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Will Abstracts

Berks County, PA
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NOTE: All contributions welcomed. Full copies of wills gladly added.
NOTE: Dates are will written and will proved. ALL dates are not in chronological order.

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WILLS - 1761


September 9, 1760. January 4, 1761.

To wife and small child to remain on the place till son Johannes is 14 

and when he is 21 he shall have the place, paying each of the other 

child 10. If son Johannes should die, son John Peter shall have the 

place. Letters C.T.A. to Elizabeth DUNCKELBERGER, the widow.

Wit: Philip KALBACH and Jeremie CHAPPELLE.

Will translated.


February 4, 1761. February 14, 1761.

Provides for wife Mary Elizabeth.

Remainder in equal shares to my children which is 3 daus. now, but in 

case my wife should be delivered of a son, he shall have one to 10 

more than the others.

To bro. George WEYNIG, wearing apparel.

Exrs: wife Mary Elizabeth, Henry HOM, and Jacob RABOLD.

Wit: Wm. HOTTENSTEIN, Jacob BALDE, and David FUCHS.


January 20, 1761. February 19, 1761.

Estate to wife Barbara and childrem Peter Cornelius and Anna Maria and 

Maria Elizabeth KLINGEMAN and Ann Eve GERHART.

Exr.: Peter.

Wit: Wm. STUMP and Tobias STABELTON.

Will translated.


February 16, 1761. February 21, 1761.

To wife Susanna, all that I have in possession, House, lands, etc. But 

should one or other of my children which present in Germany arrive here 

today or tomorrow bequeath to each of them 1 shilling sterling.

Exr: wife Susanna.

Wit: Henrich GRIMLER, Johannes CURTZ and Jacob BALDE.

Will translated.


February 5, 1761. February 23, 1761.

To eldest son Abraham, my plantation whereon I now live, containing 150 

acres except 5 acres of meadow I give to sons Martin and Jacob.

Also to son Abraham 114 acres of land adjoining my plantation, on 

paying 200 to my Exrs.

To Martin about 146 acres, joining Thos. HARBIES land as soon as he is 

21. To son Jacob 160 acres, adjoining above when he is 21.

To sons Martin and Jacob, 2 tracts of land in Richmond, one containing 

80 acres. To dau. Mary Elizabeth, 150.

To dau. Mary Magdalena, 150 at 18.

To daus. Cathrine and Philebena, 150 each at 18.

Remainder equally divided.

Exrs: son Abraham and friend George MARKLY.

Wit: Balser SCHWENCK and Nicholas BUNN.


Richmond. February 26, 1761. March 24, 1761.

My body to be buried near the church by Bro. Henrich.

To wife Maria Eva, 1/3 of all estate and remainder equally divided with 

3 children, who are not named.

Exrs: father Mathias KELCHNER and Christian ROTHERMEL.

Wit: Henrich ENDLENS and Christian HOFFMAN.

Will translated.

ELY, DAVID, Richmond. 

February 23, 1761. March 24, 1761.

Provides for wife Elizabeth, includes use of whole estate until son 

John is 21, at which time said son is to have 150 acres of land next to 

Stephen FILSHERS, together with Stock, &c., the remainder of land to my 

2 next oldest sons, Samuel and Jacob when they are 21.

My other 5 children, viz., Elizabeth, David, Daniel, Abraham, and James 

ELY to have 50 each when of age.

Exrs.: wife Elizabeth and son John, Wm. PENROSE and Conrad PRICE.

Wit: Richard PENROSE, Stephen FILSHER, and Mary MILLER.


June 26, 1749. March 31, 1761.

Wife Anna Maria, all estate until children are brought up and divided 

among the children, to wit, the step children and right children in 

general without distinction.

My youngest Mari Sowina shall have 10 beforehand.

Letters C.T.A. to Maria FORMWALT, the widow.

Wit: Adam REISSEL, Peter BAUM, Peter SCHMITT.

Will translated.


February 16, 1761. May 19, 1761.

To son Henrich SOWAS, to have all estate on condition he provide for 

his mother, my wife Susanna, during her life and after his mothers's 

death, pay his sister Anna Elizabeta 2.

Letters C.T.A. to son Henrich, the widow renouncing.

Wit: Abraham KIEFFER and Caspar BICKING.

Will translated.


May 2, 1761. May 22, 1761.

Provides for wife including use of land until eldest son is 18.

The said son John George, to have the same and until youngest child is 

of age, when he is to pay them their equal share of estate at appraised 

value. Letters C.T.A. to Juliana BONEWITZ, the widow.

Wit: Jacob LEININGER and Johann George LAUCK.

Will translated.

GIESSMAN, WILLIAM, Tulpehocken. 

April 23, 1761. May 26, 1761.

Wife Anne Catherine to live on my plantation until the youngest child 

comes to his age and names 2 children, George Weaver and Michael 

Albert. Letters C.T.A. to Anna Catharina GIESSMAN, the widow.

Wit: Michael HAMBURGER, Nicolaus GAUGER and Christian GRUBER.

Will translated.

KERN, THOMAS, Tulpehocken. 

April 3, 1761. May 30, 1761.

Son in law Johan George RIETH to have the place, on paying to my wife 

Maria Kreth KERN 30.

To sons Stophel, Simon, Johann Nickel and daughter Eva Kretha KERN, 54 

each, providing for wife during life.

To son Stophel, 10 shillings for his birthright.

Remainder divided.

Letters C.T.A. to Maria Margaretta KERN, the widow.

Wit: Johannes ZERBEY, Nicolaus GAUGER and Peter SCHMID.

Will translated.

TEISHER, JOHN, Richmond. 

January 9, 1761. June 27, 1761.

To son Peter 20.

To son Jacob, 5 shillings.

To son in law Henry KIME 1 shilling.

To dau. Barbara wife of Peter HIETER 5 shillings.

To dau. Susanna Elizabeth, 20.

To grandson John KIME, son of dau. Mary, December'd., 5 shillings when 21. 

To son Stephen, all the remainder of estate, also exr.

Wit: John BARTO and Nicholas BUNN.

BURGER, JACOB, Longswamp. 

July 3, 1759. July 8, 1761.

To wife Barbara, all my land and improvement and all moveable estate 

for bringing up of my 3 children, John, Madlen, and Catrinah.

When they comes of age she shall give them 40 shillings each.

Exrs: Wife and Bernhard KLEIN.

Letters to Barbara.

Wit: John OYSTER and Michael BIEBER.


June 10, 1756. July 18, 1761.

To oldest son John, 5.1.6.

To my 4 daus. Antilia, Margaret, Barbara, and Mary 5 each.

