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Egbert Family History

Section F

Related Families

Carroll Family

I. William Carroll, , b. ca. 1745, Ireland, d. ca. 1830, Millbrook, PA, m.1775,  PA, Joanna Wakefield (1750-ca. 1830) probably the 1st settler in Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War William Carroll enlisted as a private serving in the Cumberland Militia, the Pennsylvania Regulars and as one of the crew manning the armed boat, Tormentor (see Pennsylvania Archives, 5th series, Vol.1) He is mentioned as being in active service 1777 and 1778. Some time after the close of the war, William Carroll moved his family to Ligonier Valley near Ft. Pitt, where the settlers suffered greatly from Indian hostilities. About 1798 the family moved to Mercer County, settling on a farm just west of the present village of Millbrook. Capt Carroll d. about 1830 or soon after and Joanna survived him for several years. Both are buried in the Old Millbrook Cemetery, Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA

A. Polly Carroll, b. ca. 1777, m. John F. Henderson, b. ca. 1776, PA

1. Polly Alcorn, m. John Young. Polly wanted to sell the inherited family farm in 1877, & needed to obtain a quit claim from each of the then living descendents.

B. Margaret Carroll, b. ca. 1779, PA, m. 1792, John Alcorn, b. ca. 1779, PA
C. Ruth Carroll (ca. 1781-10/20/1875) m. 9/3/1816, Robert Alcorn, b. ca. 1780, PA. They had no children of their own, but reared Polly Alcorn, dau. of Ruth's sister, Margaret Carroll and John Alcorn.
D. Elizabeth Carroll (1780-1854) b. & d.  Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA, m. 1799, Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA, John Hogue (1777-10/6/1845) b. Tyrone, N. Ireland, d. Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA
1. William Hogue, b. ca. 1803, Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA, m. Sarah Kyle, b. Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA
2. Julia Ann Hogue, b. ca. 1805, Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA, m. Fremont Dunn
3. John Wesley Hogue (1807-1868) b. Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH, m. Ann Dunn (1813-1851) . Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA
a.Alice M. Hogue (1/13/1840-2/27/1914) b. Millbrook, Mercer Co., PA, d. south of Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL, m. 11/30/1858, Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL, George Newport Heaton, b. 1/27/1838, Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH, d. Effingham, IL
1) Clare Robbins Heaton (4/14/1860-6/24/1939) b. & d.  Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL, m. 10/7/1896, St. Louis, MO, Matilda Carrie Griffin (Carolyn) (1870-1958) b. St. Louis, MO, bur. Evergreen Cem., Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL
2) Grace Ann Heaton (9/5/1862-12/10/1964) b. Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL, m. 10/10/1889, Fulton A. Townsend, b. Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL
3) Jesse Mae Heaton (4/20/1864-1/21/1907) b. Alma, Marion Co., IL, d. Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL, m. 8/19/1888, Marion Co., IL, John Henry Nelms (6/3/1868-2/24/1945) b. & d. Effingham, Co., IL
4) Lois Eva Heaton (10/20/1870-7/21/1960) b. Kinmundy, Marion Co., IL
(5) Georgia Alice Heaton (7/14/1871-12/14/1908) m. 11/1/1902, William R. Maize, b. Kinmundy, Marion Co., PA
4. John F. Hogue, b. ca. 1809, m. twice, 1st – Rozetta Murrilla Moreley, b. Youngstown, Mahoning, OH, 2nd – Margaret ---, b. Youngstown, Mahoning, OH
5. James Hogue, b. ca. 1811, Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH, m. ---Moore
6. George Hogue, b. ca. 1813, OH
7. Finley Hogue, b. ca. 1815, OH, m. Belle Adams
8. Emily Hogue, b. ca. 1817, OH, m. Charles Parrott
9. Mary Hogue, b. ca. 1819, OH, m. Aaron Grove, b. OH
E. Sally Jane Carroll, b. ca. 1787, PA
F. Jesse Carroll, b. ca. 1789, PA, m. Nancy Allen, PA
G. William A. Carroll,  , Rev., (9/14/1783-9/9/1865) b. PA, d. Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA, m. ca. 1805, m. Rachel Sutton , b. 3/16/1789, native of MD. He served in War of 1812, Meth. Epis. minister, a Presiding Elder in the Erie Conference of he Methodist Episcopal Church (See Monuments below)
1. John Carroll, (1/5/1806- 6/4/1883) d.  at 78 yrs, 4 mos., 28 days, Fairview Cem, Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA, m. 10/25/1834, Franklin, PA, Margaret Rhodes (1817-1/20/1887) (See Photo) res. on farm ½ mile n. of Millbrook. both members of Fairview Methodist Church. occ. lawyer. influential in public affairs.
