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Egbert Family History

Section D

Govert Egbert Family

I. Govert Gerrits Egbert (Gerret Meyndertszen) (Godfrey Gerard) ( Egbert Sanders or Sandersen) (4/1-4/1641- probably 1685), b. Frisland, Netherlands (Sanders could refer to an occ.) son of Paumelus & Lemniken (Gerrits) Egbert. Came to New Amsterdam, 1/1660 of the ‘Bontecoe’ (Spotted Cow, one of many ships owned by East Indies Co. for purpose of bringing goods and passengers to New Netherlands) He was listed as a farmer’s servant (indentured). In 5/9/1661 he bought land with Jan Tunise Van Dyke to build a sawmill on stream at ‘Gemoenepae’ in Bergen Co., NJ & moved his family there.  On 10/21/1661 he & "Bertel Lot" petitioned for leave to erect a saw-mill at Bergen, NJ. He made his mark on documents. He took an oath of allegiance under Eng. commissioners in Elizabethtown, NJ in 1673 and pd. taxes 1685 as Dutchman,  in same town. m. twice, 1st ca. 1657, Harmentje Harmens, widow of Willem Janszen van Devener and Gerrit Hendrickszen, (according to some sources Egbert was her 3rd husband, 4th was Gerrit Tysen Van Velsor) res. Flushing, Long Is., NY, 2nd – 1674, Richmond, Staten Is., NY, Femmetje (Jaepje) Jans (possibly last name Hagewout?). The homestead could still be seen in 1964. (also said to be res. Esopus, NY) ‘Gerret’ was present but escaped at the massacre of 1663 at Wiltwyck, NY (See Jelte Egbert Family Outline)

A. Sanders Egbert, (aka Egbert Egbertson) b. 1659, 1st DRC, Staten Is., NY, he was said to be 'of the Wallabout', and member of the DRC of New Amsterdam in 1677, m. twice, 1st – 4/2/1682, Flatbush, Kings Co., NY, Elsie Pieters Staats, (1659-ca. 1700) b. New Utrecht, Kings, Flatbush, Long Is., both res. of Gowanus at date of m., dau. of Pieter Jansen & Annetje Jans (Van Dyke) Staats. In 1684 Sanders bought for 15 poounds, 27 acres of land & 2 acres of meadow from William Claus of Staten Island. A Staten Island Cattlemark was assigned to him in 1684. In 1697 Sanders & Elsie sold to George Hoaglean land "Bounded east by my honored father Peter Janse, west by land of Geret Cruse, north by river;" the deed refers to Peter Staats as"brother-in-law to Sander Egbert." Sanders was constable on Staten Island in 1703. Elsie was listed on a deed of land with her husband in 1692, moved to Hackensack sometime before census of 1706. She d. before 1701, 4 ch. listed. 2nd – 4/20/1701, Magdelena Van Gysse (or Van Guysen) in Hackensack, NJ. She was widow of Cornelius Roelofse. Sanders Egbert listed in census of 1701 in Hackensack, Bergen Co., NJ. He was a constable in 1703.
1. Annetje Egbert, c. 5/27/1683, Kings Co., Midwood, NY
2. Pieter Sanders Egbertm. Margrietje Stagg, b. ca. 1706, dau. of Thomas Stagg

a. Silvester Egbert, b. 1727, c. Acquackanonk, NJ, m. Zebadiah Ward [I can't tell which one is father or mother, so no surnames given for children]

1) Caleb, b. 1749
2) John, b. 1753
3) Zebediah, b. 1755
4) Lydia, b. 1763
5) Moses, b. 1765
6) Eunice, b. 1767

b. Annetje Egbert, b. 1729, c. Acquackanonk, NJ
c. Elisabeth Egbert, b. 1732, c. Acquackanonk, NJ

3. Sanderson Egbert, (Sander) ca. 1684, Staten Island, NY,  d. ca. 1749, Newark, NJ, m.  9/16/1710, Hackensack, NJ, Tryntje Wallingse Van Winkel, b. Passaic, NJ, c. 6/27/1687

a. Peter Sander Egbertse,  b. Bergen, Bergen, NJ, m.  1737, Maria Volks

1) Peter Egbertse, m. Leah Day
2) Egbertse Egbertse, c. 9/11/1745
3) Nicholas Egbertse, c. 9/11/1745, no issue
4) Leah Egbertse, b. 2/16/1747, m. James Prichards (or Richards)
5) Saunder Egbertse, m. Nellie Brooks
6)  John Egbertse, m. Judy Carbie
7) Anna Egbertse, m. John Jenkens

a) John W. Jenkins, b. 1800
b) Moses Jenkins, b. 1802
c) Isaac Jenkins, b. 1804
d) William Jenkins, b. 1806
e) Mary Jenkins, b. 1808
f) Smith Jenkins, b. 1811
g) Oliver Jenkins, b. 1813
h) Anna Jenkins, b. 1816

8) Polly Egbertse, m. Henry Kent
9) Margaret Egbertse, b. 1755, m. John Courter
10) Opel Egbertse, no issue
11) Betsey Egbertse, no issue
12) Nicholas Egbertse, m. Peggy Vouzile
13) Lydia Egbertse, b. 1758, m. Jeptha Meeker
14) Sarah Egbertse, m. James Wilson

b. Johannis Egbertse

4. Harmtje Sanders Egbert, (Herpje) c. 6/1693, Bergen, Bergen, NJ, with sponsors Jan Willemse van Deventer & his wife Cornelia, m. France Francisco, b. ca. 1695, son of Jan & Geesje Fransoy
a. Johannes Francisco, b. 3/5/1719, Acquackanock, NJ, m. 1741, Annatie Doremus, b. 4/16/1721
1) Francois Francisco, b. 9/11/1745, Acquackanock, NJ
b. Alexander Francisco (11/27/1727-aft.12/5/1777) b. Acquackanock, NJ, m. Antje ---, d. aft. 12/5/1777
1) Jannetje Francisco, b. 10/31/1772
c. Barent F. Francisco, b. 10/16/1730, Rockaway, NJ, m. 1/31/1793, Acquackanock, NJ, Rachel Mandeville, b. Stonehouse Plains, NJ
1) William Henry Francisco, b. 12/19/1797, Belleville, Essex Co., NJ, d. Little Bay DeNoc, MI
d. Tryntje Francisco, m. Rycke Rycke
1) Willem Rycke, b. 11/9/1751
B. Gaertje Egbert (Geertje) (Gertrude)  (ca.1660-post 1707) b. Flatbush, Kings, NY, d. Hackensack, Bergen, NJ, c. Staten Is., DRC, m. twice, 1st – 8/3/1679, Bergen, NJ, Laurens (David) Ackerman, b. 6/12/1650, DRC, Bergen, Bergen, NJ. Laurens from Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands, b. ca. 1650 (or 1646), son of David Ackerman, (who d. before 4/26/1663) & Elizabeth Villiers, (she had 7 ch.) Coming to America on the ship D’Vos (The Fox) arriving 8/31/1662, with wife and 6 ch., ages 20,18,16,12,8, & 6 yrs., res. Fordham, MY from 1679-1682, at that time they went with his brothers to NJ. Gaertje & Laurens helped organizae the church in Hackensack, NJ,  2nd – 5/3/1707, Hackensack, NJ, Herman Braas,widower of Anna Winaerts & Gertje Coeymans. Geertje Egbert listed in 1679 & 1707 census in Hackensack, Bergen Co., NJ.
1. Lysbeth Ackerman, c. 1680
2. Elizabeth Ackerman, b. 5/8/1682[or 1691?], NY, m. 10/12/1712, Hackensack, Cornelius Vanderhoef b. 9/1683, NJ
a. Lawrens (Cornelius) Vanderhoef, b. 1715
3. Jannetje Ackerman (Jane), (4/18/1683[or 82]-aft.12/1/1771) b. Bergen Co., NJ, m. 9/22/1732, Jacobus Van Voorhees, b. 9/29/1700
a. Rachel (Jacobus) Van Voorhees, b. 8/1743, m. Gerrit (Johannes) Ackerman, b. 8/29/1736
4. Egbert (Larents) Ackerman,b. 2/23/1685(or 10/1684)-1734) m. 4/12/1707, Hackensack DRC, NJ, Elizabeth Bryant, b. 7/25/1686,1 son, and 3 daus.
a. Geertje (Egbert) Ackerman, b. 1708
b. Hendrickje (Egbert) Ackerman (9/29/1717-1800) b. Bergen Co., NJ, m. 5/20/1736, Hackensack, NJ, Adrian (Johannes) Post, b. 6/25/1715, Bergen Co., NJ
1) Elizabeth (Adrian) Post, b. 9/18/1743
2) Cornelius (Adrian) Post, b. 11/26/1747
3) Annetje (Adrian) Post, b. 10/19/1749
4) Elizabeth (Adrian) Post, b, 3/8/1752
5) Pieter (Adrian) Post, b. 11/21/1754
6) Geertje (Adrian) Post (7/3/1757-1807) b. NJ, m. Johannes (Frederick) Van Riper, b. 7/25/1750
a) Hendrickje (Johannes) Van Riper, b. 11/13/1780
b) Frederick (Johannes) Van Riper, b. 4/1783
c) Cornelius (Johannes) Van Riper (1784-1816) m. Antje (Cornelius) Van Horn, b. 4/12/1788, Bergen Co., NJ
i) John (Cornelius) Van Riper, b. 5/4/1808
ii) Cornelius (Cornelius) Van Riper, b. 4/8/1813
d) Johannes (Johannes) Van Riper, b. 4/19/1786
e) Antje (Johannes) Van Riper, b. 9/13/1788
c. Lawrence (Egbert) Ackerman, b. pre 3/3/1722
d. Cornelia (Egbert) Ackerman, d. 4/4/1731
e. Petrus (Egbert) Ackerman, b. 12/7/1709
5. Catharine Ackerman,(Catherina) b. 3/1687, m. 2/15/1707, Hackensack, NJ, Jan Cornelius Verway
a. Gaertie Verway, c. 11/4/1711, witnessed by Sanders Egbertse
6. David Ackerman, b. 1689, m. 3/19/1730, Hackensack, NJ, Sara Culver (Colve), b. 1689, 4 sons & 3 daus.
a. Louwrens (David) Ackerman, b. 2/1722, m. Martha Van Brakel
1)  Matheus (Laurence) Ackerman, b. 1750
7. Johannes Ackerman (John), b. 1691, m. 4/2/1728, Jacomina Demarest, 3 sons, 1 dau.
8. Jacobus Ackerman (Jacob) (1693[or 4/1696]-5/29/1784) m. 5/19/1730, Acquackanonk DRC, Pasaic, NJ, Dirkje Van Giessen (Dorothy) b. 4/2/1705
a. Abraham (Jacobus) Ackerman (9/20/1733-1785) m. 1/22/1769, Christina (Jacob) Mead, b. 1748
1) Jacobus (Abraham) Ackerman (2/14/1770-11/10/1844) m. 7/28/1793, Marytje Bogert, b. 12/20/1772
a) Cornelia Ackerman (7/12/1794-5/7/1877) m. 11/19/1814, James Van Houten, b. 5/11/1794
i) Maria Van Houten (5/1/1818-2/1905) b. & d. NJ, m. 8/2/1834, Wyckoff, NJ, John Snyder, b. 6/1815, NJ
(1) Cornelia Snyder, b. 3/4/1835, NJ
b) Abraham Ackerman, b. 9/24/1799
c) Jane Ackerman, b. 7/20/1811
d) John Ackerman, b. 12/18/1813
2) Mary Ackerman, b. 11/11/1772
3) Sophia Ackerman, b. 8/19/1774
4) Elizabeth Ackerman, b. pre12/9/1776
b. Lawrence (Jacobus) Ackerman, b. 3/19/1737
c. Johannes (Jacobus) Ackerman, b. 1/19/1748
C. Tunis Egbert (Anthony) ) (1661-8/21/1721) b. Fresh Kills, Staten Is., NY,   c. 7/9/1662, will 7/6/1771, proven 8/25/1721, State Is., NY, , bur. Staten Is., NY, m. twice, 1st – ca. 1682, Fresh Kill, Staten Is., NY, Susannah Tilje Letelier, d. 1699, 8 ch., dau. of  Jean & Christine (Cresson) Letelier [he was b. St. Lo, France & d. 9/4/1671, she was b. Slivis, Flanders, 1640) [parents of Christine Cresson were Pierre Cresson and Rachel Cloos. He was b. 1610 near Abbeyville, France. She was b. Flanders. All of whom embarked from Amsterdam in 1657 to New Amsterdam. In 1679 Pierre bought land on Staten Is. He was one of the “14 Frenchmen” by whom the town of Bushwick was settled & was one of the 1st magistrates. Previously res. in Harlem, then later New Utrecht, where he d. 9/4/1671. He had fled Flanders, then Holland remaining ca. 17 yrs. employed by Prince of Orange as gardener & gained the appellation of “Pierre, Le Gardinier”] 2nd – between 1711-7/3/1713, Jannetje DuChesne, b. ca. 1666, Staten Is., Richmond, NY, dau. of Jerome & Catrina DuChesne, sister of Francyntije DuChesne, 4 ch. [Jerome (1666-1753) b. New Amsterdam & d. Del., son of Anthony & Annette (Boucquet) DuChesne. Annette, dau. of Jerome & Ann (Torion) Boucquet, b. 1615, Holland. They came to New Amsterdam in 1663.] Jannetje had been m. before to Rol. Peter Mangels. Tunis was one of the leaders of the Dutch settlers, supervisor & road commissioner of Staten Is., 1704-9. One of the founding members of the 1st DRC of Staten Is., yeoman in 1687, assessor, constable in 1702. Deeds 80 acres, obtained by patent, from Gov. Andries in 1692. Tunis & Susannah’s homes on deed in 1697. He had patent to 80 acres on Fresh Kills from Gov. Fletcher in 1698. Tunis & Susannah sign mortgage on acres granted by Gov. Andries to Johnson Gerrit, and sold land to J. Androvat in 1699. Tunis was thought to have lived in New Utrecht, Long Is. prior to  settling on Staten Island. In 1691 he purchased from Mark Disoway, patent to 80 acres of land on Fresh Kills, Staten Is., which was originally granted in 1680, to Johansson-Garret by Gov. Andries, recorded in the records in 1730 by James Egbert, record keeper, no doubt a son of Tunis. Other records indicate Tunis sold part of the tract in 1692 to John Belleville, who gave an acre of it to the French church of Staten Is. in 1698. Jean Latourette was one of the French committee to take possession, a notation states this plot was originally patented to Abraham Lockerman in 1680. In 1698 a cattlemark was recorded to Tunis Egbert. In 1701 Tunis Egbertse & Barent Tysen deeded the former Dutch church house property in Richmond Co. to Louis DuBois. In 1702, 1705, 1709 & 1715 occ. accessor Staten Is., NY, in 1702 Constable Staten Is., NY, 1704, 1707, & 1709 supervisor. (See Story Section of Govert Egbert Family, and Dirkje Hauswout Family)
1. Egbert Tunison Egbert (Egbertse) (1684-1749) eldest son, d. Newark, NJ, m. 1710, Francyntije DuChesne (1685-1739) b. New Amsterdam, dau. of Jerome & Catarina DuChesne, sister of Jannetje (DuChesne) Egbert. (will of Anthony DuChesne, 4/3/1711, has wife, Anna, and dau. Fransentie Egberts mentioned, in Richmond Co., NY) res. Newark, NJ, occ. yeoman. His will, 2/16/1748-9. Egbert & family moved to DE River Settlements after 1722 with the DuChesnes. (in calendar of will 1730-1750) NJ records, last name listed as Egberts, in NJ Colonial Documents, listed as Egbertson. Egbert was a planter & and in 1722 sold his farm on the south side of Fresh Kills, which had been inherited from his father, to his brother James, who was a miller. Egbert then moved to the Delaware River settlements with his wife’s family. In 1715 he was in the Staten Is. Militia. (See Story Section)
a. Abraham Egbert, c. 7/13/1713, Port Richmond, Staten Is., NY
b. Isaac Egbert, c. 4/10/1720, Richmond, Co. Port Richmond, Staten Is., NY
c. Johannes Egbert  (1720-1792) c. 5/20/1722, Port Richmond, DRC, m. twice, 1st -- Sarretje Doremus, Essex Co., Belleview, 2nd DRC, 2nd – Marritje Doremus, b. 5/15/1721, both daughters of Cornelis & Rachel (Pieterse) Doremus (See Story Section)
1) Egbert Egbert, c. 6/22/1741, (ch. of 1st m.)
2) Rachel Egbert, b. 11/3/1750 c. 11/25/1750, m. Johannis Winnie, no issue
3) Cornelis Egbert, (Egborts) b. 10/25/1753, m. Essex, Belleview, NY  Margaret Spier (Margirite) (Spiers)
b. 1753 [also listed in Rootsweb as Cornelis Egborts m. Margaret Spier (12/3/1802-7/25/1827), aged 24.8.22,, from Brookdale (formerly Stone House Plains) Dutch Reformed Church Yard, Bloomfield, Essex Co., NJ, but her dates are wrong for the ch. listed] Cornelius Egberts in Essex Co., no twp., NJ, 1793 [ref. Accelerated Indexing- early NJ, vol. 2]