To son Jacob, all my lands, Tenements, Stock, etc. "in retaliation of 

his many kindnesses and great charge he has had in maintaining his aged 

and feeble father and mother for many years by past."

Exr: son Jacob.

Wit: Wm. BOONE, John HUGHES, Samuel HUGHES.


March 11, 1757. August 17, 1761.

To present wife Margaretha of birth a HEICKBERIN, use of all estate 

during widowhood, to maintain and educate our 2 children now living, 

Maria Elisabetha and George and any other child that shall be born 

until 14th year, when children come of age.

Real estate to be divided among them.

Exrs: wife Margaretha, Martin KASH, and Jacob WEISS of Comary.

Letters to KASH and WEISS.

Wit: John George JOH and Tobias WAGNER.

WEISER, PHILIP, Heidelberg. 

March 25, 1760. November 13, 1761.

To first born son Conrad, one crown besides what I have given him.

Provides for wife Sophia.

Remainder of personal estate to 3 sons and "any other child of mine 

which May hereafter come into the world."

All lands coming to me in virtue of my father's will to my 3 sons (not named). 

Exrs: wife Sophia and Uncle Christopher WEISER.

Wit: Peter WERNER and Peter REM.


GERRAD, DAVID, Robinson. 

February 10, 1760. November 16, 1761.

To wife Margaret, all real and personal estate during widowhood, 

towards maintaining 3 youngest children, not named.

To Nathaniel GERRAD, son of John, 10 when 21. .

Exrs: wife Margaret and son in law Jona. STEPHEN.

Wit: Samuel EMBREE and Saml. WOLLESON Jr.


June 4, 1760. December 5, 1761.

To dau. Eva Rosina GERST, widow, 100.

To dau. Elizabeth REIS, widow, 100.

To son Henry 25 and my copper still.

To 2 daus. above named, all Household goods.

To son Francis 18 and 2 horses.

Remainder real and personal to son Henry and 2 daus.

20 to the Society of First day or Sunday Dunkers for use of Poor.

Exrs: son Henry and friend John FEWICK.

Letters C.T.A. to Eva Rosina GERSH.

Son Henry being December'd. and the other renouncing.

Wit: Wm. REESER and Benj. LIGHTFOOT.

ADMINS - 1761

HAUCK, PETER, Greenwich. January 31, 1761.

Adm. to Anna Maria HAUCK, the widow.

FRIES, CORNELIUS, Albany. February 19, 1761.

Adm. to Jacob FRIES, eldest son.

Widow Catharine renouncing.

HAUER, JACOB, Windsor. February 20, 1761.

Adm. to Catherine Margaret HAUER, the widow.

PLEISTEIN, GEORGE, Tulpehocken. February 23, 1761.

Adm. to Anna Mary PLEISTEN, the widow.

LIECHT, JOHANNES, Richmond. March 2, 1761.

Adm. Balthasar RIEHM and wife Catharina, the dau. of said intestate.

FRIESTER, FREDERICK, Bethel. March 2, 1761.

Adm. to Margaretta FRIESTER, the widow.

LEBO, HENRY, Reading. March 3, 1761.

Adm. to Anna Maria LEBO of Exeter, his mother.

RUTTER, HENRY, Albany. March 7, 1761.

Adm. to Barbara RUTTER, the widow.

SEIBERT, JACOB, Tulpehocken. March 9, 1761.

Adm. to Susanna SEIBERT, the widow.

SPIESS, ULRICH, Bethel. March 13, 1761.

Adm. to Jacob SPIESS, only son.

LESCHER, VINCENTZ, Richmond. March 24, 1761.

Adm. to Rosina LESHER, the widow.

MEITZLER, PETER, Longswamp. March 27, 1761.

Adm. to Michael SCHMIDT and wife Elizabeth who was widow of said 


HAUER, MICHAEL, Windsor. March 27, 1761.

Adm. to Frederick HAUER, eldest son.

The widow Anna Maria renouncing.

MEYER, DANIEL, Tulpehocken. March 28, 1761.

Adm. to Valentine MEYER, eldest son.

JORDAN, ADAM, Tulpehocken. April 16, 1761.

Adm. to Eva Barbara JORDAN, the widow.

HEFFLY, JOHN CARL, Richmond. April 21, 1761.

Adm. to Johan Jacob HEFFLY, son of decedent.

Eldest son Johan Michael HEFFLY renouncing.

SHARRER, JACOB, Richmond. April 21, 1761.

Adm. to Catharina SHARRER, the widow.

SCHNEIDER, JOHANNES, Bern. April 27, 1761.

Adm. to Anna Margaretta SCHNEIDER, the widow.

PFATEICHER, MARTIN, Heidelberg. May 5, 1761.

Adm. to Martin PFATEICHER, eldest son.

GABRIEL, PAUL, Windsor. May 9, 1761.

Adm. to Henry SCHEURER and wife Susanna, eldest dau. of said 


GRENINGER, JACOB, Cumry. May 11, 1761.

Adm. to Dorothea GRENINGER, the widow.

BOLLINDER, JOHN NICHOLAS, Greenwich. July 18, 1761.

Adm. to Henry BOLLINDER, eldest son.

The widow Anna Maria renouncing.

WAGNER, JACOB, Bern. August 11, 1761.

Adm. to Anna Sophia WAGNER, the widow and Jost WAGNER, eldest son.

WOLF, HENRY, Alsace. October 10, 1761.

Adm. to John DICKERT and wife Maria Agnes, his wife who was widow of 

said intestate.

SMITH, ABRAHAM, Reading. November 13, 1761.

Adm. to Sarath SMITH, the widow.

DEHAVEN, HERMAN, Amity. November 14, 1761.

Adm. to Mary DEHAVEN, the widow and Enoch DAVIS Esq. of Limerick, 

Phila. Co. 

GROSS, WILLIAM, Maxatawny. December 11, 1761.

Adm. to William Gross, eldest son.

BIRD, WILLIAM, Reading. December 11, 1761.

Adm. to Bridget BIRD the widow and Mark BIRD, the eldest son.

WILLS - 1762

VOLLMER, JACOB, Tulpehocken. 

November 12, 1761. January 25, 1762.

Abblona "my hearty housewife" 30 in money per ea(?).

To son Michael 20 shillings for prior or elder.

To son George Jacob, 50 and my stallion.

To the 4 children of my son Jacob who is dead, 20 when they are aged.

Remainder in equal parts among following children, Michael and Jorg 

Jacob, Anna Maria STEIN, Catharina UES, and Eva HINCKLER the share of 

the last shall be paid to children.

