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Braszi or Bracy in Ohio

compiled by Edwin C. Dunn

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Bracy, Braszi, DeVore, Ketner

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First Generation

1. 1 Braszi birth date unknown.

Braszi had the following children:

child + 2 i. Heinrich2 Braszi aka Henry Bracy was born 1812.

child + 3 ii. John Braszi aka Bracy Sr. was born 20 September 1813.

Second Generation

2. Heinrich2 Braszi aka Henry Bracy (1) was born in France 1812. Heinrich died 1871. His body was interred in cemetery southwest of Gilboa in Putnam County, Ohio.

He married Katharina Smart. He also came to America and changed his name to Bracy.

Heinrich Braszi aka Henry Bracy and Katharina Smart had the following children:

child + 4 i. Frank3 Bracy.

child 5 ii. Nancy Bracy. She married Hoover.

child + 6 iii. James J. Bracy was born 6 August 1853.

child + 7 iv. John P. Bracy was born 5 February 1860.

3. John2 Braszi aka Bracy Sr. (1)(1) was born in 50 miles from Paris, France 20 September 1813. John died 19 December 1883 (or 1872).

He married twice. He married Mary Madeline Batway in Wayne County, Ohio. Mary was born 10 May 1816 in France. Mary died 10 October 1865. He married Sarah Pence December 1867. She was formerly of Allen County, Ohio. He came to America with John Steiner, who settled in Allen County, Ohio, in 1831. John worked for Steiner for one year to pay for the trip and for another two years to pay for 80 acres of land in Blanchard Township in Putnam County, Ohio. This land was about a mile and a half south of Gilboa, Ohio, and was entered for him by Steiner. He started on his own in 1834 and by the time of his death he owned 400 acres.

On coming to America, John Braszi changed his name to Bracy.

John Braszi aka Bracy Sr. and Sarah Pence had the following children:

child + 8 i. Andrew Duff3 Bracy.

child + 9 ii. Nora Bracy was born 8 August 1869.

John Braszi aka Bracy Sr. and Mary Madeline Batway had the following children:

child + 10 iii. Mary Jane Bracy was born 20 June 1840.

child + 11 iv. Jerusha Bracy was born 20 May 1842.

child + 12 v. Isaac Bracy was born 5 November 1844.

child + 13 vi. John C. Bracy was born 20 February 1849.

Third Generation

4. Frank3 Bracy (Heinrich2 Braszi, 1) birth date unknown.

Frank Bracy had the following children:

child 14 i. Floyd4 Bracy.

child 15 ii. Carl Bracy.

6. James J.3 Bracy (Heinrich2 Braszi, 1) was born 6 August 1853. James died 26 December 1941.

He married Phoebe Fuller.

James J. Bracy and Phoebe Fuller had the following children:

child 16 i. Edd4 Bracy was born 16 June 1876. Edd died 16 July 1935. He married Jennie Roy.

child 17 ii. Harry Bracy was born 21 March 1878. Harry died 27 August 1959. He married Fannie Huntsman.

child 18 iii. John Bracy was born 1882. John died 1944. He married Alice Baldwin.

child 19 iv. Rurora Bracy was born 1886. Rurora died 3 August 1954. She did not marry.

child 20 v. Ortha Bracy was born 23 September 1888. Bertha died 30 January 1952. She married Clarence Tschudy.

7. John P.3 Bracy (Heinrich2 Braszi, 1) was born in Gilboa, Putnam County, Ohio 5 February 1860. John died May 1913 in Bluffton, Allen County, Ohio.

He married Mary Ann Gerber 2 December 1883 in Bluffton, Allen County, Ohio. Swiss Mennonite Congregation Church records spell the name of this family as Braszi. He lived with a German-speaking family, learned to speak German, and was therefore called "Dutch Bracy."

John P. Bracy and Mary Ann Gerber had the following children:

child 21 i. Amos Heinrich4 Bracy was born 26 September 1884. Amos died 1 May 1943. He married Leah Rice.

child 22 ii. Ella Lina Bracy was born 11 April 1886. She married William Welty.

child 23 iii. Clarence E. Bracy was born 10 July 1888. Clarence died 1933.

child 24 iv. Katharine F. Bracy was born 3 March 1890. Katharine died 1915.

child 25 v. Jesse Perl Bracy was born 16 April 1893. Jesse died 11 October 1947. He married Edith.

child 26 vi. Hanna Ida Bracy was born 15 December 1894. She was a missionary in Africa.

child 27 vii. Maria Esta Bracy was born 29 May 1896. She married Vernon A. Detrick. In 1961, she lived in Arizona.

child 28 viii. Johann Wilber Bracy was born 10 September 1898. Johann died 1918.

child 29 ix. Homer Bracy was born 19 March 1901. Homer died September 1953. He married Gladys Kimmel.

8. Andrew Duff3 Bracy (John2 Braszi, 1) birth date unknown.

He married Anna Harris.