a) Rachel Egbert, b. 3/29/1775, m. Peter Jacobuse
b) Jacob Egbert, m. Jane Yorks
c) Leah Egbert, m. John Sigler, no issue
d) Maria Egbert, b. 7/5/1784, m. Thomas Cadmus

4) Pieter Egbert  (Petrus Egbertse) Peter) b. 10/28/1757, Bergen, NJ, m. ca. 1783, Essex, Belleview, 2nd River DRC, NJ, Maria Van Giesen (Martje) b. 7/17/1763, DRC, Ackquakanok, NJ, dau. of Abraham & Jannetje (Sanford) Van Giesen
a)  Elizabeth Egbert (4/7/1788-9/2/1864) [in Staten Is. church records she was b. 5/15/1788] b. Belleville, (or Bloomfield) Essex Co., NJ, d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, c. 5/15/1788, witness Cornelia Egbertse & Margarita Spier, Essex Co., NJ, m. 2/28/1807, ELizabeth, Essex Co., NJ, Aaron Kent (Kint) (8/6/1789-7/24/1867) b. Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ, d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, son of Jacob & Effie (Edwards) Kent  (some records show an Elizabeth Egbert, who married Aaron Kent, as being dau. of William Egbert, b. ca. 1762, m. NY, 12/16/1781, Elizabeth Egbert DeMarest)

i) Emily A. Kent, (4/28/1820-10/17/1902) b. Essex Co., NJ, m. 5/31/1846, Essix Co., NJ, Lyman H. Vreeland (ca. 1823-5/7/1878) b. Essex Co., NJ, d. Matteson, Branch Co., MI, son of Frederik C. & Jonna Vreland

(1) Elizabeth Vreeland, b. ca. 1847, NJ
(2) Charles R. Vreeland, b. ca. 1852, m. Ida ---, b. ca. 1862
(3) Emma H. Vreeland, b. ca. 1855, Madison, Lake Co., OH
(4) Lyman Augustus Vreeland (4/30/1857-10/10/1930) b. Madison, Lake Co., OH, m. 11/15/1881, Loucinda E. Ebertstein, b. ca. 1857
(5) Frederick A. Vreeland, b. ca. 1861, OH
(6) Mary J. Vreeland, b. ca. 1866, MI

ii) George M. Kent (7/8/1822-6/4/1882) b. Essex Co., NJ, d. Leonidas, St. Joseph Co., MI, m.  pre1847, NJ, Sarah Jane Vreland (6/12/1831-4/14/1879) b. NJ, d. Leonidas, St. Joseph Co., MI,  dau. of Frederick & Fannie (Lecker) Vreland

(1) Fanny Kent, b. ca. 1847
(2) Emma Janette Kent (ca. 1851-3/1899) b. Bellviolle, Essex Co., NJ, d. Union City, Branch Co., MI, m. with ch.
(3) William A. Kent (ca. 1854-1884) b. NJ, d. Sherwood, Branch Co., MI, m. with ch.
(4) Elsworth Kent, b. 12/1860, OH

b)  Jennetje Egbert, b. 2/2/1784, c. 4/25/1784, witness; Egbort Egbortse & Rachel Egbortse
c) Rachel Egbert (5/11/1792-3/18/1858) b. Ackquackanok, NJ, d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, m. ca. 1814, Madison, Lake Co., OH, Levi Kent, (6/19/1787-2/27/1856) b. Livingston Twp., Essex, NJ, d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, son of Jacob & Effie (Edwards) Kent

i) Mary E. Kent (ca. 1820-6/9/1872) d. Perry, Lake Co., OH, m. 5/12/1842, Lake Co., OH, Luther Owen Lockwood, (10/6/1813-5/6/1878) son of Phillip & Anna (Owen) Lockwood

(1) Anna Lockwood, b. ca. 1846, Perry, Lake Co., OH, m. with ch.
(2) Gabriel Kent Lockwood (2/1850-1913) b. & d. Perry, Lake Co., OH, m. with ch.

ii) Catherine E. Kent (9/1824-7/12/1891) d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, m. twice, 1st - unknown, 2nd - 12/19/1868, Lake Co., OH, James H. Dresser

(1) Lemuel ---, son by 1st m.

iii) John E. Kent (ca. 1832-6/23/1891) d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, m. ca. 1857, Lorana Burdick (9/22/1833-7/6/1922) b. & d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, dau. of Ephraim & Polly (Bort) Burdick

(1) Levi B. Kent (5/1860-9/7/1908) b. & d. Madison, Lake Co., OH, m. with ch.
(2) John E. Kent (3/16/1870-8/19/1897) b.  & d. Madison, Lake Co., OH,
m. with ch.

d) John Egbert, b. 6/1/1803, Stone House Plain, Essex Co., NJ
e) Catherine Egbert, b. 1/13/1806, DRC, Stone House Plain, Essex Co., NJ

d. Pieter Egbert, b. 1725, will 8/26/1749, Essex Co., NJ, unmar., on 3/23/1752 he was reported as a deserter from Capt. Rutherford’s Co. at Ft. Oswego & shot, killed, & eaten by fellow deserters.
e. Walling Egbert (1727-1805) Essex Co., NJ, will 2/3/1801, recorded 9/4/1824. m. 1749, Rachel (Maritie) Spier, Essex Co., NJ, dau. of Jacobus & Madelena Spier  (a Waling Egbert listed in census of 1749 in Second River, Essex Co., NJ & in 1793 in Essex Co., NJ, and a Walen Egberse who m. Marytie--- were res. of Second River, Belleville, Essex Co., NJ & wit. a christening on 9/4/1774)
1) Egbert Egbert (8/3/1746-3/25/1816) c. 9/27/1750, aged 69.7.22 at d., m. 12/6/1781, Rachel Van Giese (Van Giesen)  (12/8/1748-2/19/1817) aged 68.2.11 at d., both death records from gravestones of Brookdale (formerly Stone House Plains) DRC, Bloomfield, Essex Co., NJ
a) Jenneke Egbert, b. 5/10/1776, c. 6/9/1776, Second River Church, Belleville, Essex Co., NJ, wit Cornelius Van Giesen & Jenneke Deremus
b) Jannetje Egbert, c. 2/19/1786, Essex Co., Second River Church Baptismal Records, Belleville, NJ
c) Abraham Egbert
d) John S. Egbert, b. 1/10/1787, Newark, Essex Co., NJ, m. 5/19/1808, Anne Bratton, Essex Co., Newark, NJ, she was b. 1/18/1787, Newark,NJ
i) Moses Egbert (3/19/1820-8/23/1906) b. Newark, NJ, bur. lot #460, Arlington Cem. Arlington, NJ. d. at 815 Harrison Ave., Harrison, NJ. m. three times, 1st – 1/1/1840, Martha C. White, Presby. Church, Springfield, NJ, she d. Springfield, NJ, 2nd – 8/13/1842, Sussex Co., NJ, Nancy V. Lockwood (1824 or 26-2/12/1895) b. PA. she d. at 29 6th Ave., Newark, NJ, bur. Woodland Cem., Newark, NJ. 3rd – 3/12/1895, Kearny, NJ, Jane Needham Hilton, dau. of Joseph & Betty (Bliley) Needham, she d. 2/23/1904, bur Arlington Cem., lot #460, Moses listed as shoemaker in 1850, as worked in shoe factory in 1870. He applied for pension 9/12/1906, having served in Civil War in army (See Moses Egbert Family Outline)
2) Walling Egbert Jr.,b. 8/19/1756, c. 10/10/1756, Passaic, NJ, m. 12/6/1781, NY, Sarah Stager
a) Sarah Egbert, c. 7/7/1796, NY, m. Abraham Earl
b) Ann Egbert, m. George Howard
c) Mariatta Egbert,(Mary) b. Essex, NJ, d. White, IN, m. Silas Wheaton, b. Essex, NJ, d. White, IN

i) George Wheaton, b. White, IN
ii) Mary Wheaton, b. White, IN
iii) Silas Wheaton Jr., b. White, IN
iv) Emens Wheaton, b. White, IN
v) Loyal Wheaton, b. White, IN
vi) Leviticus Wheaton, b. White, IN

d) Tiney Egbert (Mary) b. 9/1/1784 m. Peter F. Riker
e) Rachel Egbert, c. 8/20/1816, St. Marks, Niagara Falls, NY
f) Henry Egbert, m. Jane Smith
g) John W. Egbert
(7/9/1790-9/27/1863) b.  Morris Co., NJ, m. 1/24/1814, Essex, Bloomfield , NJ, Rachel Conklin, b. 1796, Belleville, NJ. A Vail family, John 71, Electa 69, & Julia 38, was living next to John W. & Rachel 1850 census. In 1860 the same family are living with James 54, Phebe 47 next door to John W., Jr. and Susan Egbert household.