Exr.: friend Johannes HABERLING.

Wit: Simon BRESLER and Valentine REINTZEL.


KORNER, ADAM, Reading. 

July 10, 1757. February 2, 1762.

"I am going to March off as an inlisted Soldier of her Majesties 

American English Regiment."

To wife ??? 1/3 of personal estate.

To my 2 children, my yet unbuilt House and lot in this town. The same 

to be finished with the money which I expect for my share of the Vandue 

paper of my dear Father-in-law Peter BINGEMAN.

Also provides for possible children yet unborn and names son Johannes.

Exr: friend Martin KASTEN (Guardian also).

Wit: by Tobias WAGNER, Christopher NEIDLE, Jacob RABOLT.


RITH, LEONHARD, Tulpehocken. 

July 27, 1761. February 2, 1762.

Provides for wife Lissabeta.

Refers to his 5 children but makes no special provision for them or names them. 

Exrs: Casper RITH and Johannes ZOLLER.

Wit: Jacob RITH and Frederick Ludwig HOFFMAN.

STAN, John Nickel, Greenwich.

January 3, 1761. March 13, 1762.

To wife Anna Barbara STEININ, all estate during life and after her 

death, eldest son Michael, eldest dau. Gertraut MILLERIN and youngest 

son George Adam shall have 4 each.

Remainder equally divided.

Mentions son in law Martin BIGELER.

Anna Barbara, the widow. Adm. C.T.A.

Wit: Anton SCHRETER, Johannes DUNCKEL and Jorg NOLEK.


KEMB, THEOBALD, Maxatawny. 

January 13, 1762. March 16, 1762.

To wife Elizabeth, the profits of my plantation until son George comes 

to lawful age.

She paying to my dau. Dorothe 100, half when she gets married and to 

son in law Michael WERLLE, 100 and to son in law Paul GARRETON, 50.

To son George when 21, all my lands, Horses, Gears etc. He maintaining 

his mother during life and on her death or marriage pay to his sisters 

Gertraut, Catharina, Elizabeth, Dorothe, and Mary, 30 each.

Exrs: wife Elizabeth and friends Sebastian LEVAN and John HERENGERODER. 

Wit: Sebastian LEVAN and Yost VOLLERT.

GRAUEL, PHILIP, Maxatawny. 

March 29, 1762. April 14, 1762.

Proides for wife Eva Cattarina.

To my mother Sibbilla GRAUEL 10.

Remainder to be put to interest until youngest child is of age and then 

equally divided among children who are not named.

Exrs: wife Eva Cattarina and friend Sebastian LEVAN.

Wit: Nicholas SCHROYER, John BAST and Jost VOLLERT.

POTTS, THOMAS, Colebrookdale. 

April 20, 1762. April 26, 1762.

Part of Spring Forge and lands belonging and my part of Mount Pleasant 

lands with my plantation between Schuykill and Maxatawny to be sold. 

And proceeds divided among my sons to have 50 more than daus.

House in Phila to be sold and money divided among my first wife's 

children after Magdalene is 18.

Wife Deborah to have rent of Furnace until youngest child is 14, when 

Exrs. are to sell it if they think best.

My part of the Furnace and House and lands I now live on to be rented 

until son David is 21, and then he shall have the refusal of the 

Renting until they are to be sold.

Exrs: friends Wm. DEWEES Sr. Esq. of Whitemarsh and Thomas RUTTER.

Wit: Derrick CLEAVER, Lewis WALKER, and John CLEAVER.


February 26, 1762. April 30, 1762.

To grandson son Samuel HOCH in Oley, such lands in Oley where Henrich 

NEYKIRK lives which I bought of Israel PEMBERTON.

To son Daniel all remainder of lands in Alsace.

To dau. Maria wife of Abraham PETER in Oley.

To dau. Deborah wife of Philip REIFF in Oley.

To dau. Sarah wife of Wm. HOTTENSTEIN in Reading and to her sons Wm. 

and Saml., 100 each.

To the 3 children which are servants with me, viz., Balthasar WEBER, 

Christopher and Margaret, 5 when free.

Household goods to 3 daus. and remainder to son Daniel.

Exrs: son Daniel and Jacob SCHNEIDER.

Wit: Henrich HAHN, Ludwig IMLER, and Wm. REESER.


CRIM, JOHN, Bern. 

September 20, 1757. June 29, 1762.

Mentions having sold his land to son Jacob, six or eight years ago.

Subject to maintenance of self and wife Mary during life.

To son David all personal estate at death of wife Mary.

Letters C.T.A. to Jacob GRIMM eldest son.

Wit: John KOPLIN, Jacob STAMBOG, and Philip SCHELLICH.

SCHAUR, ADAM, Heidelberg. 

July 27, 1762. August 21, 1762.

To wife Anna Elizabeth, all land and goods until youngest child is 14.

Eldest son, not named, to have 20 and "eldest dau. Elisabetha shall 

remain till children have taken away so much as she has taken away from 

her mother. Afterwards she shall go to an equal division with them."

Exrs: friend Henry GRUBER and Johannes ECKERT.

Wit: Johannes ECKERT and Ulrich MICHELL.



December 2, 1751. August 25, 1762.

To son Jacob, 225 acres of land and all personal estate subject to 

maintenance of self and wife Susanna during life.

To son John, all remainder of my tract of 300 acres, being 75 acres to 

be laid off the end adjoining lands of Jas. THOMPSON and Mordecai 

LINCOLN. To eldest John Jacob, 5 shillings, having had since marriage 

70. To son Peter, 5 shillings, having had 80.

To Mary my oldest child, wife of Joseph OLDHANS 5 shillings, having had 

30 shillings.

To dau. Rosanna wife of Michael LODOWICK 5 shillings, having had 16.

Remainder to son Jacob, also Exr.

Wit: Jas. TOMSON, Geo. HENTON.

LEDERMAN, JACOB, Tulpehocken. 

August 10, 1762. October 2, 1762.

To wife Maria 1/2 of personal estate and remainder to my children, viz.,

son Peter and son in law Jacob WALTER. Allowing Peter 30 shillings for 

his first birth right.

After wife's death, all real estate to son Peter and son in law Jacob 

WALTER in equal shares.

Exr: son in law Jacob WALTER.

Wit: Benjamin SPYCKER and George SCHISSLER.


September 17, 1762. October 2, 1762.

Provides for wife Elizabeth.

To my children, being 8 sons and 4 daus all remainder of estate to be 

equally divided and paid them with interest as they come of age.

Exrs: son in law John CLINGER and eldest son George.

Wit: Alex. McCLINTOCK and Nicholas FUSS.


