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The Andreas family originated from Frankfurt, Germany. Catherine The Great of Russia invited them to move there and live.  She promised them many things, including not having to pay taxes.

My family did, indeed, move to Russia, settling in Warrenburg. Catherine the great gave them everything she promised—but it took ten years for this to happen. In the meantime, my family members died of starvation, and had a very unhappy life.

When the good things started happening, the andreas family—along with others who moved to Russia from Germany—were able to build nice homes and start their own businesses. They loved being there, and were happy.

When Catharine The Great died, everything changed, that is why so many Andreas families immigrated to America and Fresno, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Canada, and other parts of our country. hey were called Volga Germans, and in a short time they became very important to Fresno and the central valley.

Unlike my Torrance family, they came through Ellis Island when they came to America.  My Torrance family went straight to Pennsylvania. The second generation traveled down the Ohio River. Some of them went to Ohio, and the rest went to Kentucky.


DANIEL was born in 1737 in Braunfels Naumburg Germany, and died in 1798 in Warrenberg Russia. He married ANNA MARIE KOHLER. She was born in 1740 in Braunfels Germany, and died in Warrenberg Russia in 1900.

DANIEL and ANNA were my great great great great grandparents.

Children of DANIEL and ANNA—


JOHANNES EBERHARDT. He was born December 15, 1765, in Braunfels, Germany. My sister HAZEL'S daughter DI ANNE was born onDecember 15th too, but in 1952. He died December 1, 1844 in Warrenberg, Russia. He married MARIA CATHARINA ARNST. She was born in Warrenberg, Russia in 1775, and died there August 11,1843.

JOHANNES & MARIA'S children were—


JOHANNES CHRISTOPH, born March 11, 1811 in Warrenberg and died there February 20, 1841. He married CHRISTINA BARBARA LIEDER, who was born January 3, 1811 in Straub Village Russia. JOHANNES & CHRISTINA had seven children, but only two survived.

Their children were—


HEINRICH PHILLIP, born September 10,1835 in Warrenberg, and died March 29, 1884 in Warrenberg. He married ANNA MARGARET KARLE.
DANIEL JR. was born in Braunfels.
CATHARINA MARGARETHA was born in Warrenberg Russia.
JOHANNA CATHARINA was born in Warrenberg.
MARIA BARBARA was born in Warrenberg.
HEINRICH PHILLIP was born September 10, 1835 in Warrenberg, and died March 29, 1884 in Warrenberg. He married ANNA MARGARET KARLE

The children of HEINRICH & ANNA were—


JOHANN MICHEL, born April 24, 1880 in Warrenberg Russia and died in Fresno, California USA on April 23, 1951. My father FRANK TORRANCE died in 1951 also, but on November 30th. JOHANN (called MIKE) married CATHARINA MARGARETHA FRIES in December, 1902, in the Luthern Cross Church in Fresno. Their daughter BERNICE (my mother) was married in December too, but in 1924. MIKE and CATHARINA were my grandparents. CATHARINA was the daughter of GEORGE CHRISTIAN FRIES and SUSAN OBAUDUREE. CATHARINA was born October 1, 1881 in Stahl, Russia, and died May 30, 1933 in Fresno, California. GEORGE & SUSAN are my great grandparents.

Both had German born parents.
CATHARINA was 18 years old when she came to America with a brother or an uncle. It is not know if he remained in Fresno, or went back to Russia.
MIKE was 18 years old when he came to America with his mother ANNA MARGARET and three siblings in 1898, on the Ship Westernland. The other son's name was JOHANN DAVID.
ANNA'S parents were MICHAEL KARLE & CHARLOTTE MICHAEL, and they were my great great grandparents. ANNA AND HEINRICH PHILLIP were my great grandparents.
When ANNA and her two sons Mike and DAVID came to America, HEINRICH PHILLIP Stayed in Russia to sell their business and home. Before he was able to come to AMERICA with his family, he died of a stroke.
Some of HEINRICH and ANNA'S children died as infants or children. Four surviving children immigrated to America and Fresno, California (Fresno County) as adults.