i) Joseph Egbert, b. 9/20/1815, m. Hannah ---, b. ca. 1823. Joseph does not appear with Hannah in the 1850 or 1860 census in Morris Twp., NJ

(1) Willaim Henry Egbert, b. ca. 9/1842, m.  8/23/1863, Morristown, NJ, Margaret Elizabeth Trowbridge
(a) William Henry Egbert, b. 12/31/1863, Moris, Pequannock, NJ, c. 6/17/1864, St. Peter's ch., sponsor Phebe Trowbridge, his grandmother

(2) Joseph Egbert, b. ca. 1850

ii) John W. Egbert Jr., b. 6/19/1817, Morris, NJ, m. twice, 1st -  Mary J. --- (ca. 1820-1/17/1854) b. Morris, NJ,  5 ch., 2nd - 5/24/1854, Morristown Meth. Epis. Ch., Susan Cooper, b. ca. 1831. John was listed as a carpenter, 1860 census

(1) Theodore H. Egbert, b. ca. 1841, Morris, NJ, m. Emma ---, res. Newark, NJ in 1880 census listed as a painter

(a) Henry (Harry)  Egbert, b. 1876, Newark, NJ
(b) Clara Egbert
(c) Laura Egbert

(2) Gorline Egbert, (Gorlin) b. 1844, m. 6/12/1865, Essex, Newark, NJ, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sanders, b. 1847, dau. of Thomas Sanders, occ. carriage painter
(3)  Charles A. Egbert,  b. ca. 1856, Morris, NJ, m. ca. 1877, Julia Jewell Henderson (ca. 1862-10/6/1945) b. Rockaway Twp., Morris Co., NJ, d. on family farm, Rockaway Twp., Morris Co., NJ. Listed in 1914 Farmer's Directory, Somerset & Hunterdon Cos., NY (p. 77)

(a) Bertha Egbert (9/30/1878-6/22/1972) b. Greenville, Morris Co., NJ, m. twice, 1st - ca. 1895, Marvin Rankin, 2nd - ca. 1910, John Albright, b. 1872
(b) Mabel Egbert, b. 1879, NJ, m. Zerbin Lowe
(c) William Egbert, b. ca. 1880, NJ
(d) Charles Egbert, b. ca. 1885, NJ, m. Gretchen Grace
(e) Anna Egbert, b. 6/24/1887, NJ, m. ---Venner
(f-g). twins Egbert

(4) William B. Egbert, b. ca. 1850
Laurah Egbert, b. ca. 1852

iii) Gorline Egbert, b. 8/30/1819, m. twice, 1st - 8/21/1841, Ann Elizabeth Edgar, d. 8/2/1848, Green Village, NJ, of consumption., dau., of William & Claretta (Hall)  Edgar who m. 4/27/1818, Moristown, NJ, 1 ch., 2nd -  2/20/1850, Jemima Riggs, b. ca. 1832, Green Village NJ, 4 ch.,  Gorline was a house painter in 1860 census.

(1) Laura Cornelia Egbert, b. 7/23/1847, Morristown, NJ, res. Green Village, NJ in 1870, m. 4/3/1870, St. Peter's, Alfred Milton Jones, b. ca. `1844, son of Bradford & Elizabeth Jones of New Providence, NJ. Alfred was a bookkeeper. Laura was living with Ichabod & Ann Cochran in 1860 Morris Twp. census.
(2)  David C. Egbert, b. ca. 1852, m. Martha ---, living in Passaic, NJ in 1885 census

(a) Caroline B. Egbert
(b) Herbert Egbert, d. 4/20/1884 at Green Village, NJ
(c) Francis E. Egbert
(d) George Egbert
(e) Oscar Egbert, d. 4/24/1891, Green Village, NJ

(3) Anna E. Egbert, b. ca. 1853
(4) Isaac R. Egbert, b. ca. 1857, m. Mary ---, b. ca. 1860, d. 3/25/1898, Green Village, NJ.

(a) Jeanne Egbert, 10 mos. old in census of 1880

(5) James Egbert, b. ca. 1860
(6) Harvey Egbert, b. ca. 1864

iv)  Alfred Augusta Egbert (9/18/1821-2/22/1877) b. & d. Morris, NJ,  d. of consumption. m.  twice, 1st - 8/13/1843, Morristown, NJ Epis. Church, Charlotte Canfield, b. ca. 1827, Morristown, dau. of Joel and Elizabeth (Lacy) Campfield (is it Canfield or Campfield??) 2 ch. known ( There was an Alfred A. Egbert, 9, in Tewksbury, NJ in 1860 census living with the Sutton family that also included an 8 yr old girl with the last name of Adel. This looks like a parceling out of orphan children. In 1870 these same 2 ch. are living in the same household, both now 19, with Alfred A. now listed as Augustine. This may be another child of Alfred & Charlotte.) 2nd m. - Ann Elizabeth Clark, b. ca. 1843, NJ, 6 ch. Alfred was a baker at the time of Eda's birth and a laborer in the 1870 census.  Listed as baker living in Newarkin 1850 census. In the 1875/76 directory he was listed as living on Early St. with his and Ann's children

(1) James Egbert, b. ca. 1848
(2) Caroline Egbert, b. ca. 1849
(3)  William Fitzgerald Egbert, b. ca. 1860
(4) Athalia Claudia Egbert, b. 9/11/1863, Morristown, NJ, c. 1/25/1868 at her parent's home, bur. 2/27/1869, St. Peter's
(5) Everett James Egbert, b. 4/2/1866, Chatham, NJ, was living with Bodine family as servant in 1880 census Cranberry, Middlesex Co., NJ
(6) Capitola Edwina Egbert, b. 12/16/1867, Morristown, NJ, m.  twice, 1st- 7/7/1886, Morristown Baptist church, Morristown, NJ, William Allen Knight, b. ca. 9/1861, son of Alfred Allen & Sarah P. Knight, 2nd - 1/26/1895, Morris Plains Presby. church, Morris Plains, NJ, Orren A. Earls, b. ca. 10/1859, son of Abraham & Marian (Beam) Earls.  Orren & Capitola res. 90 Speedwell ave., Morristown at time of wedding. Orren was a teamster. In 1910 census Morris, NJ, Capitola  was living in an almshouse.
(7) Edward Hoffman Egbert, b. 1/13/1870, Morristown, NJ, m. Rebecca H. ---, b. 4/1867, Scotland, arriving 1883. This family living in Jersey City for 1900, 1910, & 1920 census. William & George were still living with their parents in the 1930 census Jersey City., also an 11 yr. olf grandson Robert Dunn. Nieces maude, Florence, Ada and nephew Gilbert Brown living with family in 1920 census.

(a) William David Egbert, b. 4/24/1891, Hoboken, NJ. He was boilermaker for Erie RR and living in Jersey City at time of 1917 draft registration, had previously served 3 yrs. in military
(b) Edward Joseph Egbert, b. 9/1/1893,  Jersey City, NJ, m. ca. 1916, Mary T. ---, b. ca. 1896.  Edward was a sheet metal worked and had served 3 yrs in military at time of 1917 draft registration, and living in Jersey City  1930 census. His brother-in-law, William P. French, age 23, was living with Edward in the 1930 census.

(i)  Edward Joseph Egbert, b. ca. 3/1917, NJ
(ii) Dorothy Evans. Egbert,
(12/18/1918-10/1/1992) b. NY, d. Los Angeles, CA, SSN 556-62-6283 (CA) lr. 90403 (Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., CA)
(iii) William J. Egbert, b. ca. 1920
(iv) Ruth A. Egbert, b. ca. 1924
(v) George F. Egbert, b. ca. 1926
(vi) Roy (K?) Egbert,  b. ca. 1928

(c) Sarah E. Egbert, b. 2/1895, m. ca. 1916, Joseph Dunn, b. ca. 1893, NJ, living in Jersey City in 1930 census

(i) Joseph Dunn Jr., b. ca. 5/1918
(ii) Lillian Dunn, b. ca. 1919
(iii) Loretta Dunn, b. ca. 1922
(iv) George Dunn, b. ca. 1924
(v) Irene Dunn, b. ca. 1925
(vi) Herbert Dunn, b. ca. 1926
(vii) Richard Dunn, b. ca. 1929

(d) George Henry Egbert, b. 6/21/1898, working at A.A. Dittman as elect. assembler and living in Jersey City at time of 1918 draft reg.
(e) Edna M. Egbert, b. ca. 1905

(8) Eda Kerina Egbert (3/3/1873-1/5/1905) b. Morristown, NJ, d. Hoboken, NJ, m. ca. 1891, Charles A. Underhill (1862-11/2/1936) b. NYC, NY, d. Union City, NJ. Eda was listed in the Newark Orphan Asylum in 1880 census. Then found in the David & Hannah Pierson household in Chatham, NJ in 1885 NJ census.

(a) Stephen Preston Underhill, b. 11/16/1892, Hoboken, NJ
(b) Florence Agnes Underhill, b. 10/11/1894, Hoboken, NJ
(c) Edith Ruth Underhill, b. 831/1896, Hoboken, NJ
(d) Charles Herbert Underhill, b. 5/18/1898,
Hoboken, NJ
(e) Harold Gordon Underhill, b. 2/7/1900,
Hoboken, NJ
(f) Arthur John Underhill, b. 5/24/1903,
Hoboken, NJ
(g) Mary Underhill, b. 11/1/1904,
Hoboken, NJ

v) Charles Egbert, b. 1/30/1824
vi) Burnet Boykin Egbert, b. 12/25/1825, m. Mary ---, b ca. 1834, PA. THey were living in Phillipsburg, NJ at time of 1870 census, living with them were Helen Dorsey, age 17 and Thomas Dorsey, age 30, both born PA. Burnett was listed as a laborer in 1860 census.

(1) Samuel Egbert, b. ca. 1855, PA
(2) Clara Egbert, b. ca. 1858, PA

vii) Theodore Augustus Egbert (9/9/1827-ca.2/7/1906) m. 11/25/1847, Morristown Meth. Epis. Church, Frances Caroline Tharp, b. 8/1829. Theodore was listed as sexton of the Church of the Redeemer in Morristown in 1882 History of Morris Co., NJ. The parish had 53 families then. Theodore is listed in 1885-1888 Morristown Directories as a sexton and as a janitor. He is listed as house painter in 1860 census and 1883-84 Morristown Directory.  George W. and Olivia were single and living with their parents in 1900 census Morristown. Living 2 houses down was the family of James W. & Lillian Egbert 

(1) Frances Amelia Egbert, b. 5/1849
(2) Emma Egbert (4/13/1854-
3/12/1857) c. 7/21/1854, St. Peter's Epis. Church, , bur. Methodist Cem.
(3) George Washington Egbert, b. 6/1856, m. 12/24/1882, Morristown, NJ, Sarah ---,

Robert Egbert

(4) Millen Ford Egbert, d. 4/20/1861, at age 8 mos. of a sore throat
(5)  Augustus M. Egbert, (11/12/1862- 2/14/1863) d. at 3 mos.  of dyptheria, Morristown, NJ
(6) Eva Marshall Egbert (Olivia) b. 8/28/1866, Morristown, NJ, c. 6/23/1867, at St. Peter's

viii) Caroline Laura Egbert (12/15/1833-11/17/1846)
ix) Emily J. Egbert, b. ca. 1837, m. 8/31/1859, Morristown Meth. Epis. Church, John Vail, Jr. (see note about Vail family under  Emily's g'father John W. Egbert)
3) Arthur Egbert
4) Garret Egbert, m. 3/4/1783, Rachel Spier, b. 3/3/1766