August 25, 1762. October 9, 1762.

Wife Anna Margaret, 300, bed and bedding.

To eldest son Peter 5 shillings over and above what his bros receive.

To son Henry 70 above his share.

To dau. Catharine 10 above her share.

To son Frederick 10 above his share.

All lands to be sold and divided share and share alike, among children, 

viz., Peter, Jacob, John, Jonas, Henry, Frederick, Judith wife of 

Francis WINTER and Catharine.

Exrs: wife Anna Margaret and sons Peter and John.

Wit: Saml. WEISER and Henrich HAHN.


January 5, 1762. October 27, 1762.

Provides for wife Susanna.

To son Benjamin, that part of my tract of land in Exeter called "the 

old place." To youngest son Samuel, the remainder of tract called "the 

new place." The whole to be equally divided.

To son James, all my tract of land in Amity.

To 3 sons all moveable estate.

To Dinah 100 at 15.

To eldest son John 5 shillings.

Exrs: Benjamin, James and Saml.

Letters to Jas. and Saml. and Benjamin being now in N. Carolina.

Wit: Thos. WAREN and Sarah WAREN.

HAINS, CASPER, Heidelberg. 

August 21, 1762. October 29, 1762.

Provides for wife Catherine.

To dau. Elizabeth HAINS 150 at 18.

To son Frederick, 25 acres of land where the Tanyard is and 26 acres of 

upland on the hill, when 21.

To son David 100 acres, adjoining land of Peter HAINS, at 21.

To eldest son John, all remainder of land I am possessed of to be 

equally divided with youngest son Peter when he comes of age.

Exrs: friends John HECKART and John ECKART.

Wit: Jacob KUHL, George MANDEL and Edward JAGS.


October 24, 1762. November 2, 1762.

To eldest son Henry, my plantation, etc. in Exeter.

To son Valentine, my plantation, etc. in Alsace.

Provides for wife Elizabeth.

To dau. Anna Clara, 300.

To dau. Anna Margaret 300.

Exrs. shall lay out 600 or 700 of personal estate to purchase a 

plantation for use of youngest son Jacob.

Exrs: wife Elizabeth and son Henry.

Wit: Dieter BEITELMAN and Victor SPIESS.

ADMINS - 1762

ESCHELMAN, JACOB, Cumry. January 6, 1762.

Adm. to Elizabeth ESCHELMAN, the widow.

CROST, JACOB, Amity. January 13, 1762.

Adm. to Elizabeth CROST, the widow.

ARTZ, JOHN, Heidelberg. January 23, 1762.

Adm. to John ARTZ, only son.

The widow Susanna ARTZ having renounced.

PLEISTEIN, ANNA MARIA, widow, Tulpehocken. January 26, 1762.

Adm. to Jacob GRIM and Maria Catharina his wife, and Philip KISTER and 

Margaret his wife, daus. of intestate.

PLEISTEIN, GEORGE, Tulpehocken. January 26, 1762.

Adm. to above named sons-in-law and daus.

RETTENBACH, HENRY, Tulpehocken. February 1, 1762.

Adm. to Applonia RETTENBACH, the widow.

FULHAVER, JOHN, Tulpehocken. February 6, 1762.

Adm. to Susanna FULHAVER, the widow.

SCHATTER, JOHANNES, Albany. February 17, 1762.

Adm. to Johannes LOBO and his wife Catharina, who was the widow of said 


WILLIAMSON, JAMES, Bern. February 25, 1762.

Adm. to Jane WILLIAMSON, the widow.

SHOLLENBERGER, ULRICH, Tulpehocken. March 9, 1762.

Adm. to Mary SHOLLENBERGER, the widow and Joseph SCHOLLENBERGER, bro. 

of decd. 

MINGEL, CASPER, Bern. March 24, 1762.

Adm. to John METH, principal creditor.

ROHRBACH, GEORGE, Hereford. April 9, 1762.

Adm. to Jacob FINCKBOHNER and wife Eva Elizabetha, dau. of said 


BARGMAN, CHRISTIAN, Reading. May 10, 1762.

Adm. to Anna Regina BARGMAN, the widow.

WILL, WILLIAM, Albany. May 10, 1762.

Adm. to George SCHORB and wife Catharine, who was the widow of said 


ESTERLE, BERNHARD, Heidelberg. May 10, 1762.

Adm. to Mary ESTERLE, spinster, one of the dau. of decd.

EMMERT, PHILIP, Richmond. May 28, 1762.

Adm. to Catharina EMMERT, the widow.

WEISS, JACOB, Maxatawny. June 2 1762.

Adm. to Jacob WEISS, eldest son.

The widow Anna Catharina having renounced.

FRIES, MICHAEL, Albany. August 2, 1762.

Adm. to Maria Charlotte FRIES, the widow.

ALTHIN, JOHANN NICHOLAS, Greenwich. August 26, 1762.

Adm. to Henry HAUPTMAN, principal creditor.

BERCKY, CHRISTIAN, Tulpehocken. August 30, 1762.

Adm. to Catherine BERCKY, the widow.

BRUDER, MATTHIAS, Longswamp. November 3, 1762.

Adm. to Christina BRUDER, the widow.

STILL, FRANCIS, Cumry. December 2, 1762.

Adm. to Charlotte STILL, the widow.

MODLEY, JOHN, Reading. December 14, 1762.

Adm. to Persis MODLEY, the widow.

WILLS - 1763

DELL, PETER, Greenwich. 

December 4, 1762. January 21, 1763.

To son Adam, my improvement whereon I now live. He paying to my second 

eldest son Barnet CREAMER, my stepson.

To dau. Elizabeth DELL.

To son Michael.

To son Samuel.

To son Leonard.

To dau. Mary.

To son Peter.

To son George.

Provides for wife Affe DELL.

Exrs: wife and son Adam.

Letters to Eva (called in Will Affe) and Adam DELL.

Wit: George KUMPE and George HERRING.

THORM, GOTLIEB, Tulpehocken. 

January 2, 1763. February 5, 1763.

Real and personal estate to be sold in 8 weeks from the day of my 

decease. To wife Anna Maria, 1/3 of proceeds and the other 2/3 to be 

equally divided among my children, who are not named.

Exr: wife Anna Maria.

Wit: George SCHISSLER and Gottfried KERCHER.


November 17, 1762. July 7, 1763.

To son Peter, my plantation, etc. on condition that he maintain me and 

my wife Elizabeth Catherine NULL during our lives and give 2 sheep to 

my son William and 2 sheep to each of my 3 daus. and an English 

shilling to each of my children. 