Andrew Duff Bracy and Anna Harris had the following children:

child 30 i. Minda4 Bracy.

child 31 ii. Howard Bracy.

child 32 iii. August Bracy.

child 33 iv. Harietta Bracy.

9. Nora3 Bracy (John2 Braszi, 1) was born 8 August 1869.

She married Henry Sherman Ketner 11 August 1887.

Nora Bracy and Henry Sherman Ketner had the following children:

child 34 i. Armeda4 Ketner.

child 35 ii. Gertrude Ketner.

child 36 iii. Alvin Ketner.

child 37 iv. Alta May Ketner.

child 38 v. Kenneth Ketner.

child 39 vi. Marguerite Ketner.

10. Mary Jane3 Bracy (John2 Braszi, 1) was born 20 June 1840. Mary died 1 March 1901.

She married George Washington DeVore 1 July 1860.

Mary Jane Bracy and George Washington DeVore had the following children:

child 40 i. John William4 DeVore was born 1861.

child 41 ii. James Isaac DeVore was born 1864.

child 42 iii. George Clement DeVore was born 1868.

child 43 iv. David Americus DeVore was born 1871.

child 44 v. Henry Ervin DeVore was born 1873.

child 45 vi. Lillie May DeVore was born 1876.

child 46 vii. Samuel Howard DeVore was born 1879.

child 47 viii. Mary Ellen DeVore was born 1881.

child 48 ix. Jennie Alice DeVore was born 1883.

11. Jerusha3 Bracy (John2 Braszi, 1) was born 20 May 1842. Jerusha died 18 July 1909.

He married Aurora Guisinger 23 February 1865.

Jerusha Bracy and Aurora Guisinger had the following children:

child 49 i. Mary E.4 Bracy was born 1865.

child 50 ii. Alice Bracy was born 1868.

child 51 iii. Charles Bracy was born 1871.

12. Isaac3 Bracy (John2 Braszi, 1) was born 5 November 1844.

He married Mary Ann Dove.

Isaac Bracy and Mary Ann Dove had the following children:

child 52 i. Lewis J.4 Bracy was born 28 January 1868. Lewis died 16 December 1869.

child 53 ii. Charles E. Bracy was born 1 November 1870. Charles died 8 August 1940 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. He married Pearl Conine 15 March 1896.

child 54 iii. Wilda Peirce Bracy was born 10 March 1872. Wilda died 29 September 1946. She married Nellie Miller 25 January 1893.

child 55 iv. Allcary Bracy was born 21 May 1875. Carey died 2 April 1951. He married Arlowa Low 24 March 1895.

child 56 v. Mary J. Bracy was born 10 February 1878. Mary died 14 April 1924.

child 57 vi. Mayme Bracy was born 29 August 1880. Mate died 3 April 1958. She married David Underwood McCullough 21 January 1900.

child 58 vii. Isaac Newton Bracy was born 26 January 1883. Isaac died 1940? in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.

child 59 viii. Ada C. Bracy was born 4 August 1885. She married James Kober.

13. John C.3 Bracy (John2 Braszi, 1) was born 20 February 1849. John died 26 September 1931.

He married Easter Harris 30 July 1868.

John C. Bracy and Easter Harris had the following children:

child 60 i. Violet4 Bracy. Violet died in infancy.

child 61 ii. Elmer Eliza Bracy was born 17 January 1870. Elmer died 18 May 1942. He married Sarah Helen Buckland.

child 62 iii. Catherine A. Bracy was born 13 November 1873. Catherine died 30 August 1942. She married John Otho Crawfis 22 July 1887.

child 63 iv. Zerona Bracy was born 11 September 1874. She married William Porter Kerns 13 February 1894.

child 64 v. Alice Bracy was born 1875.

child 65 vi. Samuel Augustus Bracy was born 6 March 1878. Samuel died 23 August 1878.

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Notes and References

1. Devore-Bracy Descendants, 1812-1961, compiled by Dorotha Schweitzer, Leipsic, Ohio, LDS microfilm 250,233 (15 typewritten pages on DeVore; 18 pages on Bracy genealogy, Family History Library, Salt Lake City (hereafter cited as Schweitzer, DeVore-Bracy); and all information on this family is from the above source, unless otherwise indicated.

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Baldwin, Alice (marriage to John Bracy) (i17232)


Batway, Mary Madeline (marriage to John Braszi aka Bracy Sr.) (i17156), b.1816-d.1865