a) Catherine Egbert, m. Peter Riker
b) Sarah Egbert, b. 2/3/1796, c. 7/7/1796, m. Abraham Earl
c) Anna Egbert, m. George Howard
d) Mary Egbert
f. Antje Egbert, m. 1751, Isaac Ryke
g. Elsje Egbert (Aaltje), m. Cornelius Doremus Jr.
1) Egbert Doremus, b. 12/21/1750, c. 2/13/1750, Second River, Belleview, Essex Co., NJ, wit. Isack Reykens & Antje Ebberse
h. Marie Egbert, c. 1734
2. Abraham Egbert (1685-1723), c. 1693, b . Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, in the Staten Is. Militia in 1715, m. 1714, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, Francyntje Parain (Perrine) (ca.1666-1730) bur. Staten Is., Richmond, NY (she was almost 40 when m.) dau. of Daniel & Maria (Thorel) Parain who m. 2/18/1666, 1st mar. in NJ, granted & signed by Sir Philip Carteret of Isle of Jersey, 1st Gov., they were his servants. Francyntje only dau. of Daniel. She had 5 brothers who were progenitors of numerous & notable Perrine family. She remar. 1725, Hendrick Jantzen, having several ch. by him. She was 54 yrs. old at b. of youngest ch. All ch. in DRC of Staten Is. (See Pierre Perrine Family Outline)
a. Abraham Egbert, b. 5/17/1715, c. 5/22/1715, will admin. 4/27/1756, m.  Elizabeth Garretson, b. ca. 1724, Staten Is., NY, in census of 1800 in Northfield, Richmond Co., NY
1) Mary Egbert, b. 4/17/1741
2) Elizabeth Egbert, c. 4/17/1744, Richmond, Port Richmond, NY
3) Moses Egbert, (10/21/1742-11/13/1831) m. Catrin --- (Caty), there is a Moses Egbert listed in Whitehall St., NYC, NY Directory of 1786
a) Abraham Egbert, b. 11/8/1768, St. Andrew’s, Staten Is., NY (ca. 3 o’clock)
b) Ann Egbert, b. 10/19/1770
c) Tunis Egbert (11/9/1779-7/3/1791) c. 11/29/1779
d) Egbert Egbert, d. 7/28/1791
4) Hester Egbert (Esther) c. 7/28/1751
5) Benjamin Francis Egbert, b. ca. 1754, Staten Is., NY
b. John Egbert (4/10/1720-10/1762) c. 5/2/1720, Richmond, DRC, NY, d. Cranbury, Middlesex CO., NJ, m. 1746, Staten Is., Richmond Co. NY, Margaret Garretson, b. ca.1723, res. Elizabethtown, NJ, bur.  Presby. Cem. , Cranbury, NJ
1) Abraham Egbert (8/23/1747-2/12/1822) c. 12/12/1747, Prot. Ep. Church of Shrewsbury, NJ., b. & d. Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ,  pvt. in Rev. War, 3rd Reg., Middlesex Co., state troopers & in Capt. Van Anglen’s Co., 1st Batt., 2nd Est., Continental Army becoming capt., m. 3/10/1779,  Ann Ridgeway
2) William Egbert, b. 3/7/1750, Shrewsbury, Middlesex Co., NJ, d. after b. of John on 4/24/1752 & pre-10/1753
3) John Nicholas Egbert, (4/24/1752-5/27/1835), b. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, d. Elizabethtown, Essex Co., NJ, served Rev. War, Middlesex Co. Militia & wagon master gen.’s dept., in charge of powder wagons in war, m. 12/22/1777, Woodbridge, Essex Co., NJ, Hannah Little (1756-12/24/1840) b. West Cranbury, MIddlesex Co., NJ, d. Elizabethtown, Essex Co. NJ,  res. Essex Co., NJ (See John & Hannah (Little) Egbert Family Outline)
4) William Egbert, (10/16/1753-1840) c. 10/16/1753, Prot. Ep. Church, Shrewsbury, NJ, soon after the family moved to Cranbury, NJ, d. Sandy Lake Twp., Mercer Co., PA,  m. 1776,Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ, Rebecca (Elizabeth) Job (1756-1816) b. Monmouth Co., NJ, d. Mercer Co., PA, dau. of George & Elizabeth (James) Job of Hightstown, NJ. Rebecca from Jobtown, NJ. They settled in Cranbury, NJ. He was pvt. in the Rev. War (See William & Rebecca (Job) Egbert Family)
5) Lewis Egbert, b. ca. 1755, Cranbury, NJ, served in same troops as brother Abraham, probably k. in battle with Hessians
6) Thomas Egbert, b. 1757, Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ, landholder, 9/10/1774, Hyde Twp., Thurman in NE NY, in census 1772, 1778, 1780, &1785 in New Brunswick, South Ward, Middlesex Co., NJ, m. 11/24/1774, Newport, Newport, RI, Desire Hubby
7) Lydia Egbert, b. ca. 1759, m. ca. 1780, ---Longstreet
c. Elizabeth Egbert, b. 6/11/1722, c. 8/20/1738, DRC, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
3. John Egbert, b. ca. 1/10/1695?, not recorded in census of 1706, but mentioned in father’s will of 1721.
4. James (Tunison) Egbert (Jacques, Jacobus,  or Jacus)  (6/10/1695-1768) bur. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, res. New Dorp, Staten Is., NY, will 10/26/1765, proven 4/16/1768 in Richmond Co., Staten Is., NY, m. twice, 1st – 1715, Catharine Deny (Dey or Diej), (12/6/1695-1724) dau. of James Hance & Mary (Mulnired) Deny of Staten Is., NY, 6 ch., 2nd – post1733, Catharine Bakker (Backer, or Baker), b. 1670, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, dau. of Nicholas & Catharine (Croessen) Bakker of Staten Is., NY. She had a brother Jacob, &,  sisters, Neeltje, Elizabeth & Ann in 1728, also a brother Derrick Bakker, 8 ch. In his father’s will James was named as overseer of his estate. In James' will – left to his wife his best bed, and all the rest of estate to be sold, his wife to remain on the place & have her living there til it is sold. From proceeds pay 1/3 for the support of wife and rest to children, leave to son Benjamin, $50, & g’ch. James, Mary & Catharine, the ch. of James, $25, executors were his sons Tunis & Abraham Egbert with Henry Latourette, sitnesses John Poilllon, Tunis Egbert (his brother) & George Connor, all of Richmond Co., NY. He was a miller at Fresh Kills & evidently prosperous. Following his father’s d. in 1722, he bought up the interest of his brother Egbert Egbert, a planter, in the land left to him by their father. In 1729 he bought other property on the south side of Fresh Kills for 5 £; also purchased for 200£ a mill house & land adjoining his own on the south side of Fresh kills from James Dey. In 1730 he bought from his brother Lawrence, a weaver of Woodbridge, NJ, rights of lands left to Lawrence by their father’s will for 75£. 1750 James Egbert, a miller, recorded deed dated 1718 from Tunis & Jeanette Egberts (his parents) to John Miliard, from whom he evidently acquired the property concerned. To clear up some of his titles he had recorded the original patent of Gov. Fletcher, dated 1697 to his father Tunis Egbertsen of 870 acres on Fresh Kill. He was constable in 1725 & 1736 and justice of the peace 1737-9. James & Catherine witnessed baptism in Dutch Church  of Nicholas, son of Philip Merril & Elisabet Bakker, 10/24/1728. James witnessed the will of Lewis DeBois, blacksmith, 5/5/1741 also will of Nathaniel Britton of Staten Island 2/14/1746/7.  (See Story Sections for Govert Egbert, and for  Dirkje (Egbert) Haeswout)
a. James Egbert (12/3/1715-10/1765) m. Catherine ---
1) James Egbert, b. ca. 1737, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
2) Mary Egbert, b. 1739, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
3) Catharine Egbert, b. ca. 1741, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
b. Catharine Egbert, b. 3/18/1717, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
c. Maria Egbert (Mary), b. 6/6/1719, c. 2/14/1719, NY, m. 1745 (1736?) Jan Canon (Jean or John Canone)
1) Catharina Canon, c. 8/16/1739
2) Abraham Canon, c. 5/7/1741, Port Richmond, NY
3) Elizabeth Canon, c. 4/22/1746
4) Jacobus Canon, c. 7/19/1748
d. Tunis Egbert, (9/17/1720-5/19/1805) c. 10/8/1721, m. ca. 1745, Anne Connor, Port Richmond, NY, d. 1/16/1792, (she also referred to as Anne DuPuy?) He was schoolmaster 1764-1782, no wife mentioned in his will of 12/1/1804, proved 5/4/1805.
1) Catharine Egbert (1/25/1749-1/17/1779) c. 2/11/1749, unmar.
2) John Egbert (2/17/1751-10/31/1830) c. 5/21/1751, m. Catharine Van Wie, Albany, NY.  John owned much of the area around the intersection of Richmond Rd.  & Rockland Ave., known today as Egbertville. He was a farmer & weaver, and the first in his family to have a Staten Island landmark named for him, Egbertville. His great-grandson, George Egbert, b. 3/6/1862 was born in Egbertville.  George's son, Arthur Stanley Egbert,  remembered with memorial at Egbert Square.  (See Story Section)
a) James Egbert, b. 5/2/1769, Richmond, NY, m. Nancy Brooks, NY
i) Isaac Egbert, b. 7/28/1793
b) Eleanor Egbert, b. 11/11/1771, Richmond, Staten Is., NY (twin)
c) Tunis Egbert, b. 11/11/1771, (twin)
3) James Egbert, c. 3/17/1754, d. 10/19/1827, m. twice, 1st – 8/3/1777, Elizabeth Martinoe (1/1743-9/19/1810) 2nd – 12/15/1818, Martha (Burbank) Egbert, wid. of Abraham Egbert, shoemaker. James was a slave owner with one named York who was c. 3/6/1807 as Peter Egbert, and a slave couple, Charles & Sarah Egbert, m. by permission, 12/8/1824 (See James Egbert Family Outline and Martha also listed with 1st husband, Abraham Egbert)
4) Edward Egbert
5) Tunis Egbert (1/11/1759-11/5/1825) c. 5/1/1759, m. 7/6/1791, Anne Burbank, b. 1768,  Richmond, Staten Is., NY
a) Ann Egbert (6/8/1792-11/30/1854) m. twice, 1st – 10/26/1815, William Prawl, occ. farmer, 2nd – 6/2/1840, Joseph Lake he was wid., res. Northfield, Staten Is., NY
i) Tunis Augustus Prawl, b. 8/17/1816, c. 10/13/1816
ii) Henrietta Prawl, b. 6/25/1818, c. 7/22/1818, m. 2/20/1845, John Hobart Sprague, merchant of NY
iii) Edwin Theodore Prawl, b. 3/31/1821, c. 4/29/1821
iv) Maria Ann Prawl (3/15/1823-11/3/1859) c. 10/18/1823
b) John Egbert, c. 3/9/1794, m. ca. 1830, Aletta Prawl, NY
i) Abraham Prawl Egbert, b. 10/7/1816, c. 10/13/1816
ii) Eugene Mortimer Egbert, b. 9/15/1822, c. 10/1/1822
iii) Ann Rebekah Egbert, b. 6/1/1831, c. 7/15/1831
iv) Daniel Mersereau Egbert, b. 4/15/1836,c. 9/13/1836
c) Patience Egbert, (5/9/1800-10/10/1854) c. 6/8/1800,  m. twice, 1st – 9/10/1822,Staten Is., NY, John Cocheron, son of Abraham & Jane Cocheron, 2nd – 11/10/1830, Andrew B. Decker (ca.1796-10/29/1829) son of Joseph & Catharine Decker
i) William Henry Cocheron, b. 7/3/1823, c. 10/18/1823
ii) Selina Theresa Cocheron, b. 10/18/1826, c. 1/29/1827
iii) Tunis Augustus Decker, c. 8/2/1831, c. 11/20/1831
iv) Lawrence Hillyer Lafayette Decker, b. 4/30/1834, c. 6/18/1834
6) Elizabeth Egbert, b. 7/8/1761, c. 10/2/1761, m. 1784, James Bodine
7) Abraham Egbert (3/31/1765-3/3/1822) c. 5/12/1765, d. at Blazing Star ferry.
e. John Egbert (6/20/1722-1794) c. 7/14/1723, Richmond, NY, m. twice, 1st -  Martha --- (Metje) 9 ch., 2nd – Mary ---, lived in Reading Town, NJ, near Bound Brook. Will of 1794 leaves 131 acres of land. 
1) Catharine Egbert, c. 11/27/1750
2) John P. Egbert (Jan) (1or6/13/1752-10/6/1821) c. 8/2/1752,  b. NJ, d. Warren Co., OH, m. 1774,  PA,  Elizabeth Bowman, b. Hunterdon, Readington, NJ.  He was pvt. NJ Militia, Rev. War. (gg’father of  Marion Egbert of South Bend, WA. but don’t have Marion’s g’father or father’s name)

a) James Egbert, m. twice, 1st - 10/11/1821, Warren, OH, Catharine Pauley, 4 ch. ,  2nd -  8/18/1830, Sarah Brandenburg(h) , 10 ch.

i) Lydia Ellen Egbert , b. ca. 1822, m. 8/23/1840, Marion, IN, Benjamin F. Badgley. She moved to Dearborn, IN in 1836, & to Morgan, IN in 1838
ii) George Washington Egbert
iii) John P. Egbert, b. ca. 1825, Warren Co., OH, moved to Dearborn, IN 1836,  moved to Morgan, IN in 1838
iv) Catherine Egbert, b. ca. 1826, moved to Dearborn, IN 1836, moved to Morgan, IN in 1838
v) Israel Egbert, b. ca. 1831, Warren Co., OH, moved to Dearborn IN 1836, Morgan, IN 1838
vi) Elizabeth Egbert, b. pre11/1834, moved to Dearborn, IN 1836, Morgan, IN 1838
vii) Joseph Egbert, (9/4/1835-1900) b. Warren Co., OH, d. Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN, m. 11/1/1859, Morgan Co., IN, Julie Ann Brain (4/15/1839-1937) b. & d.  Morgan Co., IN