Letters C.T.A. to Peter NULL, the eldest son William having renounced. 

Wit: Martin ALLSTATT, Isaac LEVAN, Paul DERST and James BOONE Jr. 


May 19, 1755. Codicil July 30, 1756. August 12, 1763. 

To wife Mary LEE 200 and 1/2 the value of my lands in Hardwick 

Twp, West N. Jersey and all household goods.

To son Thomas, the 200 acres of land whereon he now dwells.

To son Samuel, the 200 acres of land whereon he dwells.

To son John, all that 349 acres whereon he and I now dwell.

To son Mordecai, tract of land in Maiden Creek, which I purchased of 

the widow PENNOCK. He paying to my Exrs. 50.

To dau. Sarah WILLITS children 20 to be divided.

To dau. Mary WILY 130.

To dau. Hannah LEE 200.

To dau. Esther LEE 200.

Exrs: sons Thomas and John.

No rec. of Letters.

Wit: Francis YARNALL, Francis PARVIN and Evan DAVID.


January 3, 1762. May 16, 1763.

Eldest sons George and Henrich, to have the plantation, all that I have 

and pay to the other children each maintain the mother, who is not 

named. Letters to Magdalena, the widow and George and Henrich, the sons. 

Wit: Martin ROUSCH and Philip HINCKEL.



August 17, 1757. November 7, 1763.

Wife Lisa Margareth, all estate until youngest child is 14 and then 

divided among all children, who are not named.

Exrs: Mathias STAUT and George GERNANT(guardians).

Letters C.T.A. to Lisa Margaret, the widow.

Wit: Jacob GRIMM, David GRIMM, Jacob DESTER.  [Translated.]


June 18, 1763. November 7, 1763.

To sell all lands in Alsace and 2 lotts in Reading.

Wife Catharina, 1/3 of all estate.

To children hereafter named, John, Henrich, Abraham, Leonard, Jacob, 

Dietrich, Catharina SCHNEIDER all remainder of estate in equal shares, 

sons at 21 and dau. at 18.

Exrs: bro. Jacob SCHNEIDER of Oley and brother in law Nicholas KEIM of 

Reading. Wit: Adam REISSEL and William REESER.


October 27, 1763. November 26, 1763.

To son Eleazer, tract of land in Heidelberg whereon he now lives during 

life and at his death to his sons John and David.

To son David, the plantation whereon I now live with Farming implements,

Household goods, etc.

To son Nathan, 2 tracts of land in Cumry.

To son in law John KENTON, the tract of land he now lives with piece of 

meadow reserved from that devised to son David paying 10 to Exrs.

To son Amos, the lot he now lives on in Reading and 2 other lots in 

said town. To dau. Sarah wife of Solomon BROMFIELD 50.

To John PUGH 5 shillings and to his children by my late December'd. 

dau. 50 shillings to be divided.

Remainder to sons Nathan and David, also Exrs.

Wit: Jacob KREEK, Caleb DAVIS, Jnos. PRICE.


July 6, 1751. December 5, 1763.

To son Martin SHENKLE 174.

To dau. Sarah YODER 20.

To dau. Magdalena APLER 20.

Exr: son Martin.


BLESSLE, JACOB, Longswamp. 

January 29, 1762. December 5, 1763.

To son Jacob, all my land on condition he maintain myself and wife 

Margaret, as long as we live and after our death, pay to my dau. Anna 

2. To dau. Margaret 4, to son Samuel 4 and maintain Saml. until he 

is 18. Letters C.T.A. to Margaret the widow.

Wit: Hannes DIHL, Michael SMITH.


ADMINS - 1763

SPRING, MARIA, Reading. January 11, 1763.

Adm. to Samuel SCHULTZ, Principal Creditor.

WETZLER, JACOB, Bern. March 7, 1763.

Adm. to Henry STEHLE and his wife Margaret, who was widow of said 


URY, CHRISTOPHER, Tulpehocken. March 24, 1763.

Adm. to Rosina URY, the widow.

SADLER, PHILIP, Exeter. March 24, 1763.

Adm. to Rosina SADLER, the widow.

HOCH, JOHN Jr., Oley. March 28, 1763.

Adm. to Susanna HOCH, the widow.

SCHNEPP, MARY, widow, Oley. March 30, 1763.

Adm. to Martin SCHENCKEL, Principal Creditor.

ROTH, MICHAEL, Maxatawny. May 18, 1763.

Adm. to Christopher ROTH, only son.

HUCK, ANDREAS, Cumru. June 21, 1763.

Adm. to Anna Margaret HUCK, the widow.

EISCHENBACH, ANDREW, Colebrookdale. June 27, 1763.

Adm. to Mary EISCHENBACH, the widow.

ROBERTS, REES, Union. August 1, 1763.

Adm. to James ROBERTS, only son.

RENN, BERNARD, Windsor. August 18, 1763.

Adm. to John KIEHL and his wife Anna Maria, who was widow of said 


FINCHER, JOHN of the New Purchase. October 1, 1763.

Adm. to John FINCHER eldest son.

ARNOLD, PETER, Tulpehocken. October 25, 1763.

Adm. to Anna Maria ARNOLD, the widow.

DRURY, EDWARD, Reading. October 26, 1763.

Adm. to Sarah DRURY, the widow.

REPERT, JOHN, Oley. November 22, 1763.

Adm. to Margaret REPERT and Stephen REPERT, eldest son.

SCHEFFER, GEORGE, Maxatawny. November 29, 1763.

Adm. to Catherine SCHEFFER, the widow.

WILLS - 1764

AULEBACH, ANTIES, Tulpehocken. 

December 17, 1763. January 4, 1764.

Son Daniel, my plantation where I now live for 450.

To Nicklis AULEBACH 15.

To Simon, John Andrew, Elizabeth, Maricatrina, Magdalena.

& Markred annual payments, until all is paid.

The will is very awkwardly worded, but names are correct, had 8 

children. Letters C.T.A. to Daniel AULBACH, eldest son.


HUGH, ELLIS, formerly Oley, now Exeter. 

January 5, 1764. January 27, 1764. 

Provides for wife Jane.

To son Samuel, plantation, sawmill, etc. whereon he lives in Exeter 

(described) containing 162 acres 54 per.

Also Sewells History and other books and all cattle, farming utensils.

To son Edward, plantation, etc. whereon he lives (described) containing 

96 acres 38 per.

To grandson George HUGH son of John decd, plantation etc. whereon son 

John lately lived (described) containing 52 acres 22 per.

He allowing his mother Martha HUGH, 1/3 of profits during her life.