Bracy, Ada C. (i17189), b.1885-
Bracy, Alice (i17173), b.1868-
Bracy, Alice (i17198), b.1875-
Bracy, Allcary (i17182), b.1875-d.1951
Bracy, Amos Heinrich (i17238), b.1884-d.1943
Bracy, Andrew Duff (i17211)
Bracy, August (i17215)
Bracy, Carl (i17225)
Bracy, Catherine A. (i17194), b.1873-d.1942
Bracy, Charles (i17174), b.1871-
Bracy, Charles E. (i17178), b.1870-d.1940
Bracy, Clarence E. (i17242), b.1888-d.1933
Bracy, Edd (i17227), b.1876-d.1935
Bracy, Ella Lina (i17240), b.1886-
Bracy, Elmer Eliza (i17192), b.1870-d.1942
Bracy, Floyd (i17224)
Bracy, Frank (i17221)
Bracy, Hanna Ida (i17246), b.1894-
Bracy, Harietta (i17216)
Bracy, Harry (i17229), b.1878-d.1959
Bracy, Homer (i17250), b.1901-d.1953
Bracy, Howard (i17214)
Bracy, Isaac (i17159), b.1844-
Bracy, Isaac Newton (i17188), b.1883-d.1940
Bracy, James J. (i17220), b.1853-d.1941
Bracy, Jerusha (i17158), b.1842-d.1909
Bracy, Jesse Perl (i17244), b.1893-d.1947
Bracy, Johann Wilber (i17249), b.1898-d.1918
Bracy, John (i17231), b.1882-d.1944
Bracy, John C. (i17160), b.1849-d.1931
Bracy, John P. (i17236), b.1860-d.1913
Bracy, Katharine F. (i17243), b.1890-d.1915
Bracy, Lewis J. (i17177), b.1868-d.1869
Bracy, Maria Esta (i17247), b.1896-
Bracy, Mary E. (i17172), b.1865-
Bracy, Mary J. (i17185), b.1878-d.1924
Bracy, Mary Jane (i17157), b.1840-d.1901
Bracy, Mayme (i17186), b.1880-d.1958
Bracy, Minda (i17213)
Bracy, Nancy (i17222)
Bracy, Nora (i17203), b.1869-
Bracy, Ortha (i17234), b.1888-d.1952
Bracy, Rurora (i17233), b.1886-d.1954
Bracy, Samuel Augustus (i17199), b.1878-d.1878
Bracy, Violet (i17200)
Bracy, Wilda Peirce (i17180), b.1872-d.1946
Bracy, Zerona (i17196), b.1874-


Braszi, (i17217)
Braszi, Heinrich, aka Henry Bracy (i17218), b.1812-d.1871
Braszi, John, aka Bracy Sr. (i17155), b.1813-d.1883


Buckland, Sarah Helen (marriage to Elmer Eliza Bracy) (i17193)


Conine, Pearl (marriage to Charles E. Bracy) (i17179)


Crawfis, John Otho (marriage to Catherine A. Bracy) (i17195)


Detrick, Vernon A. (marriage to Maria Esta Bracy) (i17248)


DeVore, David Americus (i17165), b.1871-
DeVore, George Clement (i17164), b.1868-
DeVore, George Washington (marriage to Mary Jane Bracy) (i17161)
DeVore, Henry Ervin (i17166), b.1873-
DeVore, James Isaac (i17163), b.1864-
DeVore, Jennie Alice (i17170), b.1883-
DeVore, John William (i17162), b.1861-
DeVore, Lillie May (i17167), b.1876-
DeVore, Mary Ellen (i17169), b.1881-
DeVore, Samuel Howard (i17168), b.1879-


Dove, Mary Ann (marriage to Isaac Bracy) (i17175)


Edith (marriage to Jesse Perl Bracy) (i17245)


Fuller, Phoebe (marriage to James J. Bracy) (i17226)


Gerber, Mary Ann (marriage to John P. Bracy) (i17237)


Guisinger, Aurora (marriage to Jerusha Bracy) (i17171)


Harris, Anna (marriage to Andrew Duff Bracy) (i17212)
Harris, Easter (marriage to John C. Bracy) (i17191)


Hoover, (marriage to Nancy Bracy) (i17223)


Huntsman, Fannie (marriage to Harry Bracy) (i17230)


Kerns, William Porter (marriage to Zerona Bracy) (i17197)


Ketner, Alta May (i17208)
Ketner, Alvin (i17207)
Ketner, Armeda (i17205)
Ketner, Gertrude (i17206)
Ketner, Henry Sherman (marriage to Nora Bracy) (i17204)
Ketner, Kenneth (i17209)
Ketner, Marguerite (i17210)


Kimmel, Gladys (marriage to Homer Bracy) (i17251)


Kober, James (marriage to Ada C. Bracy) (i17190)


Low, Arlowa (marriage to Allcary Bracy) (i17183)


McCullough, David Underwood (marriage to Mayme Bracy) (i17187)


Miller, Nellie (marriage to Wilda Peirce Bracy) (i17181)


Pence, Sarah (marriage to John Braszi aka Bracy Sr.) (i17201)


Rice, Leah (marriage to Amos Heinrich Bracy) (i17239)


Roy, Jennie (marriage to Edd Bracy) (i17228)


Smart, Katharina (marriage to Heinrich Braszi aka Henry Bracy) (i17219)


Tschudy, Clarence (marriage to Ortha Bracy) (i17235)


Welty, William (marriage to Ella Lina Bracy) (i17241)

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