(1) Willard B. Egbert, b. ca. 1860, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(2) Lorena A. Egbert, b. 8/22/1862, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN, m. 10/17/1886,  Morgan Co., IN, William Thomas Pearcy, (7/16/1861-1/1943) b. & d. Morgan Co., IN
(3) Sarah J. Egbert, b. ca. 1863, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(4) Vilena Egbert, b. ca. 1864, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN, d. infancy
(5) Laura E. Egbert, b. ca. 1865, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(6) Luella Egbert, b. ca. 1866, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(7) Joseph O. Egbert, b. ca. 1867, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(8) Ora Egbert, b. ca. 1868, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(9) Elva P. Egbert,  b. ca. 1869, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN
(10) Dora Egbert, b. ca. 1870, Green Twp., Morgan Co., IN

viii) Sarah Egbert, b. post7/1836
ix) Jonathan Egbert, b post5/1837, Dearborn, IN
x) Celia Egbert, b. post3/1838, IN
xi) Elvy Egbert, b. ca. 1839, Morgan, IN
xii) Martha Egbert, b. ca. 1840, Morgan, IN
xiii) James Egbert, b. ca. 1841, Morgan, IN
xiv) Thomas Jefferson Egbert, b. 1/30/1851, Morgan, IN

3) Elizabeth Egbert, b. 6/22/1754, c. 9/8/1754
4) Maria Egbert, b. 10/10/1756, c. 9/8/1756
5) James Egbert (5/20/1759-1824) d. Seneca Co., OH, m. ca. 1776, Sarah Smith, Hunterdon, Readington, NJ  (3/19/1754- ca.1812-3) dau. of John & Mary (Horsel) Smith. (He was reportedly  m. a second time to a Mary--- no further information) (See James & Sarah (Smith) Egbert Family Outline) (See Smith Family Outline)
6) Saertje Egbert (Sarah) b. 8/7/1761, c. 10/11/1761
7) Nicholas Egbert (10/20/1763-4/1/1813) c. 9/11/1763, b. Huntingdon, Readington, NJ, d. East Buffalo, Northumberland Co., PA. He served in Rev. War, rec’d. certificate #69, 2/10/1780, for $400 for carting forage. Pvt. Hunterdon CO., NJ rec’d. certificate #4 for 13£, 11:8 shillings for depreciation of his Continental pay in Hunterdon Co., NJ, m. Lydia Van Buskirk  (See Nicholas & Lydia (Van Buskirk) Egbert Family Outline)
8) Tunis D. Egbert, b. 3/29/1767, m. 1791, Anna ---
a) Jesse Egbert, b. 1794, m. 1815, Abigail ---
i) Benjamin Egbert, b. 1828, m. 1856, Eveline---
(1) James Egbert, b. 1860. m. 1881, Elizabeth ---
(a) Richard Egbert, b. 1885, m. Carrie --- He had drugstore in Pemberton, NJ
9) Peulis Egbert (Paul) ( 6/19/1769-8/22/1824) m. Rachel Dilts (3/5/1771-6/30/1835) d. Terre Coupe, IN. listed in census of 1850 in St. Joseph Co., Olive Twp., IN. On 9/6/1830,  he was part of a Petit Jury in St. Joseph Co., IN, when the county was founded. The Egbert family in Olive Twp., St. Joseph Co., IN, consisted of John, Paul, Jacob, & Charles, who came from NY. John came in 1/1830. 4 months later in May, Paul & Jacob Egbert arrived. They were all Methodists. Paul Egbert was an exhorter and preacher. So the Egbert family, along with the Benjamin Reddings, and others, were active in building the Methodist Church in Hamilton, Olive Twp., St. Joseph Co., IN. In early 1834, Richard Risley Carlisle, a relative of the Egberts, came to Olive Twp., from Philadelphia, PA. He was described as a dreamer and wanderer and aside from his signature on old deed and papers, little is known of him.   In 2/1951,  there was a hardware store in New Carlisle called "Egbert & Compton" which was absorbed by other hardware stores and lumberyards into one business.  Among the first trustees of the Methodist church was James EgbertWilliam Egbert was treasurer of the New Carlisle Cemetery Assoc.  in 1863, purchasing 2 acres of ground west of town.

a) Daniel Egbert, b. 9/28/1799, Readington Hunterdon Co., NJ
b) Charles Egbert, b. ca. 1796,
Readington Hunterdon Co., NJ, res. Hudson Twp., LaPorte Co., IN & then  escaped to TX after a murder in 1840, to return after the Civil War. (There is a Charles Egbert listed in Miscellaneous Egberts in TX, m. to Elizabeth--- with 6 ch. who were b. at the right time to possibly be this Charles ) (See Story Section)
c) Elisha Egbert, "Lish" (3/25/1806-11/4/1870) b. 
Readington, Hunterdon Co., NJ,  d.  South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN, m. twice, 1st - 11/16/1831, Eliza McCartney (1814-1846)  dau. of William Sr. & Margery McCartney, 2 ch., 2nd - 12/1/1846, Putnam, IN, Mary Elizabeth Davis (Eliza) (ca. 1827-post 1870) b. OH,  2 ch., He was a Methodist, and Freemason,  residences in Portage, St. Joseph Co., IN in 1850; South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN in 1840-1870.  (See Story Section)

i) Mary Ann Egbert (Jane) b. 1833, IN, m. 9/4/1850, St. Joseph Co., IN, Samuel Higinbotham, [Higgenbotham] b. OH, d. 5/29/1863, Triune, TN, bur.  South Bend, IN,  res. 1850 in St. Joseph Co., IN. Samuel was a practicing physician and became the surgeon of the 87th IN regiment, dying of  typhoid pneumonia contracted while on duty. He was a Mason.

(1) Helen Higinbotham,  b. 6/9/1860, IN. In 1880, South Bend, IN Census, Mary E. Egbert, 51, widowed, living with her granddaughter, Helen Higgenbotham, 19.

Sarah Egbert, b. 1836, IN, res. 1850, Portage, St. Joseph Co., IN
iii) Emma L. Egbert, b.  ca. 1850, South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN,  res. 1860, St. Joseph Co., IN
iv) Edward Egbert (1850-1875) d. South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN.
listed in census 1870, Portage twp., St. Joseph Co., IN, 7/4 1870 law student in South Bend IN, 1874 city attorny in South Bend

d) Jacob Egbert (8/1795-1/26/1871) b. Readington Hunterdon Co., NJ, m. Mary --- (2/1811-9/1/1866) b. NY, d. Terre Coupe, IN

i) Asher Egbert  (ca. 1820-1878) b. OH, d. South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN, m. 5/21/1844, St. Joseph Co., IN,  Elizabeth Dunn,  b. ca. 1825, NY, listed in Olive Twp., St. Joseph Co., IN in 1850 & 1870 census.

(1) Finley Tatman Egbert  (6/8/1848-6/22/1878) m. twice,  Rachel Sumpter, & 11/5/1872, Howard Co., IN, Anna Belle Smith, b. 11/14/1850, 2 ch.. Finley listed in grave reg. of South Bend area, in census 1870, Olive Twp., South Bend area, IN.

(a) Nora Belle Egbert, b. 9/24/1873, m. twice, Thomas Cooper, & 1921, Charles O'Brien
Fred Robinson Egbert, b. 9/9/1875

(2) Reynolds D. Egbert (10/18/1852-1/31/1940) b.  St. Joseph Co., IN, d. San Diego, CA, m. ca. 1887, Florence M. Osler (1868-1/17/1948) b. NY, d. Niles, Berrien Co., MI, listed in census 1870&1880 in OliveTwp., St. Joseph Co., IN

(a) Robert N. Egbert, (7/15/1888-7/1978) SSN 572-68-6284 (CA) lr. 94707 (Albany, Alemeda Co., CA)
(b) Ada Elizabeth Egbert, (3/21/1890-5/17//1984) SSN 562-66-2751 (CA)  lr. 91803 (Alhambra, Los Angeles Co., CA)

(3) Simeon F. Egbert, b. ca. 1853, m. 3/20/1878, Ida (Edith) Anderson (1/2/1857-ca. 1957) b. Mellangard, Elghult, Kronebery, Sweden

(a) Clara B. Egbert, b. 12/1878, d. post1900
(b) Guy L. Egbert, (11/17/1880-4/1969) b. Ft. Collins, Larimer Co., CO, d. Palos Hts., Cook Co., IL, SSN 332-05-1784 (IL) lr. 60463 (Palos Heights, Cook Co., IL) m. ca. 1930, Martha Emelia Luenser (3/26/1903-3/6/1951) b. & d. Blue Island, Cook Co., IL, dau. of August & Lina Augusta (Mals or Mais) Luenser, both b. Germany
(c) Charles F. Egbert, (ca. 1881-9/30/1942) b. ID, m. ca. 1910, Mae B. Davis (ca. 1881-1/16/1956) dau. of John J. & Lucy E. Davis, John b. England, Lucy b. Maine

(4) William Egbert, b. ca. 1858

ii) Eli Egbert (11/11/1822-11/8/1901) b. OH, d. Dayton Lake, MI, m. pre1852, Catherine Currier, (ca. 1821-9/30/1885) b. NY, d. Buchanan, Berrien Co., MI, in St. Joseph, Olive Twp., IN [ref. Census of 1850]

(1) Cyrus C. Egbert, (ca. 1852-9/13/1874) d.  Berrien Co., MI

e) John Egbert (9/20/1792-2/24/1844) b.  Readington Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. Terre Coupee, IN, listed in grave reg., South Bend Area, IN
f) Paul Egbert, b. 1802, Readington Hunterdon Co., NJ,  d. Monona, Clayton Co. IA, m. 1832, Elizabeth --- b. ca. 1801, NJ, d. Monona, Clayton Co., IA, possibly 7 ch.

i) Daniel Egbert (ca. 1824-post1880) b. OH, d. IA, m. 3/1/1846, St. Joseph Co., IN,  Catherine Barns (ca. 1828-post1880) dau. of Isaac & Harriet Barns of NY.  Elmer and Martha Egbert lived next-door with Joshua Egbert Cooper age 12.  Joshua E. Cooper is also listed in Daniel's household in some sources.

(1) John Egbert, b. ca. 1846, in census 1850 in Olive Twp., St. Joseph Co., IN
(2)  George Egbert, b. ca. 1847, IN,
in census 1850 in Olive Twp., St. Joseph Co., IN, m. 12/22/1869,  St. Joseph Co., IN, Sabra Humphreys, b. ca. 1851, OH

(a) Mary Egbert, b. ca. 1871
(b) Kate Egbert, b. ca. 1876

(3) Harriet Egbert (6/9/1848-2/9/1936) b. Batesville, Ripley Co. IN, in census 1850 in Olive Twp., St. Joseph Co., IN, d. Beaver, Beaver Co., OK, m. 8/15/1865, Henry Kile, b. 1844, Batesville, Ripley Co., IN (This couple also listed in 7  as dau. of Stephen R. Egbert & Susannah Shott. Conflicting information, not sure which is right .)
Horace Egbert, b. ca. 1854
(5) Ella Egbert, b. 4/15/1856, St. Joseph Co., IN, m. 1878, William A. McGonigle, b. 5/8/1846, Linn, IA

(a) Bessie K. McGonigle, b. 1/1/1880

(6) Emma Egbert, b. ca. 1858
(7) Lucinda Egbert, b. ca. 1861
(8) Thaddeus Egbert, b. ca. 1866

ii) Elmer Egbert (Elmore)  b. ca. 1826, OH, m. twice, 1st - Anna ---, b. ca. 1835, NY, 6 ch., 2nd - 3/7/1847, Martha France, b. c.a 1830, OH, 1 ch. Listed in St. Joseph, Olive Twp., IN [Census of 1850] Elmer and Martha lived next-door to Daniel and Catherine (Barns) Egbert.