a. William R. Carroll, b. ca. 1835
b. Samuel Rhodes Carroll, b. ca. 1837
c. Mary Carroll (Molly), b. ca.1839
d. Charles S. Carroll, b. ca. 1841
e. Rachel M. Carroll, b. ca. 1843
f. Arnold Plummer Carroll, b. ca. 1845
g. Frederick Carroll, b. ca. 1847
h. L.T. Carroll (1/13/1852-7/26/1860)
2. Rebecca Carroll, b. 12/17/1807, PA, d. before 1888, m. 1835, Washington Co., PA, Abraham Franks (1805-1879) b. Bath Co., VA, d. Preston, MN [also stated as  she m. Nathaniel Hall]
a. John Herbert Franks, b. 1836, Washington Co., OH [? or PA?] m. Melissa Jones (Mellysa) b. 1846, Flat Rock Twp., Bartholomew Co., IN
1) Louisa Franks (2/17/1865-12/17/1940) b. Fillmore Co., MN, m. 1/12/1881, Giles A. Gustin
a) Ray Gustin
b) Grace Gustin
c) Joe Gustin
d) Kitty Gustin
e) Ralph Gustin
2) Clarissa (Alfaretta) Franks (7/1869-10/7/1918) b. Fillmore Co., MN, m. 12/30/1886, Mower, Austin Co., SD, James Edward Dickinson (3/22/1854-1/2/1933) b. NY
a) Pearl Dickenson
b) Roy Dickinson
c) Fern Dickinson
d) Marie Dickinson
e) Velva Dickinson
f) Clarence Dickinson
g) Hurley Dickinson
h) Frank Dickinson
i) Esta Alma Dickinson (1892-2/27/1973) d. ND, m. 2/11/1911, Carnduff, Saskatchewan, Canada, George McGillivray, b. 12/1/1883, Inkster, Grand Forks Co., ND
j) Floyd Adelbert Dickinson, b. 6/5/1894, Milbank, Grant Co., SD, m. Emma Marie Chase
k) Walter Eugene Dickinson (3/30/1899-5/6/1938)
l) Rose Valentine Dickinson (2/14/1900-10/31/1950) b. Marvin, Grant Co., SD, m. 5/21/1917, James Morris Allan
m) Robert Leaman Dickinson (8/10/1905-1/14/1946) b. Carnduff, Saskatchewan, Canada, m. 6/16/1936, Stella Gilbert
3) Lola Franks, b. ca. 1872, Fillmore Co., MN
4) Eliza Franks, b. 1875, Fillmore Co., MN
5) John Herbert Franks Jr., b. 9/1877, Fillmore Co., MN
6) Leman Wilson Franks (11/17/1880-4/3/1942) b. SD, m. 8/25/1909, Gina Kravick
a) Eva Franks
b) Claude Franks
c) Hazel Franks
7) Claude Franks, b. 9/1883, SD
b. Catherine Franks, b. 1837, Washington Co., OH, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA m. 3/30/1854, Des Moines, IA, Jacob Funck
c. George Jacob Franks (9/6/1840-11/1/1916) b. Washington Co., OH, d. of stomach cancer, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, m. thrice, 1st – 1862, Pottawattamie, IA, Sarah Elizabeth Martin (4/15/1842-4/1/1881) b. Greene Co., PA, d. Wrights Station, Pottawattamie Co., IA, 6 NE, , 2nd – 5/6/1889, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, Ida M. Brown (1856-2/1/1911) d. Randoph, Cedar Co., NE,  3rd – 8/16/1915, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, Juleatt DeFries (ch. of George later had this m. annulled)
1) Charles Homer Franks (4/15/1863-12/17/1918) b. Linn, MO, d. of Bright’s disease, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, occ. blacksmith,  m. 9/17/1892, Blair, Washington Co., NE, Martha Mattie Brown (6/26/1876-4/1/1963) b. Athens, Athens Co., OH, d. Perry, Dallas Co., IA
a) George Andrew Franks, b. 4/2/1892, Randolph, Cedar Co., NE
b) William Jacob Franks (2/20/1895-7/7/1937) b. Randolph, Cedar Co., NE, d. Chicago, Cook Co., IL. At time of father’s death had recently returned from France and stationed at Camp Grant.
c) Grace Mae Franks, b. 7/30/1897, Randolph, Cedar Co., NE
d) Vera Marie Franks, b. 11/10/1906, Perry, Dallas Co., IA
2) George Harvey Howard Franks (11/5/1865-4/9/1911) b. Linn Co., MO, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA, m. twice, 1st – ca. 1886, unknown, 2nd – 1896, Blair, Washington Co., NE, Minnie Maude Kilgore (8/12/1881-9/1/1951) b. Pacific Junction, Mills Co. IA, d. Council Bluffs, IA. Apparently Minnie Maude was the cause of quite a scandal, as she may have been pregnant twice while a housekeeper for George Harvey Franks and his ailing wife. After the wife died George Harvey married Minnie Maude. She later had an affair with the husband of her daughter Ruth Pearl Franks and married him after Ruth divorced him.
a) Charles Franks (1887-ca.1956) b. Washington Co., NE, d. Los Angeles, CA, worked for railroad in Council Bluffs, IA, d. in car accident in Los Angeles, CA
b) Harvey Franks (1889-ca. 1940) b. Washington Co., NE, d. by drowning, Sterling, Logan Co., CO, occ. jockey, he was a small man.
c) Ruth Pearl Franks (2/1/1897-9/19/1945) b. Blair, Washington Co., NE, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
