. Isabelle Mitchell
3) Catharine Phipps, m. Joseph Martin
4) Philip Phipps, d. young
5) Nancy Phipps, m. John Wareham
6) Van Buren Phipps, m. Emily Carnes
7) Sarah Phipps, m. twice, 1st – Peter Walters, who was k. in Civil War, 2nd – A. Sopher
8) Joseph Phipps, d. young
9) Ghost Phipps, d. at age 27
10) A. Jackson Phipps, m. Annie McKean
11) Barbara Phipps, d. young
12) Christian Phipps, m. Henry Beatty
d. Robert Phipps (2/6/1809-1862) m. Ann Canan, of Lawrenceburg, PA, d. 1/2/1872
1) William Phipps, b. 10/22/1834, Co. E, 16th PA Cav., serving to end of Civil War, 34 engagements, m. 11/18/1858, Elizabeth Douds, dau. of William Douds of Crawford Co., PA
a) Benton Mc. Phipps
b) Ella Phipps, m. William Richards, of Mercer Co., PA
c) William T. Phipps
d) Harry F. Phipps
e) Freddie L. Phipps (twin)
f) Lydia Phipps (twin)
g) John Phipps
2) Porter Phipps, b. 11/30/1842, served in Co. E, 16th PA Cav., Civil War, In 1878 oil producer & stockholder in Bradford Orange Co., with extensive FL groves, m. 1/26/1869, Sarah Baird, dau. of James & Mary (Kilpatrick) Baird, of Clinton Twp., Venango Co., PA
a) Lyman S. Phipps
b) Robert B. Phipps
c) John H. Phipps
d) Mary A. Phipps
e) Eva M. Phipps
f) Grace M. Phipps
3) James Phipps, d. on homestead pre1890
4) John W. Phipps, of CO
5) Simeon Phipps, of Butler Co., PA
6) Robert J. Phipps, Rev., m. Arthalina McKee, dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth (Grant) McKee
7) Mary Phipps, d. inf.
8) Maria Phipps
9) Grace Phipps, d. inf.
10) Sarah Phipps, d. inf.
e. Joseph Phipps (10/12/1812-2/1878) pioneer of Clinton Twp., Venango Co., PA, m. twice, 1st – Elizabeth L. Whann, of Scrubgrass Twp., Venango Co., PA, d. 1852, dau. of Robert S. Whann, pioneer of Mineral Springs Twp., Venango Co., PA, 6 ch., 2nd – 5/5/1854, Jane B. Anderson, dau. of  Samuel Anderson of Butler Co., PA, still living in 1890, 6 ch.
1) Catherine M. Phipps, d. young
2) Robert J.Phipps, b. 1/24/1839, Clinton Twp., Venango Co., PA, served in Co. H, 4th PA Cav., Army of the Potomac, rose to rank of Major, Inspector Gen. of 2nd Brig. 2nd Div., Cal. Corps, Army of Potomac & was brevetted Lt. Col. by recom. of Gen. Sherman near close of war, m. 1/16/1865, Hattie A. Cross, dau. of Robert Cross, asst. judge of Venango Co., 1851 (See Photo below)
a) Marshall L. Phipps, grad. of Lafayette Coll., 1887, & law student in 1890, in Franklin, PA
b) Elizabeth Phipps (1867-3/11/1883)
3) John M. Phipps, d. 1862 from disease contracted in army (GAR post named for him in Clintonville, PA)
4) Walter W. Phipps, d. young
5) Abraham M. Phipps, d. young
6) Elizabeth Phipps, d. young
7) Samuel Phipps, d. pre1890 (See Photo below)
8) Walter A. Phipps, atty. in Douglas, KS
9) George T. Phipps
10) Melvin Phipps, m. 6/24/1885, Mary Milford, dau. of Thomas Milford of Crawford Corners, Scrubgrass Twp., Venango Co., PA
a) Alice C. Phipps
b) Mabel E. Phipps
11) Vilena Phipps
12) Imelda Phipps, m. William Curtis of Oil City, PA
f. Mary Phipps, m. Levi Williams
g. Sarah Phipps, m. twice, 1st – Allen McDowell, 2nd - ---Sloan, they then moved to OH
h. Catharine Phipps (Caroline) m. Robert Riddle, b. 1788, Westmoreland Co., PA, served in War of 1812, son of John & Esther (Crawford) Riddle, they moved family to Venango Co., PA
1) John P. Riddle
2) James P. Riddle
3) Samuel Riddle
4) Robert Riddle
5) Wilson Riddle
6) David Riddle
7) Matthew Riddle
8) Elizabeth Riddle, m. James Calvert
9) Sarah A. Riddle
10) ch. d. inf.
i.  Elizabeth Phipps, m. Capt. Abraham Witherup (See Witherup Family Outline)
j. Nancy Phipps, m. George McKinley
2. Sarah Phipps, m. William Wise
3. Samuel Phipps, served under Gen. Wayne & d. on the Maumee in the last campaign of French & Indian War
4. Rachel Phipps, d. unmar.
5. Joseph Phipps, accidentally k.
6. Mary Phipps, m. John Duncan
7. Robert Phipps, m. ---Halferday
8. Nathan Phipps, m. Edith Updegaff

Samuel Phipps                            Robert Phipps