(1) Ross Egbert, b. ca. 1851, IN
(2) Flora Egbert, b. ca. 1853, IN
(3) May Egbert, b. ca. 1857, IA
(4) David Egbert, b. ca. 1862, IA
(5) Carrie Egbert, b. ca. 1864, IA
(6) Benjamin Egbert, b. ca. 1869, IA
(7) Martha Elma Egbert (10/19/1849-1/19/1851)

iii) Henry Clay Egbert, Gen. (Harry)  (1/3/1839-3/26/1899) b. Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, member Philadelphia bar, d. Malinta, Phillipine Is., bur. Arlington National Cem., Arlington, VA, plot Sec. 1, listed in 1890 special Union Vet. Census, WY, in Laramie Co., Fort D.A. Russell. m. Nelly Young, (1826- 6/3/1913) d. at ca. 87 yrs, of acute neuritis at dau. home in NJ.  Mrs. Egbert had a brother-in-law, Major Field. (See Story Section)
(1) --Egbert (son) served as pvt. in father's regiment in Manila,  after Henry's d. he was promoted to 2nd Lt.,
(2) --Egbert, (dau.)
(3) --Egbert, (dau.)
--Egbert, (dau.)

iv)  Harriet Egbert (12/9/1820-3/21/1844) m. 2/24/1839, Augustine P. Richardson (5/28/1818-12/5/1870) b. Philadelphia, PA, d. Clayton, IA, son of Ebenezer Richardson.   [In Miscel. Egberts is listed-- Caroline Egbert, m. 9/27/1844, St. Joseph, IN, Augustan P. Richardson]

(1) Daniel Egbert
(2) Elmer Egbert
(3) Henry Egbert

v) Silas Egbert, b. ca. 1831, IN, occ. in 1850, clerk in Olive, St. Joseph Co., IN, m. 4/27/1852, St. Joseph Co., IN,  Emeline Barns (ca. 1835-post1880) b. NY, dau. of Isaac  & Harriet Barns, both of NY

(1) Helen Egbert, b. ca. 1853
(2) Lillian Egbert, b. ca. 1858
(3) Joseph Egbert, b. ca. 1860
(4) Ward Egbert, b. ca. 1863
(5) Clara Egbert, b. ca. 1873

vi) Lucinda Egbert (1832-10/24/1848) b. OH, d. Terre Coupe, St. Joseph Co., IN
vii) Paul Egbert, b. ca. 1836, IN, m. ca. 1858,  Clamanda ---, b. ca. 1841, IA, his res. in 1850 Olive, St. Joseph Co., IN

(1) Rosa Egbert, b. ca. 1859, MN
(2) Maud Egbert, b. ca. 1866, MN

10) Jacob Egbert (12/25/1771-3/8/1772) c. 3/8/1772, b. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
f. Lawrence M. Egbert (1/20/1724-1779 or 80) c. 3/14/1724, Richmond, NY, m. 1744, Sarah Blacklege, d. 8/1800 at advanced age (See Lawrence Egbert Family Outline)
g. Nicholas Egbert (2/23/1729-1812) c. 3/13/1729, m. Maria Briggs (or Biggs) b. ca. 1730, Hunterdon, Readington, NJ. Nicholas was a miller, res. Readington, NJ, joining the church there in 1762 and was said to be "a leader of religious Methodists."  Will of Nicholas Egbert of Readington, 1812 names wife Mary, son James, dau. Catherine Matteson, sons Nicholas & George, dau. Susannah Melick, dau. Elizabeth Emans, dau. Nancy Cane, and g'sons by sons Nicholas & George; son-in-law Peter Melick executor, Paul Egbert signed est. inventory.  (See Story Section for possible reference to this Nicholas)
1) Martha Egbert (1), b. ca. 8/6/1750, Readington, Somerset, NJ
2) Catrina Egbert (Catharine) c. 10/10/1754, Readington, Somerset, NJ, m. 1774, James Mattise (Matteson)
3) Susannah Egbert (3/3/1763-5/2/1837) m. 2/27/1783,  Peter Melic (Melick) (12/4/1758-11/18/1818)
a)   Nicholas Egbert Melick (8/18/1788-1/23/1872) m. Elizabeth Backer (Bakker) (6/17/1789-2/21/1852)

i) James William Melick (7/22/1818-12/28/1898) d. New Germantown, NJ at home of his parents, m. Emeline McCombs Kennedy (1/8/1823-10/13/1907) b. Johnsonburg, Sussex Co., NJ, d. New Germantown, Oldwick, NJ at home
(1)  Egbert Melick (2/9/1849-7/5/1920) d. 725 Clinton Ave., South Plainfield, NJ, m. Palmyra Louisa Goodchild (1853-1899) b. NY

(a)   Annie Louise Melick, (5/29/1882-5/11/1955) b. Bayonne, NJ, d. Dunellen, NJ at home of her daughter Dorothea, m. John Christian Pohlman (5/2/1874-8/16/1940) b. Union Twp., Union Co., NJ d. Plainfield, NJ

(i) Katarine Jeannette Pohlman, (7/29/1905-5/8/1974) b. Union Twp., Union Co., NJ, d. Plainfield, NJ, m. Clarence Tinsman
1. Phyllis Tinsman  (12/25/1924-10/10/1981) m. Charles McCarthy   
(ii)  Dorothea Pohlman

4) Lena Egbert, c. 7/18/1756, Readington, Somerset, NJ
5) Abraham Egbert, c. 1/7/1759, Readington, Somerset, NJ
6) Martje Egbert (Martha) (2) b. Readington, Somerset, NJ, c. 6/8/1760 (See Story Section)
7) Antje Egbert (Ann or Nancy) b. 4/17/1765, Readington, Somerset, NJ, m. ---Cole (or Cane?) (In 1749 Andrew Cole located on 138 acres near Walpack Centre, situated on Flatbrook east of Nicholas Emans tract, she possibly m. Andrew Cole’s son) a Nicholas Cole, during French & Indian War his home was surrounded in the night, and set fire (See Sussex Co., NJ history p. 320-1 for rest of story)
8) Elizabeth Egbert, b. 1767, m. ca.  7/5/1787, Readington, Somerset, NJ, m. ---Emans (possibly Nicholas) (See Sussex Co. History for more details)
9) Nicholas Egbert Jr. (6/14/1769-1807) Hunterdon, Readington, NJ, c. 6/25/1769, m. 1790, Readington, Somerset, NJ, Elizabeth Lane, c. 9/9/1770, dau. of  Cornelius & Sarah (Stevens) Lane. (See Story Section for possible reference to this Nicholas)
a)Isaac Egbert (3/18/1791-8/14/1879) b. Sussex, NJ, d. Oak Forest, Franklin, Ind., m. twice, 1st – 8/20/1815, Sussex Co., IN., Mary Lanning (4/16/1795-8/1/1842) dau. of Isaac Lanning, 2nd – 8/22/1843, Franklin Co., IN., Martha Thomas, d. 6/30/1881, Isaac was a tailor and did some farming to help keep his family. He was blind when he died of dropsy. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, serving under Capt. Wilson Caldoo in the PA Militia. drafted 11/15/1812 in Beaver Co., PA. At the end of his service he was discharged in Erie Town, PA after 3 mos. service, going to Sussex Co., NJ, where he m. Mary Lanning, becoming the father of 12 ch., 5 of whom survived him. Mary d. with their twin sons. Several ch. d. in infancy. By his 2nd m. he was father of one dau. He emigrated to Franklin Co. in 1838 settling near Oak Forest where he resided til his d. He purchased land in Beaver Co., PA on 1/27/1823 and sold land on 12/15/1838. (See Isaac Egbert Family Outline)
b) Cornelius Egbert, b. 11/11/1792, Readington, Somerset, NJ
c) Sarah Egbert, b. 2/24/1796, Readington, Somerset, NJ
d) Henry Egbert, b. 2/8/1800, Readington, Somerset, NJ
e) Peter Melick Egbert, b. 2/18/1805, Readington, Somerset, NJ
f) Jeremiah Egbert, b. 8/1/1806, Readington, Somerset, NJ
10) George Egbert, b. 1771, c. 6/9/1771 (probably m. 5/4/1796, Hunterdon, NJ, Aultyea Shirts (Aully ) b. 1778. George was in Hunterdon Militia, Reading twp., NJ in 1792
a. Nicholas Egbert
b. Peter Egbert
c. James Egbert
11) James Egbert, b. 1773, c. 4/14/1773, m. ca. 1794, Readington, Somerset, NJ, Elizabeth Cool
a. John Cool Egbert, c. 3/27/1795, Readington, Somerset, NJ
b. Benjamin Egbert, c. 8/6/1797, Readington, Somerset, NJ
c. George Egbert, c. 11/19/1800, Readington, Somerset, NJ
12) John Egbert, b. 1775, c. 7/2/1775
h. Peter Egbert, b. 5/21/1731, c. 6/7/1731, witnesses to c. were Pieter Hagewout & Peter Egbert, occ. cooper, m. Sara Van Cisco, dau. of Barend & Catalyntie Van Cisco. Staten Is. Court of Sessions 1768-"Jacob Rezeau vs. Peter Egbert." In 1769 Tunis & Abraham Egbert with Henry La Tourette, exec. James Egbert, weaver, deeded to Capt. John Gifford for 560 pounds, the ninety acres which said James Egbert conveyed to his son Peter Egbert, land on Egbert Lane, etc." 1776, Peter Egberts, cooper, mortgages land on Egbert Lane, being part of farm of James Egbert, deceased. Will of Peter Egbert names children Samuel, Richard, Peter, Catherine wife of Christian Smith, & Elsey widow of ---Kenger. 
1) Samuel Hugh Egbert, b. ca. 1760,  m. 1788,Catharine Smith. Samuel in census of 1800 Southfield, Richmond Co., NY (See Smith FamilyOutline)
a) James Egbert, b. ca. 1790, Southfield, Richmond Co., NY, listed in census of 1800
b) Rachel Egbert, b. ca. 1800, Southfield, Richmond Co., NY, listed in census of 1800
2) Catharine Egbert (Catalyntie) b. 10/12/1750, c. 11/25/1750, m. 12/6/1791, 1st DRC, Staten Is., NY, Christian Smith
a) Peter Smith
b) Elizabeth Smith
3) Peter Egbert Jr.
4) Elizabeth Egbert
5) Richard Egbert (1765-1850) m. Martha Merrill
6) Elsey Egbert, m.  C. Kenger
i. Susannah Egbert, b. 10/6/1733, c. 11/4/1733, Richmond, Port Richmond, NY, d. before 1766, m. Gerrit R. Van Vranken (ca. 1730-7/9/1796) son of Ryckett Van Vranken, Albany, NY. He remarried Alida Reyly ca. 1756,. Pvt. NY Militia, Rev. War
1) Maria Van Vranken, c. 11/16/1746
2) Elizabeth Van Vranken (1), c. 9/10/1749, must have d. young
3) Elisabeth Van Vranken (2), c. 11/7/1752
4) Gertrude Van Vranken c. 10/20/1754
5) Eltabeth Van Vranken c. 12/31/1758
6) Ryckett Van Vranken c. 5/4/1766 (ch. with 2nd wife)
j. Abraham Egbert (James Abraham?) (4/12/1736-1817) m. twice, 2nd – 1767, Elizabeth Van Cleve (See Abraham & Elizabeth (Van Cleve) Egbert Family Outline)
k. Elizabeth Egbert, b. 8/8/1738, c. 8/20/1738, m. 2/23/1763, John Joseph Van Pelt (or Van Pilts)
l. Catharine Egbert, b. 8/1/1743, c. 10/11/1743, as Catina witnessed by Elizabeth Merrill, m. 5/12/1767, John Egbert (1745-1830) son of Tunis & Petronella (DePuy) Egbert (See family listed under husband’s name)
m. Antje Egbert (Ann), (2/28/1747-1816), c. 4/22/1747,Staten Is., NY, as Antye witnessed by Agbeit Hagewout & Maria Gaelledt, m. twice, 1st – Walter McDoniell (McDaniel)  2nd – 12/22/1769, William Waddle (this m. noted in both “NY Marriages” & Marriages of Chester Co., PA”)
n. Benjamin Egbert  c. 11/7/1749 witnessed by Catharine Brestede. He was capt. 1776 of NY Militia, b& d. in NY City. He was on list of liquor sellers in NYC ca. 1776.  m. twice, 1st – 4/23/1771, Mary Areson (Arrison, Orrison or Van Orris), (ca.1755-3/8/1806) d. aft. a long illness in NY City, dau of Anna Arison (m. date listed as 4/21/1771 in NY Marriages) will proven 7/6/1797. res. in Montgomery Ward, NY City, NY in 1790 census. (sister; Deborah, m. John Buchanan, & Anne m. Frederick Devoe) 5 ch., 2nd - Catharine ---. Will of 1816 names his widow, Catharine, & dau. Ann (See Story Section)
1) William Egbert, b. 8/28/1775
2) Benjamin A. Egbert Jr.  (1778-1808)
3) Anne Egbert, m. Jasper Ward (or Warde) (1773-1834) son of Stephen & Ruth (Gedney) Ward. Stephen (1730-1797) was member of Provincial Congress & Senate of NY with price on his head in Winchester Co. & his re. & property were destroyed by Loyalists in Rev. War
a) Caroline Matilda Ward (1811-1893) m. 1834, William Darby Cook M.D. (1807-1885)
i) Jasper Ward Cook, b. 1835, m. 1859, Amelia Isabelle Cook (1843-1901)
(1) Mary Cook, b. 1867, Forest Grove, NJ, m. Charles Henry Shields, b. 1864
(a) Ruth Shields, b. Toledo, OH, m. Gerald Swallows
b) Egbert Ward
c) John W. Ward
d) Sylvester S. H. Ward
e) Theodore A. Ward
f) Mary A. Ward