d) Howard Lester Franks (1/9/1898-1/8/1966) b. Blair, Washington Co., NE, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
e) Edward Leo Franks (3/19/1901-11/20/1956) b. & d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
f) Dan Franks (6/19/1903-10/19/1982) b. & d. Council Bluffs, IA
g) Frederick Franks (9/20/1905-9/29/1951) b. & d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, m. ca. 1932, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, Hazel Evelyn Mittle (9/6/1912-9/19/1992) b. Red Oak, Montgomery Co., IA, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, 1 living ch.
h) Raymond Alfred Franks (2/10/1908-2/19/1972) b. & d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
3) Andrew Ryan Franks (Dan) (8/5/1867-1/29/1929) d. Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., CO, m. twice, 1st – 7/11/1892, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie CO., IA, Mary Alice Haun (2/1867-1/20/1902) 2 ch. listed , 2nd – 10/30/1913, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, Elizabeth Leona  Berry (Lizzy) (8/29/1884-5/29/1933) d. Pueblo, Pueblo Co., CO, 5 ch. listed. A note about Dan- “My husband Rich's grandfather, Andrew Ryan, went by the name Dan. When he was a young boy working in a grocery store as a box boy, the clerk thought he looked more like a Dan than an Andrew Ryan. Since he didn't like the name anyway, he started going by Dan. Dan worked for the railroad and was later a carpenter.  Everybody in Council Bluffs worked for the railroad.” [Roxy Franks]
a) ----Franks (still born)
b) Clinton Elmer Franks, b. 4/14/1898, Mills Co., IA
c) Margaret Leona Franks, b. 2/24/1914, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
d) Grace Adlade Franks, b. 7/9/1916, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
e) Louis Ivan Franks (5/14/1918-12/14/1918) b. & d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA. Louis d. from Spanish flu that killed many people in 1918. He & his sister Grace were in the hosp. with it. When Louis d. his mother, Lizzy, took Grace out of the hosp. & took care of her at home. Se lived but was in frail health after that. [Roxy Franks comments]
f) Ernest Earl Franks, b. 2/2/1920, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
g) Darlene Delores Franks, b. 7/19/1924, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
4) Minnie Minerva Franks, b. 5/8/1872, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
5) Nettie Minerva Franks (5/8/1872-5/3/1928) b. Pottawattamie Co., IA, d. of cerebral hemorrhage, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, m. 12/18/1890, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, Seymore Sam Smith (2/28/1867-2/11/1949) b. Logan Co., OH, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, bur. Walnut Hill Cem., Council Bluffs, IA
a) William Seymore Smith, b. 1/11/1892, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
b) Harry Ansel Smith, b. 10/7/1894, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
c) Hazel Smith, b. 8/7/1897, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
d) Walter Smith, b. 6/10/1900, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
e) Violet Smith, b. 6/3/1903, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
f) Ethel Smith, b. 8/27/1907, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
g) Floyd Arilious Smith, b. 9/22/1909, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
h) Alice Smith, b. 3/6/1912, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
6) John Abraham Franks (8/8/1872-5/3/1928) b. Pottawattamie Co., IA, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, m. 4/13/1898, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, Emma Esther Wooten (9/15/1877-3/17/1956) d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, bur. St. Joseph’s Cem, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
a) Gladys Marie Franks
b) Arthur Jacob Franks, b. 12/18/1901, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
c) Joseph William Franks, b. 10/13/1904, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
d) Evelyn Elizabeth Franks, b. 1/15/1908, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
e) Dorothy Opal Irene Franks (1/4/1911-3/23/1914) Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, bur. Fairview Cem., Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
f) George Alfred Franks (9/1913-2/12/1914) Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA, d. of diptheria, bur. Fairview Cem., Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