To dau. Margaret wife of Samuel LEE, 5 shillings having been advanced.

Son in law Samuel LEE sons Samuel and Edward, Exrs.

Codicil same date gives to son William 5 shillings and revokes legacy 

of land to grandson George HUGH and gives it to all the children of son 

John, viz., George, Jane, Eleanor and Sarah allowing George 2 shares.

Letters to Saml. and Edward HUGH.

Wit: Jesse WILLITS, Wm. BOONE, James STARR, Abel THOMAS.

BURCKEY, Jacob, Bern. 

September 7, 1763. March 2, 1764.

To sons Christian and Hans, all my land, cattle, tools, horses, wagons, 

etc. They paying to each of my 3 daus, Maria, Cathrina and Anna 70 and 

provide for their mother(not named) during life.

Exrs: Christian YODER and Hannes KURTZ.

Wit: Hannes YODER and Steffen KURTZ.


WILLSON, THOMAS, Colebrookdale. 

January 22, 1764. February 28, 1764.

Provides for wife Catherin, includes her abode in my new house on my 

plantation I lately bought of John TAYLOR in Providence Twp., Chester 

Co. until son Andrew is 21, when he is to have the place and provide 

for his mother. To eldest son Thomas, the 100 acres in Colebrookdale, 

and 5 and mentions his (son Thos.) father-in-law Mathias ROTH.

To eldest dau. Catherin 40, having had 60 already.

To youngest dau. Anna Catherin 40, having had 60.

Exrs.: wife and son in law John SHULTZ.

Wit: John SNIDER and Michael WALTER.

RISSER, HENRY, Maiden Creek. 

March 7, 1763 - March 3, 1764.

To nephew John RISSER of Maiden Creek, all my goods and chattels and 

also Exr. Wit: Johannes CLAASS and Christian RISCHSTEIN.


February 18, 1764 - March 6, 1764.

To son Abraham, my place together with the Deed, buildings, etc.

To wife Margaretta and her 4 children to possess the place until 

Abraham is of age, for 600.

Personal estate to be sold, and divided among 3 children by first wife 

Mary, viz., Jacob, Barbara, and Anna.

Remainder of estate in 8 equal shares, to wife and 7 children.

Exrs: friends Christian YODER and John KURTZ.

Wit: Maritz ZUG and Jost YODER.


KOCH, HENRY, Exeter. 

January 12, 1764 - March 29, 1764.

To son Matthias, the bonds in number 9, in the whole 135.

And son Matthias shall provide us with meat, drink, and apparel.

And shall give to the 2 grandchildren, to wit, Maria Eva and Barbara 

one cow or 3.

And to my dau. Eva shall have the 40 shillings from the horse, which 

Geo. HOFFMAN owes me.

And pay 5 to the 2 churches in Reading, to wit 50 shillings to the 

Lutheran, 50 shillings to the Reformed and this my son shall pay in the 

year 1772. C.T.A. to Cathrina KOCH, the widow.

Wit: Stephen BIEG and Henrich ALTER.


MERTZ, JOHN JOST, Rockland. 

January 30, 1764 - April 10, 1764.

Provides for wife Anna Mary.

Eldest son to have the place when of age, according to the valuation, 

but if he is not obedient to his mother, he shall have 2 to 10 per 

advance. Afterwards his share shall be equal with the others.

Exrs: bro-in-law Reicherdt HOFMAN and wife Anna Mary.

Wit: Ludwig RAUHENZAM and Henrich MERTZ.



November 24, 1763 - May 5, 1764.

If he dies before the woman, then the woman shall have his estate, and 

maintain herself as long as she lives. And if the woman, Margaret by 

name should die also, then Henry BRENDLE shall have the remainder goods,

reserving at least 5 to Philipine MERCKIN.

What concerns Cunrath HART and his wife they shall because of their bad 

and good for nothing words have their English shilling and no more.

Exr: young Henry BRENDLE.

Wit: Joseph WENGER and Nicholas SCHANTZ.


HESS, John, Longswamp. 

January 2, 1764 - May 7, 1764.

Provides for wife Sabrina, my 5 children, Margaret, Catrina, Sabinah, 

Christina and Henrich be raised on my estate without charge.

Exrs: George KIME and wife Sabinah.

Wit: Samuel OYSTER, Thomas BANFIELD and John OYSTER.

FOX, YOST, Heidleberg. 

July 27, 1761 - May 25, 1764.

To son Adam, my plantation, horse, geers, etc., paying dau. Phillipina 

on her marriage 30, etc., and household goods.

Provides for wife Elizabeth, during her life.

Letters, C.T.A. to Adam FOX.

The widow renouncing.

Wit: Jonas SEELY, Johann Gasper DIEHL and Abraham BROSIUS.


May 4, 1764 - June 28, 1764.

To son Michael, who is yet in Europe, 5 shillings.

To wife Catharine, all estate during life. And at her death, I give my 

plantation to my wife's sister's son Christian RITSCHART.

in Cumry Twp. at appraised value, he paying 1/5 thereof to his sisters, 

Magdalena ZWERENTZ, Anna RITSCHART, Elizabeth BLESSING and Dorothea 

RITH. Exr: Friend Christopher STEINLEY.

Wit: Hans HOMMIG and Hans Adam BERN.


MOHR, JOHN, Cumru. 

June 2, 1764 - October 2, 1764.

To Ludwig, the plantation whereon I now live in Cumru, containing 245 

acres. He paying legacies as follows.

To son Werner MOHR, 100.

To dau. Magdalena wife to George HEAN, 50.

To dau. Maria wife to Jacob LEDY, 50.

Remainder to son Ludwig.

Exrs: friends Henrich CHRIST and Samuel WEISER.

Wit: Valentine KERBER and Geo. GEISLER.

WALL, WENDEL, Alsace. 

November 15, 1764 - November 24, 1764.

Non cupative will.

To wife Christina, all estate during widowhood, with power to dispose 

of same at death or marriage among my 4 children, viz, Peter, Jacob, 

Michael and Mary. Letters to Christina WALL, the widow.

Wit: Johannes KLOOS and Jacob KISLING.

ADMINS - 1764

HUGHES, John, Exeter. February 6, 1764.

Adm. to Martha HUGHES, the widow.

MARBURGER, MARGARET, Windsor. February 11, 1764.

Adm. to Valentine ROST, the eldest son.

NUCOMER, JOHN JR., Alsace. February 20, 1764.

Adm. to John NUCOMER, the father.

EMMERT, FRONICA, spinster, Ruscomb. February 23, 1764.

Adm. to George EMMERT, eldest bro.