4) Catherine Egbert (post1772-12/31/1803) d. in NY ‘in the prime of life’
5) Eliza Egbert
o. Neeltie Egbert
5. Isaac Egbert (1697-10/16/1769), will 10/16/1769, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ. m. Catharine  --- Middlesex Co., NJ. In Staten Is. census 1706/8, he was in Staten Is Militia in 1715, moved to New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ ca. 1718, acquired a lg. farm. It is said he & his ch. had ‘interests’ in New York City. He d. in New Brunswick where his will of 1768 was probated 12/1769. His youngest ch. not yet 14 at time of his will. 
a. Barbara Egbert (Barbary Egburson) (c. 1744-4/13/1806) d. NY City, m. 7/31/1766, NY Trinity Church Parish, NY, Captain Joseph Rose, both bur. Trinity Churchyard at head of Wall St., NY
b. Francyntje Egbert
c. Femmetje Egbert
d. Thomas Egbert (d. 7/6/1835?) 2nd Maj., 3rd Reg., Middlesex Co, NJ, Rev. War in 1777. He had an inn where the Dec. of Ind. was read for the 1st time in Morristown, NJ. (See Story Section)
1) S.A. Egbert, m. Zenas Tichener Jr., son of Zenas & Electra (Pierson) Tichener
a) Dora T. Tichener, b. Newark, NJ, d. 1899, m. ---Voorhis
e. Susanna Egbert
f. Maria Egbert
g. Jacobus Egbert
h. Fannetje Egbert
6. Harmentje Egbert, b. ca. 1698
7. Christine Egbert, b. ca. 1698, m. 11/3/1736, John Wenslaer
8. Lawrence Egbert (1699-6/2/1764) d. Essex Co., NJ, will of 1761, m. twice, 1st Elizabeth ---, 2nd – Christine --- (or Christian?). He moved to Woodbridge, NJ, was a weaver in 1750 when he deeded lands left to him under his father’s will of 1721, to his brother James for 25£. Will showed him to be a yeoman of Elizabeth, NJ. Christine renunciated his will in favor of her son, Lawrence, 6/1/1764. (See Story Section for possible information about this Lawrence Egbert)
a. Lawrence Egbert (Jr) (possibly the Lawrence Egbert of KY in Section E?)
9. Susannah Egbert, b. 10/1715 (1st ch. of 2nd m.) m. 12/29/1742, Abraham Delmont, Albany, NY . Susannah was not in father's will of 1721
10. Tunis Egbert (8/10/1718-1780) m. 1741, Petronella DePuy (Neely) (DePugh) b. ca. 1717,  dau. of Nicholas & Catharine (Renard Artois) DePuy, who came to New Amsterdam on the ship ‘Pumberland Church’, res. Bergen Co., NJ in 1662. Tunis & Neely mtg. land on road near Richmond 1765, pd. off by Tunis 1774. Tunis's son Anthony made administrator of his estate 4/6/1778. 
a. John Egbert (12/12/1745-1830) c. 12/12/1745, m. 5/12/1767, Catharine Egbert, b. 8/1/1743, dau. of  James & Catharine (Baker) Egbert (See this couple listed under her parents also, earlier in this section)
1) Joseph Egbert, b. 5/5/1784, m. Jane (Ann) Merlin, d. 10/27/1841. His occ. farmer, oysterman & weaver
a) John Egbert (1806-1/17/1839) c. 11/30/1806, Richmond, Port Richmond, NY
b) Dalineianel Egbert, m. ---Sheets, g’son of Tulaton Bray
c) Elizabeth Egbert (Eliza) b. 5/14/1808, c. 7/16/1808, m. Richard Decker, son of Richard & Mary Ann Decker
i) Freeman DeGroat Decker, b. 9/15/1824, c. 8/15/1825
ii) Jane Eliza Decker, b. 7/13/1829, c. 7/14/1831
iii) Angeline Decker, b. 12/13/1835, c. 3/15/1836
d) Mary Egbert (12/1811-1/19/1812) c. 1/13/1812
2) John A. Egbert (2/27/1751-1830) occ. farmer & weaver, m. 2/22/1782, (or 3/12/1782) Mary Holmes (4/1761-10/15/1813) Richmond, Staten Is., NY (See John & Mary (Holmes) Egbert Family Outline)
3) Tunis Egbert (1/11/1759-11/5/1825) m. 7/6/1791, Anne Burbank
4) Samuel Egbert
5) Edward Egbert, (3/8/1756-8/1/1815) (or d. 10/12/1804?) b.& d. Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY, m. 11/19/1781 (or 12/4/1781) Mary Cortelyou (3/23/1763-5/18/1795) b. Port Richmond, c. 3/24/1763, dau. of Cornelius & Sarah (Sprague) Cortelyou. She was res. in 1786, on Manor Rd., Castleton, Staten Is., NY
a) Cornelius Cortelyou Egbert, (3/19/1783-8/1/1815) c. 4/20/1783 at New Dorp, NY, occ. weaver & farmer, m. twice, (do not know the order) Maria Buskirk, 2 ch., & 7/28/1802, Naatje Houseman, 1 ch. (possibly more) (there is another Cornelius said to be m. to Naatje Houseman further in this outline, needs further research)
i) Peggy Maria Egbert, c. 12/4/1803
ii) Richard Egbert, c. 3/27/1808
iii) Elizabeth Egbert, b. 3/6/1808, c. 8/31/1808
b) Tunis Egbert, b. 3/15/1786, c. 4/16/1786 at New Dorp, NY, m. 4/14/1805, Sarah Barton, dau. of Joseph  Barton. She d. 5/7/1841
i) Sarah Ann Egbert, m. 1/6/1827, Ellis Mundy, son of Joshua & Phebe Mundy
ii) inf. dau d. 3/31/1812 (at 5 weeks)
c) Sarah Egbert, b. 10/18/1788, c. 11/30/1788 at New Dorp, NY, m. 4/14/1805 (double wedding with Tunis & Sarah (Barton) Egbert, at home of their father, Edward) Isaac Burbank, Port Richmond, NY (there may have been more ch. than these 3)
i) Mary Ann Burbank, b. 8/24/1806, c. 9/26/1806, d. pre-1840, m. twice, 1st – 6/22/1824, Vincent Bodine, son of Vincent & wife (Blake) Bodine. She was wid., 2nd – 3/15/1832, Stephen Martling, son of Garret & Mary (Wood) Martling. All ch. c. at New Dorp, NY (Stephen later m. her sister, Sarah)
(1) Isaac Burbank Bodine, b. 1/26/1825, c. 4/10/1825
(2) Jacob Bodine, b. 12/14/1826, c. 1/2/1827
(3) Vincent Bodine, b. 2/26/1829, c. 5/31/1829
(4) Sarah Catharine Martling, b. 12/16/1832, c. 4/10/1833
(5) Mary Elizabeth Martling, b. 10/15/1835, c. 8/18/1836
ii) Edward Egbert Burbank, b. 5/12/1811, c. 8/4/1811, m. twice, 1st - 7/17/1833, Jane Britton, dau. of Nathaniel & Mary Britton, 2nd – 10/5/1842, Susan  Garretson, Port Richmond, NY
iii) Sarah Jane Burbank, b. 5/6/1818, c. 7/2/1818, m. 12/22/1840, Stephen Martling, son of Garret & Mary (Wood) Martling (his 1st wife was her sister, Mary Ann)
d) Ann Egbert, b. 4/6/1795, c. 4/2/1795, at New Dorp, NY, m. 2/26/1814, John Decker (1791-8/19/1896) occ. waterman, m. at home of Isaac Burbank.
i) Jane Decker, b. 12/9/1814, c. 1/12/1815, at New Dorp, NY
ii) Edward Egbert Decker, b. 10/28/1816, c. 12/29/1816
iii) Mary Francis Decker, b. 2/5/1820, c. 7/4/1820
iv) Sarah Ann Decker, b. 3/3/1821, c. 6/3/1821
v) John Henry Decker (9/21/1823-2/13/1826) c. 4/18/1824
vi) Elizabeth Decker (1/14/1826-6/14/1826) c. 5/6/1826
e) John Egbert, b. 4/6/1795, c. 4/17/1795
f) Edward Cornelius Egbert, b. 4/20/1782, Richmond, NY
6) Cornelius Egbert
7) Henry Egbert, bought school lot at auction, Essex Co., NJ, on 6/24/1834
8) William Egbert, c. 7/26/1807, m. 11/29/1828, Mary Elizabeth Lake, res. North Quarter, Staten Is., NY in 1830’s, in Graniteville in 1850-76
a) John William Egbert, b. 8/12/1831, c. 8/28/1831, m. 12/31/1855, Sarah Ann Wandell
i) Anna Egbert, b. 1871
ii) Ida Egbert, b. 1872-3, d. ca. 1902, of Stapleton, Staten Is., NY, m. at age of 18, 8/31/1890, on Staten Is., NY, Lawrence Hillyer Cortelyou, b. 1/22/1868, Stoudsburg, PA, son of William L. & Adelaide E. (Lang) Cortelyou, g’son of Lawrence Hillyer Cortelyou, gg’son of Peter & Emma (Hillier) Cortelyou. He m. 2nd –5/18/1903, Katarine Elizabeth Senning. Lawrence occ. carpenter & building contractor. He lived at various times at New Dorp, Staten Is., NY, at East Stroudsburg, PA, at Bethlehem, PA, and finally West Orange, NJ. (ch. of Lawrence and Elizabeth was Lawrence Hillyer, b. 3/23/1913, East Orange, NJ. He was with Prudential Ins. Co.)
b) Catharine Ann Egbert, b. 4/25/1835, c. 12/25/1838 ( there is a Catharine A. Egbert m. 3/14/1861, Readington Church, Doolittle, Somerset, NJ, John Hyler Jr., could be same person?)
c) Mary Elizabeth Egbert, b. 3/21/1839, c. 10/11/1839
d) Joseph Egbert, b. 5/17/1843, c. 1/7/1850
e) Wesley Egbert, b. 3/6/1848, c. 1/7/1850
b. Abraham Egbert (9/21/1747-10/2/1816) occ. shoemaker, m. Martha Burbank, Port Richmond, she remar. 12/15/1818, James Egbert (See James & Martha in earlier part of this Section) There is an Abraham Egbert named a principal male inhabitant of NY in 1774 who signed a petition against a stone house requirement. There was a fire shortly afterward. Not sure it was this Abraham but is the most likely.
1) Abraham Egbert, m. 5/31/1789, Ann Martinoe, d. 4/25/1833, Richmond Co., New Dorp, Staten Is., NY (See Abraham & Ann (Martinoe) Egbert Family Outline)
2) Joseph Egbert
3) Tunis Egbert
4) Cornelius Egbert, d. before 7/19/1823, m. 7/28/1802, Hannah Houseman (Naatje) (1802-1/22/1889) Port Richmond,  his occ. weaver, farmer & fisherman (there is another Cornelius said to be m. to Naatje Houseman mentioned previously in this outline, needs further research)
a) Mary Ann Egbert, b. 5/8/1803, c. 8/21/1803, m. 7/19/1823, Edward Vanderbilt, son of John & Elizabeth Vanderbilt, Port Richmond
i) Elizabeth Ann Vanderbilt, c. 12/6/1824
ii) Hannah Maria Vanderbilt, c. 8/19/1826
iii) John Edward Vanderbilt, b. 4/19/1830, c. 10/21/1830
iv) Cornelius Egbert Vanderbilt, b. 7/7/1838, c. 4/23/1839
b) Elizabeth Egbert (Eliza) b. 3/6/1808, c. 8/31/1808, m. 8/22/1827, Daniel Butler, son of Isaac & Catharine Butler
i) Cornelius Egbert Butler (2/23/1828-8/13/1830) c. 1/17/1829
ii) Sarah Elizabeth Butler, b. 4/17/1834, c. 10/15/1834
iii) Tunis Egbert Butler b. 9/26/1838, c. 4/23/1839
5) John Egbert, m. Margaret ---, settled near Cranberry, Monmouth (now Middlesex Co.) New York (Staten Island)

a) John Egbert, b. 9/20/1786, m. Polly Powley, b. 8/20/1792

i) William Powell Egbert, b. 12/20/1814, m. Elmira Anna Stager, b. 8/18/1819

(1) Philander Seymour Egbert (11/24/1844-1928) m. 1/8/19--, Knoxville, TN, Elizabeth Jones, (7/16/1856-1939) b. Masteg, Wales, dau. of Robert & Ann (Lewis) Jones

(a)  Carrie Augusta Mae Egbert (12/11/1882-1974) b. Knoxville, TN,  m. 6/25/1903, Edward DeMott Attix (9/25/1881-5/19/1946) b. & d. Knoxville, TN, son of Frank DeMott & Anne Jane (Stephenson) Attix

(i) George William Attix, b. 6/30/1910, Knoxville, TN, m. 9/7/1936, Little Rock, AR, Dorothy Douglas Carrick, b. 9/24/1912, Paragould, AR, dau. of Thomas Albert & Virgie (Aldridge) Carrick, 2 ch.
(ii) Charles Egbert Attix (7/22/1904-1/1983) b. Knoxville, TN
(iii) Elizabeth Louise Attix (2/22/1906-8/23/1958) b. Knoxville, TN, d. Daytona Beach, FL