g) John Edwin Franks, b. 12/28/1914, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA
7) Samuel Harry Franks (3/16/1881-7/26/1881) b. Pottawattamie Co., IA, d. Mills Co., IA
d. Charles W. Franks, b. 1841, IL, m. Mae ---
e. Harriet Franks, b. 1846, Scott Co., IA, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA
f. Marrietta Franks, b. 1847, Scott Co., IA, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA
g. Sarah Franks, b. 1849, Scott Co., IA, d. Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA, m. 4/11/1864, Crawford, IN, Andrew J. Satterfield
1) Mary M. Satterfield, b. 1/3/1873, Crawford, IN
3. Joanna Carroll  (4/15/1809-5/1/1850) m. Stephen Yard, son of John & Harriet (Benson) Yard (See Yard Family Outline)
a. Rachel Yard (12/30/1840-8/9/1866)
4. Elizabeth Carroll, b. 6/8/1810, d. before 1888
5. William Carroll, b. 11/23/1812, in ILin 1888, m. Barbara Ghost, b. 1812, Venago Co., PA, dau. of Craft & Elizabeth (Fritz) Ghost
a. Craft Charles Carroll, MD, DDS,  d. 12/23/1922, Meadville, Crawford Co., PA, at their long-time home, m. 1858, Thirza Jane Cotton (3/23/1830-11/30/1903) b. Lawrence Co., PA, d. while visiting her dau. Katharine in Yonkers, NY, dau. of Josiah & Katherine Cotton
1) Harry Carroll, b. 1862, Ravenna, OH, m. Nellie Ellis of Meadville, only 1 ch. d. as inf.
2) Elic Scott Carroll (10/24/1864-7/9/1940) b. Ravena, OH, d. Miami, FL, m. Catherine Rose Wilshire (7/14/1862-2/2/1940) b. Port Byron, Rock Island Co., IL, d. Miami, FL
a) Katherine Wilshire Carroll, b. ca. 1884, Washington D.C., m. 1909, Buffalo, NY, Burwell Smith Cutler
i) Burwell Smith “Carroll” Cutler Jr., b. 5/9/1919
b) Donald Scott Carroll (2/6/1889-5/20/1928) b. Washington D.C., d. Rhinelander, Oneida Co., WI, m. 5/20/1914, NY, Jean Ferguson
3) Katherine Carroll, b. 1866, Ravenna, OH
4) Charles Carroll, b. Ravenna, OH, d. 1901, Meadville Hosp., PA
6. Margaret Carroll, (9/29/1814-8/18/1872) m. Robert Thorn, b. ca. 1814 (See Monument below)
7. Mary Carroll, b. 6/26/1817,  m. Alexander Campbell
8. James Finley Carroll, b. 4/30/1824, in Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA, m. Joanna Carroll, dau. of David & Elizabeth (Alcorn) Carroll. James served in Co. G, 100th PA Vol., Civil War, homestead in Millbrook, PA in 1858, 7 ch., 6 d. before 1888 (See Below)
a. Newton T. Carroll, m. Myrtle Turner, dau. of Jones Turner of Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA
1) Elma J. Carroll
9. Reuben Carroll , b.11/18/1823, in NY 1888. “Hon. Reuben Carroll, a pioneer-operator, was born in Mercer county in 1823, went to Ohio to complete his education, settled in the Buckeye State, and was a member of the Legislature when developments began on Oil Creek. Solicited by friends to join them in an investment that proved fortunate, he removed to Titusville and cast his lot with the producers. He operated extensively in the northern fields, residing at Richburg during the Allegheny excitement. He took an active interest in public affairs, and contributed stirring articles on politics, finance and good government to leading journals. He opposed Wall-street domination and vigorously upheld the rights of the masses. Upon the decline of Richburg he located at Lily Dale, New York. As a representative producer he was asked to become a member of the South Improvement-Company in 1872. The offer aroused his inflexible senses of justice and was indignantly spurned. He knew the sturdy quality and large-heartedness of the Oil-Creek operators and did not propose to assist in their destruction.  At seventy-four, Mr. Carroll is vigorously and well-preserved, ready to combat error and champion truths with tongue and pen.  An intelligent student of the past and of current events, a close observer of the signs of the times and a keen reasoner, Reuben Carroll is a fine example of the men who are mainly responsible for the birth and growth of the petroleum-development.” [from Sketches in Crude Oil, by John J. McLaurin]
a. Ralph W. Carroll, b. 1860, as head of a large business at Rock City at 18, with his 3 brothers, he was said to be the youngest dealer in oil-well supplies in the oil region of  W. PA, later relocated offices in Pittsburgh, PA, then New York. [Sketches in Crude Oil]
b. (male) -----Carroll
c. (male) -----Carroll
d. (male) -----Carroll