SCHWENCK, BALTHASAR, Maxatawny. February 25, 1764.

Adm. to Anna Margaret SCHWENCK, the widow.

SCHMETHER, JOHN, Albany. March 27, 1764.

Adm. to Anna Catharina SCHMETHER, the widow.

MERTZ, JOHN JOST, Rockland. April 10, 1764.

Adm. to Anna Maria MERTZ, the widow.

TRAUTMAN, JOHN, Tulpehocken. April 27, 1764.

Adm. to Eva TROUTMAN, the widow.

KILLION, CASPER, Berks Co. May 7, 1764.

Adm. to Peter FOGT, next of kin.

FOLMER, JACOB, Tulpehocken. May 28, 1764.

Adm. to Justina Catharina FOLMER, the widow.

DIBRE, GEORGE, Bern. May 28, 1764.

Adm. to Jacob DIBRE, his bro.

CARL, GEORGE, of the New Purchase. June 1, 1764.

Adm. to Anna Maria CARL, the widow.

REIN, JACOB, Maxatawny. June 2, 1764.

Adm. to Susanna REIN, the widow.

HATTINGER, MARTIN, Greenwich. June 2, 1764.

Adm. to Catharina HATTINGER, the widow.

RESH, JACOB, Windsor. June 4, 1764.

Adm. to Catharina RESH, the widow.

UNBAHAUER, STEPHEN, Bern. July 9, 1764.

Adm. to Balthasar UNBAHAUER, only son.

BIEBER, SARAH, the widow, Richmond. September 22, 1764.

Adm. to Lawrence BIEBER, eldest son.

NEUMAN, CHARLES, Berks Co. October 22, 1764.

Adm. to Charles WITZ and his wife Margaret, who was widow of said intestate. 

WEEBER, MATHIAS Jr., Bern. December 5, 1764.

Adm. to Margaret WEEBER, the widow.

BIEGEL, WILLIAM HENRY, died at sea from Holland. December 15, 1764.

To Wm. Henry BIEGEL, only son. 

WILLS - 1765


December 29, 1764 - January 14, 1765.

To eldest son Jacob, 5.

Wife Anna, to have the place until Jacob is of age. When he May take it 

at appraisement, paying to his bros and sisters, their equal share. 

Providing for his mother, during widowhood.

Caspar STRUMP and Harmes STEINER to be guardians of children.

Exr: widow.

Wit: Christian KURTZ and Rud. DETWILER.


McGREW, CHARLES, of Virginia. 

December 22, 1764 - January 29, 1765.

Being now a sojourner in Pennsylvania.

To son James, 125 acres of land in Virginia, part of 500, I lately 

bought of Philip KNOWLAND.

To son John, 125 acres, of same land.

To son Charles, 50 acres of land.

To dau. Elizabeth McGREW, 50 acres of land and all her mothers clothes, 

etc. To son Robert, 50 acres of land, when he is 21. He is to be kept 

by James and John until he is 17.

Remainder to James and John, paying to the other three, 25.

Exrs: James and John.

Wit: Jacob SWITZER and Jos. MILLARD, Esq.

FISCHER, MARIA, widow of Johannes, Oley Hills, District Twp.

no date - February 19, 1765.

To sons dau. Maria Barbara FISCHER, 10, etc.

To the other sister Catharina who is with Matthias HOLLENBACH, 10.

To dau. Magdalena BENNFIELD, 10, bed, etc.

To my late sons wife Catharine HERTH, 10.

The above legacies to be paid by Jacob HERTH, out of the 40 I lent 

him. To dau. Sarah KRUSS, 8.

To dau. Catharina REBERT, 1 shilling.

To daus Anna Rosina WALTER and Elizabeth HOLLENBACH, 7 to 10 each.

Mentions a Jacob WALTER, who was probably husband of Anna Rosina.

Letters C.T.A. to Jacob GRUSS, intermarried with Sarah, dau. of decd.

Wit: Peter WALLER, Christian CUNRAD and Jacob POSCH.



February 26, 1753 - January 30, 1765.

To wife Maria Barbara, all my estate during widowhood and during life 

if she marry with the consent of her assisstant Abm. BROSIUS of 

Reading. Left but one child, Jacob Frederick; and Peter WEISER and 

Henrich HAHN are named as his guardians. If he dies underage, 1/2 of 

estate to the United Church in Reading and the other 1/2 to children of 

Simon MORLOCKEN and Johannes GRUBER, who married my wife's sisters and 

living in the Jurisdiction of Maulbromer in the Dutchy of Wurtemberg.

Letters C.T.A. to Jacob Frederick, the only son.

Wit: William MARKS and Peter SCHNEIDER.


SCHMIDT, HENRICH, Heidelberg. 

February 23, 1765 - March 5, 1765.

To eldest son Balthasar and second son Henrich shall have 25 each and 

2 youngest children Jacob and Dorothea, in which have attended and 

taken care of me in my age and sickness shall have all remainder of 

estate. Exr: friend Frederick GERHARD.

Wit: Tobias BOCKEL and George BRENDEL.

Translation by Jno. PRICE.

HOHMAN, JOHN, Robison. 

February 7, 1765 - March 7, 1765.

Wife Catherine all estate during widowhood and at death or marriage to 

be equally divided among my 7 children, John, Samuel, Catherine, 

Abraham, Mary, Fred, and Henry.

Son John having 10 before division.

Exr: wife Catherine.

Wit: George DAUNHAUER and Owen LANG.


January 23, 1762 - March 15, 1765.

Wife Mary, my house and lot in Reading and all other estate, she paying 

the legacies.

To eldest dau. Eleanor COLLIER, 5 shillings.

To dau. Abigail CLEWS, 5.

To dau. Ruth CLEWS, 5, to be paid at 18 or marriage.

Exr: wife Mary and stepson William IDDINGS to be Trustee to aid and assist her. 

Wit: Michael BRECHT, Isaac DEPOY, and Jos. MILLARD.


February 8, 1765 - April 27, 1765.

To wife Ann Regina, use of land and plantation for bringing up and 

educating children until eldest son is 21.

To son Nicholas, 1/2 of plantation I now live on in Oley and 1/2 of my 

land in the Hills, when 21 and providing for his mother during life.

To youngest son John, the other 1/2 of said lands, at 21.

To dau. Margaret wife of Frederick MYERLY, 67 at 21.

To daus Mary and Elizabeth, 110 each.

To daus Cathereen and Barbara 110, when son John is 21.

Exrs: bro. Anthony HUNTER, Mathias RICHARD and wife Ann Regena.

Wit: William BOONE, Samuel BOONE, and John RINGER.