(b) William Joseph Egbert
(c) Mary Egbert, m. ---Allen

6) Stephen Egbert, m. Lucinda ---
a. Margaret Egbert, b. 8/31/1808, c. 8/17/1828
7) James Egbert
8) Edward Egbert
9) Eliza Ann Egbert, b. 2/11/1808, c. 8/1/1808
c. Barent Egbert, b. 9/11/1749, c. 11/7/1749, Staten Is., NY, d. 1795, m. Coxsackie 1st DRC, Greene Co., NY, Pieterje ---
1) Dirck Egbert (Derrick) c. 3/29/1767, Greene Co., Coxsackie, DRC
11. Sarah Egbert, b. ca. 1719
12 Mary Egbert, m. John Smith, his will 11/26/1774, inv by Nicholas Egbert 11/23/1774, she res. Middlesex Co. on 11/3/1783 (See Smith Family Outline)
13. Harmitie Egbert, b. 1717, Staten Is., NY
14. Christine Egbert, b. 1720, Staten Is., NY
15. Sarah Egbert, b. 1721, Staten Is., NY
D. Dirkje Egbert, b. ca. 1665, m. 11/4/1683, Pieter Pieterse Haeswout (Haughwout), d. 1714-5,  son of Pieter Janszen Haeswout, res. Bergen Co., NJ, (See Dirkje & Pieter Haeswout Family Outline)
E. Marijken Egbert (Mary) (last name also listed as Egbertz) c. 4/27/1661, Ulster, Kingston, NY, m. twice, 1st – 5/23/1685, Cornelius Lamberts Brink, b. at sea, son of Lambert Huibertsen, will dated 3/8/1725 in Dutch, 2nd – 10/5/1734, Walran Dumond (also shown as m. to Janneke Brink same date, needs more research)
1. Egbert Brink d. before father made his will on 3/28/1725, m. Elsen Kok
a. Hendrikjen Brink, c. 1/15/1716, witnessed by his g’parents at Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co., NY
b. John Brink, b. 5/22/1720
c. Cornelius Brink, b. 3/4/1722, will dated 1/21/1791, m. 9/10/1743, Marretje Bettis (Beatty) she d. before 1791
1) John Brink, c. 10/7/1744
2) Annatje Brink, c. 7/27/1746, m. 8/2/1776, Baltus Kieffer
3) Egbert Brink, c. 4/21/1751, d. before 1791, m. 8/25/1776, Annetje Krom
a) Cornelius Brink, (minor in 1791)
b) John E. Brink, (minor in 1791)
4) Jacob Brink, c. 7/15/1764, m. 10/22/1786, Elizabeth DeBois
5) Robert Brink
6) Cornelius C. Brink, m. 10/17/1784, Catharine Cool
7) Bata Brink
d. Meery Brink, b. 3/26/1727, m. 9/10/1743, John Beatty
e. Annatjen Brink, b. 3/5/1732
2. Lambert Brink
3. Hendricjie Brink, c. 4/19/1686
4. Henderik Brink, c. 1/28/1692
5. Jacob Brink, twin of Rachel, c. 6/3/1693
6. Rachel Brink, twin of Jacob, c. 6/3/1693
7. Jacob Brink, c. 1/5/1696
8. Myndert Brink, c. 5/1/1698
9. Janneke Brink, c. 5/7/1699, m. twice, 1st – 12/6/1720, Samuel Burhans, 2nd – 10/5/1734, Walran Dumont (also shown as m. to Marijken Egbert same date- needs more research)
10. Lysbet Brink, c. 3/23/1701, m. Jan Oosterhout
11. Annatie Brink, c. 3/24/1706
F. Jannetie A. Egbert, c. 1/11/1664, Ulster Co., NY, d. 11/23/1733, m. 3/7/1682, Albany, NY,  Andries DeWitt (1/1/1657-7/22/1710) b.  New Amsterdam, New Holland, d. Kingston, Ulster Co., NY , bur. Old Dutch Yard, son of Tjerck Claessen & Barbara (Andriessen) DeWitt from Groothodlt in Zunderland, (brother Charles DeWitt, sister m. Benjamin Nukirk, son of Benjamin Nukirk Jr.) For some yrs. he res. at Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY on a farm given to him by his father, but removed to Kingston prior to 1708. Settled at Whiteport, Ulster Co., NY. In History of Ulster Co it stated he settled in Hurley where he built a stone house which still stood. Andries became Capt. He was accidentally killed, & buried in churchyard at Kingston (See Story Section ) ( DeWitt Family Outline)
1. Tierck DeWitt (Theodore), (1/12/1683-8/30/1762) b. Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY, d. Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, m. twice, 1st – 1/18/1708, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, Anna Pawling, (ca.6/19/1687-ca.1739)  dau. of Hendrick & Neeltje (Roosa) Pawling, 4 ch., 2nd – 10/17/1739, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, Deborah Schoonmaker, b. pre 9/14/1684, dau. of Egbert Hendricksen & Annetje (Berry) Schoonmaker (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
2. Jacob DeWitt, c. 9/28/1684, wit Claes De Wit & Maritie Egbertz. d. young
3. Barbara DeWitt, (6/22/1686-pre 8/22/1686) d. inf.
4. Klaes DeWitt (Nicholas), b. 4/30/1688, d. inf.
5. Barbara DeWitt, (10/30/1689-11/1/1715) m. 3/25/1715, Ulster Co., NY,  Johannes Van Deuven,(Leuven?), son of Andries Pieterse & Marritje Christofel (Davis) Van Leuven, (pre1/27/1684-11/1/1715)
6. Jacob DeWitt (12/30/1691-1748) m. 5/9/1731, Heyltje Van Kemper, (pre10/6/1700-aft.1742) dau of Jan & Tretje (Decker) Van Kemper (Van Campen)(See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
7. Hendrik DeWitt, c. 1/28/1692, at Old Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY
8. Maria DeWitt  (1/21/1693-5/1/1762)  m. 10/30/1713, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY,   Jan Roosa, Jr., c. 11/6/1692, son of Jan K. & Hillian (Van Buren) Roosa (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
9. Helena DeWitt, (12/7/1695-1724)  m. 5/6/1719, Jacob Sunts, son of Cornelius Sunts (also said to be m. 6/6/1719, Jacob Swits, son of Isaac & Susanna (Groot) Swits, b. 6/26/1695)
10. Andries DeWitt, (4/1/1697-7/2/1701) b. & d. Kingston, Ulster Co., NY
11. Egbert B. DeWitt, b. 3/18/1699, d. 7/13/1761, Napanoch, Rochester, Ulster Co., NY, will of 7/13/1758, proven 5/7/1761, m. 11/4/1726, Mary Nottingham, g’dau. of Jacob Rutzen. Egbert succeeded to father’s estate, which was settled by his father at Napanoch, Ulster Co., NY. It was said that his father, on parting with Egbert after settling him on the tract of land, shed tears fro fear he would not be able to get a living in the wilderness. Egbert was the 1st settler there, 1734, his house referred to in a statute as then in the town of Rochester. In 1738 he was on the list of troopers. His will named his wife and children, giving 1/10th to each, but requiring his oldest, Andries, before taking, to divide with his brothers and sister what might come to him from Col. Rutzen’s estate. 10 ch. He liked to joke, & when interrogated as to the number of his children, used to answer, “I have 9 sons, and each son has a sister.”
a. Andries DeWitt, c. 10/15/1727, d. at Springtown, 9/30/1799, m. 4/24/1738, Jannetje Vernooy, (3/28/1730-2/7/1795) dau. of Johannes & Jenneke (Louw) Vernooy. Moved to Springtown, New Paltz, NY & d. there. (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
b. Jacob Rutsen DeWitt, (4/13/1729-1/6/1792) b. Wawarsing, Ulster Co., NY, d. Mamakating, Ulster Co., NY,  m 4/15/1756, Rochester, Ulster Co., NY, Jenneke DePuy, (ca.1735-12/18/1819) b. Rochester, Ulster Co., NY, d. NY, NY, dau. of Moses & Margaret (Schoonmaker) DePuy, of Rochester, NY. purchased land in Sullivan Co. on the Novesinck (Neversink) River, near a suspension bridge. Home became important fort in Rev. War. Settled in upper Minisink, now town of Deerpark, Orange Co., NY (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
c. William DeWitt, (1731-1796) b. Napanoch, Ulster Co., NY,  m. 5/30/1761, Napanoch, Ulster Co., NY, Susanna Chambers, b. 5/30/1762 (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
d. John Egbert DeWitt, c. 9/19/1733, probably at Kingston, NY, d. 10/27/1795, Shawangunk, Ulster Co., NY, m. 10/26/1765, Catharine Newkirk, (1738-pre1781) dau. of Cornelius N. & Neeltje (DuBois) Newkirk Jr.(See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
e. Stephen DeWitt, c. 12/14/1735,  Kingston, NY,d. 7/7/1830,  m. 12/8/1770, Ulster Co., NY, Wyntje Brodhead, (pre 2/23/1746-7/7/1830) dau of John & Venni (Nottingham) Brodhead (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
f. Mary DeWitt, (Polly) (9/5/1737-9/12/1795)  Kingston, Ulster Co., NY,  m. 2/8/1765, Capt. (later Gen.) James Clinton (1769-1828) (also stated as 8/9/1736-12/22/1812) son of Charles (1690-1773) & Elizabeth (Denniston) Clinton of New Windsor, NY. (Charles had emigrated, 1729, & commanded troops in Fr.& Ind. War) Brig Gen. in Rev. War, Capt. of Provincial NY troops in War of 1812. (James Clinton’s brother, George Clinton (7/26/1739-4/20/1812) b. Little Britain, Ulster (New Orange) Co., NY, was member 2nd Continental Congress, 1775. In 12/1775 appt’d. Brig. Gen. defending NY, left Philadelphia after voting for Dec. of Ind. but before he could sign it. Took part in Battle of White Plains (10/28/1776) chosen Gov. of NY in states 1st election under new constitution, 7/30/1777, serving until 1795, then 1801-4. Follower of T. Jefferson. Vice Pres. 1804-death. bur. Kingston, NY. His casting vote in Senate in 1811 defeated the bill for renewal of Bank of the United States.
1) Alexander Clinton, (ca.9/20/1765-6/17/1787)
2) Charles Clinton (ca.2/18/1767-1/1829) m. Elizabeth Mulliner (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
3) DeWitt Clinton, (3/2/1769-2/11/1828) b. at home of Jacob Rutsen DeWitt while visiting & during severe storm, d. Albany, Albany Co, NY, Became Gov. of NY, grad. of Columbia Univ., 1786. In 1790 admitted to bar. Originator of the spoil system in NY. 1802 member US Senate, resigning to be Mayor of NY 1803-5. also state senator, 1806-11 & Lt. Gov. 1811-13. Ran for Pres. vs. James Madison 2nd term in 1812. Got 89 electoral votes to Madison’s 128. Major person behind building of the Erie Canal, against slavery & debtor’s prison, & worked for system of free public schools. Gov 1817-23, 1825 til death. Took part in formal ceremony of admitting water into Erie Canal 10/1825. Pub. books on natural sciences in NY. A genus of lilies, Clintonia, named for him.m. twice, 1st – Maria Franklin, d. 7/30/1818, dau. of William Walter Franklin, 5 ch., 2nd – 4/21/1819, Catherine Jones (See Story Section) (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
4) Mary Clinton, m. Robert Burrage Norton (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
g. Egbert B. DeWitt Jr., c. 4/1/1739, Kingston, NY(See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
viii. Thomas DeWitt, (Tammes) (5/3/1741-9/7/1809)  c. at Kingston NY, m. 2/18/1782, Elsie Hasbrouck, (1/17/1756-6/28/1832) b. Shawangunk, Ulster Co., NY, d. Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, dau. of Jacob & Maria (Hoornbeck) Hasbrouck (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
h. Benjamin DeWitt, c. 1/19/1743,, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY
i. Reuben DeWitt, (10/6/1745-1800) c. Napanock, 10/20/1745 at the Dutch Church of Wawarsing which was est. in 1745, d. Rochester, Ulster Co., NY,  m. 11/11/1772, Wawarsing Ulster, NY, Elizabeth DePuy, b. 1753, dau. of Moses & Elsji (Klaarwater) DePuy (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
12. Johannis DeWitt, (3/26/1701-1731) b. Kingston, Ulster Co., NY,  m. 6/27/1724, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, Mary Brodhead, c. 8/6/1699, dau. of Charles & Maria (Tenbroeck) Brodhead.(See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
13. Andries DeWitt (2/20/1704-pre10/20/1764) b. Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, d. Rochester, Ulster, NY, m. 12/3/1731, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, Bredjen Nottingham, c. 12/23/1711, Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY, d. Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY, dau. of William & Margaret Bergjen (Rutsen) Nottingham (See ch. in DeWitt Family Outline)
G. Meijnbert Egbert (male) c. 7/3/1667, Kingston, Ulster,  NY
H. Pieter Egbert (Egbertse) b. 5/27/1674, Staten Is., Richmond Co., NY
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