Children were—


CHRISTINA ELISABETH was born August 9, 1855 in Russia, and died in Fresno, California on May 13, 1927. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetary in Fresno. She married MICHAEL KARLE, and her second husband was AUGUST LUNG.
KATHERINE ELIZABETH was born in Russia in 1859, and died there. She was married to HENRY JACOB SCHMALL.
HEINRICH was born on October 18, 1862 in Russia, and died in Fresno on March 13, 1920. He was buried in Mountain View Cemetary. He married CATHARINA CLARA STUMPF.
JOHANN MICHEL (my grandfather)
MIKE & CATHARINA (my grandparents had 12 children—one was stillborn.
They were—


HENRY was born in Fresno on May 26, 1903. He never married.

DAVID was born May 12, 1904. He married ADRIENNE, and they lived in Los Gatos, California.

There children were—



Other children of MIKE and CATHARINA—


BERNICE ANNA (called ANNIE by the family)—my mother—was born
January 5, 1906 in Fresno, and died there on June 7, 1993. She married my father THOMAS FRANKLIN (called FRANK)on December 26, 1924 in Fresno. FRANK was born December 9, 1902 in Georgetown, Williamson County Texas. He was the son of JOSEPH ALVIN TORRANCE & MAGGIE LOUELLEN FARRIS. FRANK died of a travelling blood clot that went to his brain. BERNICE died from complications of a stroke. They are buried in Belmont Memorial Park in Fresno. BERNICE was buried on June 9th, and FRANK was buried December 3rd.

FRANK & BERNICE had four children—


THOMAS FRANKLIN JR., born in July of 1926, and died three days later, because he was born without an esophogus.
BARBARA JEAN was stillborn in May of 1928
Both were born in Fresno, and were buried in the Mountain View Cemetery with their grandparents MIKE & CATHARINA ANDREAS.
DORIS ALBERTA (ME). I was born February 10, 1930 in Fresno.
HAZEL BERNICE, was born in Fresno on December 21, 1932, and died in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 18, 1987.

Footnotes on DORIS—
DORIS married MARTIN LOUIS COLEMAN ON Dcember 8, 1951 in Reno, Nevada.
They were divorced after a 30 year marriage on January 30, 1981.
MARTIN (called MARTY) was born March 27, 1924 in Bellingham, Washington to parents RUPERT FRANK COLEMAN and MAE THERESE BURKA. MARTIN was married twice after DORIS.
For more information on DORIS & MARTIN, please read the TORRANCE FAMILY TREE on this website.

HAZEL is buried with her second husband TED TODD in Portland, Oregon.
More information on HAZEL and TED, and her first husband BERT MYERS is on the TORRANCE FAMILY TREE.

Back to the children of MIKE & CATHARINA—
GEORGE was born January 6, 1908 in Fresno. He married HILDA. GEORGE & HILDA had two children—


BILLY (He is deceased.)

Back to Generation #6—

PETER was born in Fresno on Augut 13, 1910. He married MICKEY.
They had two children—


CAROL LEE. She married JERRY O'BRIEN. Her first marriage was to GEORGE,
and they had one son—GEORGE JR. He married JAMIE.
TED JR. married SANDI and they had four children.

EMIL, who was born November 19, 1913 in Fresno.
He married CHRISTINE, and they had three children—


KATHERINE was born January 15, 1918 in Fresno. She married TOM, and they had one son—TOM JR.
HARRY was born in Fresno on February 2,1916.
PHILLIP was born December 6, 1917. He married Liddie, and they lived in Eureka, California.
ALBERT was born April 7, 1919 in Fresno
MARIE (called Betty) was born March 23, 1921 in Fresno.
She married Nick Bevanda, who is deceased.. They had no children.
ADAM (called Bob) was born January 25, 1923 in Fresno. He married Faye, who was born in Missouri.
They had three children—
JANICE (deceased)
After FAYE died, BOB married a second time.

There is more information on Doris, Martin, Hazel, BERT and TED on THE TORRANCE FAMILY TREE.

May I Introduce My Wonderful ANDREAS Family~~~
Front Row, Left to Right—PHILLIP; EMIL; my grandfather MIKE; HARRY; my grandmother CATHARINA; ALBERT; KATY; and GEORGE.

Top Row, Left to Right—PETER; DAVE; my mother BERNICE when she was 12 years old; and HENRY.
This picture was taken in Fresno, California prior to 1921. Two children weren't born yet—BOB and BETTY.



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