10. Stephen Carroll, b. 7/24/1827, Sandy Lake, Mercer Co., PA,  in Crawford, PA in1888, m. ca. 1860, Esther Kerr, b. ca. 1827, dau. of James Kerr. Stephen came to Crawford Co., PA in 1847 & erected a saw mill. in 1850, located in Rome Twp. & farmed. Stephen enlisted 9/8/1862, Co. D, 18th Reg., PA Vol. Cavalry, Army of the Potomac, participating in the engagements at Hanover Court House, Gettysburg, South Mountain and other battles fought in VA & MD, hon. discharge 6/6/1865. acted as Co. Clerk at Cumberland, MD. active in politics after the war, elected school director, supervisor, justice of the peace, and appointed 5/5/1879 by Gov. Hoyt as Sealer of Weights & Measures for Crawford Co. He also had a farm of 100 acres of improved land and bred livestock. 3 ch., 2 of whom d. in childhood
a. Angie Carroll, b. 1861, m. ---Hummer
b. Evaline Carroll, b. 1869
11. Rachel Carroll, d. before 1888, m. E.H. Page
H. David Carroll (1791-3/31/1869)bur. Carroll Cem., Mercer Co., PA, m. Elizabeth Alcorn, (7/11/1800-2/24/1885) both bur. Carroll Cem., Mercer Co., PA, 1st 3 ch. d. inf., then the following ch. (See Monument below)
1. Joanna Carroll, m. James Finley Carroll, son of William A. & Rachel (Sutton) Carroll (See Above)
2. William A. Carroll, d. 1887
3. Elizabeth Carroll, (3/9/1822-9/30/1880) bur. Union Cem., Oil Creek, Crawford Co., PA, m. Samuel Brown  Kerr (8/30/1815-1/14/1894), son of David & Fanny (Alcorn) Kerr
a. Fanny Jane Kerr, b. 1847, m. Seth B. Langworthy, b. 1840
1) Samuel D. Langworthy, b. 1864
2) Cora Langworthy, b. 1/4/1870, m. Glenn A. Pratt, b. 6/8/1865, son of Morrell Francis Tratt
a) Ralph Clayton Pratt, b. 6/17/1897
i) Ralph Pratt, b. 7/21/1921
3) Lola Langworthy, b. ca. 1885, m. ---Walker
b. Elizabeth Kerr, (5/10/1848-12/11/1924) m. 7/1868, Milo DeForest Phelps (8/28/1846-1/28/1913) d. Athens Twp., Crawford Co., PA (See Photo below)
1) Effie Phelps (1870-4/5/1914) b. Rootville, Crawford Co., PA, d. Warren Co., PA, m. 11/17/1886, Athens Twp., Crawford Co., PA, Orlando Train Ongley (11/17/1865-2/19/1943) b. Crawford Co., PA, d. following a long illness, Selkirk, Warren Co., PA., lived on a farm near Selkirk. From memory of Robert Wheatall: The farm was located at the bend near the top of the steep hill overlooking Selkirk. One of the rooms facing south with a large bow window was the plant room. A windmill was located in the field above the barn to provide a gravity feed water supply for the house & barn. The alternate water supply was a spring over the top of the hill to the west of the barn with a hydraulic ram to feed a water tank at the barn. The farm was purchased by Melvin Grey & Alzora  after Mr. Ongley died. The Greys did much remodeling but the scenery is still one outstanding view to this day at any season of the year. The story that the road from Selkirk to the top of Goodwill hill remains the path cleared by O.T. Ongley with a pair of oxen shortly after he built his first house on the hill. One of the household fixtures was an orange tea pot that was on the back of the stove at all times. The Atwater Kent radio with a multitude of batteries was one of the first to provide the Friday night fights on radio. The house did not have electric service until the early 1940's. I remember Dad helping to get people to sign up for service and also get rights of way to build the first REA service in that corner of Warren County. The house was hooked up with natural gas for lights and space heaters.
a) Robert Glen Ongley (5/19/1889-1/30/1959) b. Warren Co., PA, d. of heart disease, Crawford Co. Home, Saegertown, PA, occ. oil driller, m. twice, 1st – Edna Smith (4/1893-1986) dau. of Jenson & Nellie (Sweet) Smith, 4 ch. listed,  2nd – Mary Beveridge (1892-1959) d. Titusville, PA
i) Lois Ongley (1909-post 3/1996) m. 5/10/1931, James Osborne (1907-post 3/1996)
ii) Jenson S. Ongley (1910-1966) b. Warren Co., PA, d. Titusville, PA, occ. electrician, served in Navy, learning to repair radios by correspondence school, had a unique system of recording on soft wire & made disks from the tape, m. 10/1/1932,Gertrude Lucille Nelson (1906-1991) d. Titusville, PA
iii) Ralph Ongley (1/17/1914-12/1971) m. Elizabeth Aldrich, b. ca. 1914
iv) Iola Elaine Ongley, b. 7/31/1919, m. twice, 1st- 12/23/1942, John Bessom, b. ca. 1919, 2nd – 5/1/1992, CA, Ray Taylor
b) Henry Everett Ongley (8/23/1890-4/23/1959) b. Grand Valley, PA, d. of heart disease, Titusville, PA, occ. oil driller, m. twice, 1st – 3/17/1914, Ida Peeples (10/26/1890-2/16/1920) b. Breedtown, PA, d. Selkirk, Warren Co., PA, dau. of John S. Peeples, 2nd – 6/30/1921, Warren Co., PA, Erma Belle Morris (9/3/1903-3/1/1989) b. Crawford Co., PA, d. Warren Co., PA, dau. of Warren & Queen Morris