March 11, 1758 - May 27, 1765.

Provides for wife Dorothy.

To dau. Cathereen, wife of John SANDS, 4, having had 36.

To 2 grandchildren, John and Cathareen WEIDNER, children of my dau. 

Barbara, 18 each when of age.

Their father John WEIDNER having rec'd. 4.

To 5 grandchil by dau. Dorothy wife of George WEIDNER 33 to be divided. 

To dau. Mary wife of Daniel LODOWICK, 4 having rec'd. 36.

To son John, all rem, also Exr.

Wit: Wm. BOONE, Jacob BOYER, Adino WILLIAMS.


February 18, 1765 - June 24, 1765.

Provides for wife Margretha.

My sons John, David, and Richard have already had their full share from 

me. To Andrew, 1/2 of all my lands and moveables.

To my younger sons, Jacob, George, and Christian, the other 1/2 of my 

lands. To dau. Mary wife of John JONES and to Elizabeth wife of Geo. 

MACK, 10 each. To the children of Judith late wife of John ROADS, 

10. To Anna wife of Joseph BETTY, 10.

To Margretha wife of Jacob FOIGE 20.

To Elizabeth KURTZ, a mare and 2 cows.

To younger daus Sarah and Hannah 10 and 2 cows each.

Exrs: friends Jacob MILLER and Henry BORTZ.

Wit: Christopher SHULTZE and Ludwick BITTING.

LANG, CONRATH, Tulpehocken. 

May 15, 1755 - July 22, 1765.

To Anna Barbara LANG, all estate of every description.

Exr: Anna Barbara LANG.

Wit: John Peter LOUKS, George HOFFENBERGER and Adam JORDAN.


March 22, 1765 - July 22, 1765.

All estate including tract of land in Cumry to be sold and the proceeds 

divided among my 7 children, as follows.

To eldest son Isaac, 450.

To son Ezekiel, 450.

To son Daniel, 450.

To son John 450.

To son Abel, 350.

To dau. Mary 200.

To dau. Rachel 200.

The 3 youngest, Abel, Mary and Rachel, to be taught to read, write and 

cypher at expense of estate.

Remainder equally divided.

Exrs: sons Isaac and Ezekiel.

Wit: Abel LLOYD, Jonathan JONES, and Jonathan PRICE.


May 15, 1755 - October 1, 1765.

To wife Anna Marta, all my estate real and personal, during her life 

and at her death son Michael is to have the plantation in Tulpehocken, 

containing 127 acres, 70 per.

Paying 180, as follows.

To George 30.

To Christian 30.

To Elizabeth SHEERMAN 30.


To John, 30.

To Michael for his own share.

I give to my sons John and Michael 8 each.

C.T.A. to Anna Marta PFAFFENBERGER, the widow.

Wit: Peter LOUKS, Conrad LANG and Adam JORDAN.

KIRBY, THOMAS, Maiden Creek. 

April 16, 1761 - October 2, 1765.

Mentions that heirs seized of a tract of 529 acres of land on 

Schuylkill in Exeter. Also of tract of 69 acres adjoining said tract.

To oldest son Joseph, the tract of 69 acres and also 131 acres of the 

larger tract.

To sons William and Peter the remainder of said tract being 398 acres, 

to be evenly divided between them.

To sons Stanley and Michael my tract of 380 acres in Maiden Creek, to 

be evenly divided.

Also to son Standly 100 towards maintenace of wife and dau. Mary(as 

she is impotent).

To son Thomas, my riding horse, he having been provided for.

To son John 50 having not behaved himself as should have done.

To dau. Elizabeth 5 shillings.

Remainder to Standly.

Whereas I THOMAS KIRBY son of William KIRBY late of Peter Street in 

Westminster, City of London and Elizabeth his wife my mother, was by my 

uncle Wm. STANDLEY and my mother by indentures dated in or about the 

last year of the reign of our late Sovereigh Lady Ann, Queen of Great 

Britain, bound as an apprentice to a certain James SPENCER living in 

Black Friars, the city aforesaid, whitesmith. Being as I am informed 

the only surviving heir and nearest of kin living to the estate of my 

grandfather STANDLY (mother's father) who with his son, Thomas my Uncle 

are December'd. without issue. [Goes on to devise his right in certain 

real estate to his son Joseph.].

Exr: son Standley.

Wit: Peter RODARMLE and Rudolph HIGH.

SMITH, MATTHIAS, Tulpehocken. 

April 8, 1763 - October 2, 1765.

To wife Cathrina Margretha, all personal estate during life and at her 

decease to be divided in 8 equal parts, among children and 

grandchildren, viz, Mathias, Adam, John, Christina, Jacob, Godlieb, 

Philip and one share to my grandchildren, Matthias, Juliana and 

Cathrina SUMMER. 

Mentions having sold his improvement to son Jacob.

Exr: son Adam.

Wit: Jacob MILLER and Johannes George MAUERLE.


January 23, 1765 - October 30, 1765.

To my mother Eva Rosina KERST, 150.

To bros Henry, George, sisters Juliana MERCKEL of Reading and Mary HUFF 

of Maiden Creek, my plantation in Exeter and ALSACE to be evenly 

divided among them.

To the above named bros and sisters, all the land which May be allotted 

from the plantation which Anthony JEAGER has in possession in Oley.

Exr: Bro. in law, Christian MERCKEL.

Wit: Jacob HOFFMAN, Peter FEDLER, and William REESER.


ADMINS - 1765

CRON, MARTIN, Alsace. February 27, 1765.

Adm. to Margaret HAAS, widow of intestate.

SCHEFFER, MARGARET, widow, Oley. March 2, 1765.

Adm. to Henry SCHMECK, eldest son of John SCHMECK, who was eldest son 

of said intestate.

KNEP, MATHIAS, Alsace. April 17, 1765.

Adm. to Michael BARTHOLINE and his wife Anna Maria, who was the widow 

of said intestate.

BOWER, CONRAD, Reading. April 22, 1765.

Adm. to Catharine BOWER, the widow.

SCHWARTZ, HENRY, Tulpehocken. May 13, 1765.

Adm. to Regina SCHWARTZ, the widow.

HELLER, LUDWIG, Reading. July 22, 1765.

Adm. to Barbara HELLER, the widow.

LONGWORTHY, BENJAMIN, Oley. October 29, 1765.

Adm. to Mary LONGWORTHY, the widow.

FEICK, HANNES, Bern. October 20, 1765.

Adm. to Anna FEICK, the widow.

STARR, JEREMIAH, Maiden Creek. October 31, 1765.

Adm. to James STARR, Reading, one of the bros.

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