i) Delmar Ongley, b. ca. 1914
ii) Everett Ongley (12/28/1915-5/1/1966) b. Selkirk, Warren Co., PA, d. Titusville, PA, bur. Union Cem., Titusville, PA, occ. truck driver, m. 1/12/1945, Francis Titus, b. ca. 1915
iii) Alphenia Ongley, b. 1921, m. Kurt Sawyer, b. ca. 1921
iv) Aletha Mabel Ongley (11/25/1922-4/10/1997) b. & d. Titusville, PA, m. twice, 1st - 12/1939, Titusville, PA, Harold Motz, 2nd – 7/14/1947, Martin Kurtich (5/30/1924-3/14/1979)
v) Kenneth Ongley (2/10/1927-5/1/2001) b. Titusville, PA, d. at home on the Springcreek Rd., served in Army in WWII, self-employed logger, Methodist, m. 11/5/1947, Hydetown, PA, Elaine Southwick, b. 1929, Hydetown, PA
vi) Alfred Ongley (2/10/1929-11/22/1994) b. Titusville, PA, d. Warren Co., PA, m. Pauline Dean, b. ca. 1930, Warren Co., PA
vii) Howard Eugene Ongley, b. & d. 1930
viii) Henrietta Mae Ongley, b. 8/23/1932, m. Herbert Lee Benham
ix) Helen Ongley, b. 10/20/1934, m. 3/24/1951, Lewis Hathaway
x) Paul Ongley, b. 6/1941, m. Donna Stone (ca. 1941-ca. 1996)
c) Milty C. Ongley (11/5/1893-1/1974) b. Warren Co., PA, d. Hamburg, NY, m. 1/4/1915, Warren Co., PA, Gertrude Mildred Smith (5/1895-1959) dau. of Jenson & Nellie (Sweet) Smith)
i) Ernest Ongley (12/23/1915-9/12/1995) b. Warren Co., PA, d. Crawford Co., PA, m. 12/11/1936, Clymer, NY, Eyla Pauline Davenport (8/8/1920-1/7/1999) b. Centerville, PA, d. Meadville, PA
ii) Bertram Ongley (2/13/1921-ca. 1990) b. Warren Co., PA, d. NY, m. 10/1940, Ruby Beck, b. ca. 1921
iii) Francis Ongley, b. 12/26/1925, Warren Co., PA, m. Grace Haugh
iv) Virgil Ongley (5/1/1931-1999) m. Alice Miller, b. 1934, Warren Co., PA
v) Jeannie Ongley, b. 2/28/1943
d) Leo M. Ongley (1/25/1900-1/21/1968) b. Titusville, PA, d. Crawford Co., PA, m. 1925, Leona Savage (ca. 1900-pre1968)
i) Leon Ongley, b. 1929, Crawford Co., PA, m. Esther Jean Danforth
ii) Myron Ongley, b. ca 1931, m. Donna Luzier, b. ca. 1931
iii) John Ongley, b. ca. 1937, m. Maxine Vosburg, b. ca. 1937
iv) Orville Ongley, b. ca. 1938, m. Delores Vosburg, b. ca. 1938
e) Rozetta Ongley (6/12/1902-10/31/1974) b. Warren Co., PA, d. of heart disease, Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., PA, m. twice, 1st – Ira Maynard, d. 1965, Crawford Co., PA, 2nd – 6/29/1921, Edward G. Proper, (1892-1942) d. Crawford Co., PA, 6 ch.
i) Effie Rebecca Proper, b. 2/17/1922, m. 1944, Crawford Co., PA, Kenneth Yochum, b. ca. 1922
ii) Edward Lawrence Proper (1925-1987) Crawford Co., PA, m. twice, 1st – Ruth Audrey Cochran, b. ca. 1925, 2nd – Josephine Zurawski, b. ca. 1925
iii) Donald Proper, b. 8/26/1926, m. Ethel Irene Watkins (1922-1981)
iv) Betty Jane Proper, b. 8/26/1926, m. thrice, 1st – James Theodore Rumzie, 1929, 2nd – Floyd Franklin Sutton (ca. 1929-1974), 3rd – Thomas Kelly, b. 1929, Titusville, PA
v) Florence Proper, b. 6/22/1931, m. Donald Richards, (1907-1980) d. Titusville, PA
vi) Claude Carlyle Proper, b. 1935, Crawford Co., PA, m. Centerville, PA, Annabelle E. Shaffer (8/21/1935-2/23/2002) d. Olean,NY
f) Orphea Mabel Ongley (3/21/1905-5/28/1985) b. Selkirk, PA, d. Titusville, PA., m. 9/23/1929, Mercer, PA, Harrison Wheatall (12/11/1891-11/17/1972) d. of heart disease, Titusville, PA, son of Henry & Margaret (Gilson) Wheatall
i) Robert Marion Wheatall (7/28/1930-3/18/1997) b. Titusville, PA, d. of pancreatic cancer, Indiana, PA, served in US Army Korean War, occ. maintenance supervisor, m. 2/24/1951, Titusville, PA, Alice Mae Carpenter, b. 5/13/1930, Titusville, PA, mem. Grace United Meth. Church, Indiana, PA,
ii) Ward Marshall Wheatall, b. 11/18/1933, Rome Twp., Crawford Co., PA, m. 4/18/1959, Howell, MI, Jane Alexy, b. 11/1/1932, Macomb Co., MI
g) Elmo Ongley b. & d. 1909, bur Rootville Cem.
h) Mazie E. Ongley (2/15/1914-8/22/1998) b. Warren Co., PA, d. Titusville, PA, m. 7/27/1934, Warren Co., PA, Gerald M. Hebets (7/2/1911-2/9/1994) b. Webster, PA, d. Titusville, PA, son of Henry & Gladys (Waltz) Hebets
i) Melvin Lee Hebets (5/5/1935-9/22/1952) d. in car accident, bur. Excelsior Cem., Warren Co., PA
ii) Roland Hebets, b. 6/18/1936, m. Carol Dorn, b. 1940, Warren Co., PA
iii) Charlotte Hebets, b. 7/1/1937, m. Thomas Joseph Hoban, b. 1929, Titusville, PA
iv) Phyllis Maxine Hebets, b. 1938, Warren Co., PA, m. Lowell Weidner, b. 1934, Crawford Co., PA
v) Dennis Edward Hebets (9/11/1943-12/17/1971) b. Warren Co., PA, d. in industrial accident, Corry, PA, m. Patricia Dean, b. 1945, Warren Co., PA
vi) Glenn Marshall Hebets, b. 1945, Warren Co., PA, m. twice, 1st – Marlene Marshall, b. ca. 1945, 2nd – Yvonne Latshaw, b. 1947
2) Evora Phelps (1872-1918) m. twice, 1st – Walter Parker (1862-1896), 1 ch. listed, 2nd – Daniel Sutton
a) Vianna Parker, b. 1890, m. Martin Smith, b. ca. 1890
i) Aleene Smith, b. ca. 1910
ii) Haden D. Smith, b. ca. 1912
iii) Evelyn Smith, b. ca. 1914, m. George Confer, b. ca. 1914
iv) William H. Smith, b. ca. 1916
v) David W. Smith, b. ca. 1918
3) Jennie Phelps (1874-1941) m. Guy O. Mickle (1870-1951)
a) Vora Lucille Mickle, b. 1907, m. twice, 1st – Walter Long, b. ca. 1907, 2nd – 5/22/1931, Durward Vane Wellman, b. ca. 1907
i) Ellis M. Wellman, b. ca. 1930, m. Marcia McDivitt, b. ca. 1930
b) Glenn P. Mickle (7/13/1913-10/25/2003) d. Meadville, PA, but. Miller’s Station Cem., Rockdale Twp., grad. of Edinboro Univ, served in Navy in WWII, occ. chief of quality assurance at Talon Inc, Methodist, Mason, Shriner, m. twice, 1st – 8/3/1940, Dorothy Klein (ca. 1913-10/13/1967), 2nd – 6/21/1969, Eleanor Johnston Waid (ca. 1913-post10/26/2003)
i) Lois Mickle (b. ca. 1935-post 10/26/2003), m. Martin Randolf, b. ca. 1935
ii) Douglas Mickle (b. ca. 1937-post 10/26/2003), m. Alice ---, b. ca. 1937
4) Farley Everett Phelps (1876-ca. 8/27/1942) m. twice, 1st – Donna Pettit (1879-11/23/1950) 6 ch. listed, 2nd – 3/27/1919, Crawford Co., Pa, Rhoda Sterling (12/29/1892-7/17/1964) dau. of Samuel & Liza (Lone) Sterling, 10 ch. listed
a) Marie Phelps (1898-1958) m. Ervin Langdon, b. ca. 1898
i) Harold Langdon, 1920, m. Lois ---, b. ca. 1920
ii) Donald Langdon, b. ca. 1922, m. Virginia Fetteroff, b. ca. 1922
b) Calla Phelps, b. 1900, m. twice, 1st – Leroy Artman, b. ca. 1900, 2nd – Gerald Racer, b. ca. 1900
i) Helen Artman, b. ca. 1921, m. John Mikel, b. ca. 1921
ii) Dannie Artman, b. ca. 1923, m. Anna ---
c) Eva Phelps, b. 1902, m. Harold Graves, b. ca. 1902
i) Ronald Graves, b. ca. 1923, m. Katie Glancy, b. ca. 1923
d) Milo D. Phelps (1905-12/1/2000)
e) Allen E. Phelps (1909-1968) m. Helen Eastman, b. ca. 1909
i) Edward Phelps, b. ca. 1930, m. Shirley Nelson, b. ca. 1930
ii) Lauran Phelps, b. ca. 1932, m. Naomi Butt, b. ca. 1932
iii) Nancy Phelps, b. ca. 1934, m. twice, 1st – Howard Wilson, b. ca. 1934, 2nd – Gerry Adams, b. ca. 1934
iv) David A. Phelps, b. ca. 1936, m. Esther Huntsman, b. ca. 1936
f) Guy Phelps, b. 1912, m. Sue Bittner, b. ca. 1934
i) Donna May Phelps, b. ca. 1955, m. Kenneth Humbert, b. ca. 1955
g) Nettie Phelps, b. 1919, m. Ivan Connor, b. 1916
i) Mary Ellen Connor, b. 1938, m. twice, 1st – William Shreve, b. ca. 1940, 2nd – Alfred Miles, b. ca. 1940
ii) Ivan Connor, b. 1940, m. twice, 1st – Rita---, b. ca. 1944, 2nd - ---Evon, b. ca. 1944
iii) Vera Connor, b. 1942, m. twice, 1st – Richard Soderburg, b. ca. 1942, 2nd – Jon Montgomery, b. ca. 1942
iv) Patricia Connor, b. ca. 1946, m. twice, 1st – William Herlburt, b. ca. 1946, 2nd – Roger Pugh, b. ca. 1946
h) Elizabeth Phelps (1922-1989) m. Sigmond Gawlinski (1913-1963)
i) Bonnie Gawlinski, b. 1943, m. James Callen
ii) Stanley W. Gawlinski, b. 1949, m. Patricia Moore
iii) Eugene James Gawlinski, b. 1952
iv) Michael A. Gawlinski, b. ca. 1953
i) Reid A. Phelps (5/3/1924-7/9/1925)
j) Mary Hazel Phelps (1926-1970) m. Cecil N. Bennett (1916-1972)
i) Sandy Bennett, b. ca. 1947, m. Richard Hreha
ii) Beverly Bennett, 1949, m. Edward Ansley
iii) Richard Bennett, b. ca. 1951
iv) Jackie Bennett, b. ca. 1953, m. Jack Gagen
v) Lynda Bennett, b. ca. 1955, m. William Hommel
vi) William Bennett, b. ca. 1957
vii) Susan Bennett, b. ca. 1959
viii) Debra Bennett, b. ca. 1961
ix) Candy Bennett, b. ca. 1963
k) Hazel Mae Phelps (1928-1996) m. Anthony Bucceri, b. ca 1928
i) Cheryl Ann Bucceri, b. 1950, m. Ray Sturgis
ii) Anthony Richard Bucceri, b.& d. 1952
iii) Joanne Bucceri, b. 1954, m. twice, 1st – Gary Smith, 2nd - --- Darden
iv) Richard Anthony Bucceri, b. 1958, m. Derice Welsch
l) Dorothy Jean Phelps (1930-1970) m. William Waugh, b. ca 1930
i) Rebecca Waugh, b. 1952, m. David Rose
ii) David Waugh, b. ca. 1953, m. Colleen---
iii) Bonnie Waugh, b. ca. 1955, m. John Elmer Kelley
iv) Shelia Rae Waugh, b. 1957
m) Everett Lee Phelps, b. 1931
n) Ethel Phelps, b. & d. 7/17/1931
o) Howard Elbert Phelps, b. 1934, m. Judy Fisk, b. 1936
i) Kathleen Phelps, b. 1953, m. Daniel Stepnowski, b. ca. 1955
ii) Nancy J. Phelps, b. 1956, m. Mark Hammond
iii) Debra L. Phelps, b. ca. 1957, m. twice, 1st – Charles Smith, 2nd – Richard Finney
iv) David H. Phelps, b. 1959, m. April Merrill

1) Adam Phelps, b. 1974
p) Richard Allen Phelps, b. 1935, m. twice, 1st - Sherry Upperman, b. 1945, 3 ch.,  2nd – Elizabeth Mary Heybeck, b. 1936
i) Tammy Lynn Phelps, b. 1961, m. James Van Dyke
ii) Jeffrey Allan Phelps, b. 1963
iii) Todd Leslie Phelps, b. 1964
5) Audie Mae Phelps (1/1878-9/14/1878) Union Cem.
6) Bert Phelps (1880-1956) in 1920 census listed in Monument, PA, m. Lena M. Wellman (1882-1971)
a) Lorna Phelps, b.1903, m. Wayne Laughery
i) Shirley Mae Laughery, b. ca. 1925, m. Richard McQuire
ii) Shirley Louise Laughery, b. ca. 1925, m. William Lichtinger
iii) Edward W. Laughery, b. ca. 1927, m. Julia Baughner
b) Beatrice Phelps, b. 1905
c) Jennie Phelps, b. ca. 1908,  m. Theron S. Bisbee, b. ca. 1908
i) Robert Bisbee, b. ca. 1930, m. twice, 1st – Shirley Hotchiss, 2nd – Sally Vergith
d) Cora Phelps, b. ca. 1909, m. Harry Mosher, b. ca. 1909
i) Dorothy J. Mosher, b. ca. 1930, m. Henry Kusiak
ii) Mary L. Mosher, b. ca. 1932, m. Mike Kusiak
iii) Charles L. Mosher, b. ca. 1934, m. Rae Maryott
iv) Raymond Mosher, b. ca. 1936, m. Betty Nielsen
v) Larry Mosher, b. ca. 1938, m. Carolyn McGraw
vi) Christina Mosher, b. ca. 1940, m. Larry Thomas
e) Francis Phelps, b. ca. 1913, m. Marie Wise, b. 1913
i) Nellena Phelps, b. ca. 1935, m. twice, 1st – D.K.Barnes, 2nd – James Daniels
ii) Eloise Phelps, b. ca. 1937, m. William C. Heisy
iii) Jenniel Phelps, b. ca. 1939, m. twice, 1st – James Longstreth, 2nd – William McClain
f) Beatrice Phelps, b. 1914, m. George Laughery
i) Mary A. Laughery, b. ca. 1935, m. Larry Buetikofer
ii) Betty J. Laughery, b. ca. 1937, m. Paul Suchar
iii) Lou Ella Laughery, b. ca. 1939
iv) Nancy Laughery, b. ca. 1941, m. Richard McDannel
v) Bonnie Laughery, b. ca. 1943, m. twice, 1st – James Faunce, 2nd – Michael McFarland
vi) Kenneth Laughery, b. ca. 1945, m. Barbara Snow
c. David Alvin Kerr, b. 1851
(1) Bessie J. Kerr, b. ca. 1880
d. Mary Kerr, b. 1853, m. ---Schwartz (Mary is Marietta on 1870 Oil Creek Twp., Crawford Co., Census)
4. Rev. Jonathan F. Carroll, of Cleveland, OH in 1888
5. Robert N. Carroll, m. 12/28/1858, Annie Eliza Hazen (5/31/1835-1/6/1911) of Fairview Twp., Mercer Co., PA in 1888 (See Hazen Family Outline)
6. Mary Carroll, m. Joseph B. Page, of Mercer, PA
7. Esther A. Carroll, m. A.J. Kerr
8. Rosetta M. Carroll (1842-1917) m.  George W. Wright, (7/19/1841-2/22/1921) son of Thomas J. & Sarah (Fowler) Wright (See Wright Family Outline)
9. Jennie Carroll, m. Robert McKnight, res. Bradford, PA
a. Mamie McKnight (1874-1900) adopted by George W. & Rosetta Wright before 1888, when her parents d., she was bur. with surname of Wright
10. George W. Carroll, b. 12/14/1850, m. Mary Rose, dau. of James & Mary (Brandon) Rose of Pine Twp., Mercer Co., PA
a. Clifton Clay Carroll
b. James Rose Carroll
I. Jonathan Carroll, b. ca. 1793, PA, m. Jane Carroll, b. ca. 1795, PA

These photographs from Bob Wheatall's collection

Milo & Elizabeth (Kerr) Phelps

 David Carroll Monument
at Carroll Cemetery, Worth Twp, Mercer Co, PA

  William & Rachel Sutton Carroll Monument
at Fairview Cemetery, Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA

Rachel Sutton Carroll Monument
at Fairview Cemetery, Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA

William Carroll Monument
at Fairview Cemetery, Worth Twp., Mercer Co., PA

  Margaret Carroll Thorn Monument,
next to her parents,
Fairview Cem., Worth Twp., Mercer Co. PA

Samuel & Elizabeth (Carroll) Kerr
Union Cem., Oil Creek, Crawford Co., PA