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Relations: -  Sandra Hart, Marsha Fenstermacher

From: History Of Lehigh County, Vol 1,2,& 3.
Transcribed by: Sandra Hart

The name Fenstermacher, was all students of German well know, is derived from a like word in that language signifying "windowmaker." By many members of the family it is spelled "Fenstermaker," and the writer of this sketch has heard of at least one instance where the still more anglicized form "Glazier" was adopted. In one of the early Berks county tax lists, the clerk who copied the record, perhaps in a spirit of humor, wrote the name "Windowmaker."

The Fenstermacher family with which we are most familiar, and whose representatives are quite numerous in this and nearby counties, has its origin in Mathias Fenstermacher, a native of the German Palatinate, who crossed the sea on the good ship "Glasgow" which landed at Philadelphia, Sept. 9, 1738. On the original list of passengers his age is given as sixty years, and he was therefore born about 1678. He was accompanied to America by his two sons, Jacob, then twenty-nine years of age, and Wilhelm, twenty-five years of age. These three were preceded to the new world by a third son, Philip, who was removed to Alburtis and there carried on a general store business until he died in 1909. Altogether he followed the life of an enterprising, successful merchant for upwards of forty years. a passenger on the good ship, Samuel, and qualified at Philadelphia, Aug. 30, 1737. He was then twenty-four years of age.

There is a tradition that the family first settled in Oley township, Berks county. The first positive record we have, however, is in the Berks county tax list of 1753, where Longswamp township is given as the residence of the father and of his two sons, Jacob and Philip. Concerning the other son, Wilhelm, who accompanied his father to the new world, nothing further is known at this time. The name of Mathias Fenstermacher appears in the early tax lists as late as 1761, at which time he probably died, being then eighty-three years old.

Jacob Fenstermacher, the eldest son of Mathias, was one of the founders of the Longswamp Reformed church. The proprietary return of 1767 shows that he was the owner of one hundred acres of land in that township, and his name appears in the federal census of 1790, indicating that he was then still living. We have no record as to the date of his death and he had no WILL. He was twice married, his second wife being the Widow Koehler, and we know of at least seven children: (1) William; (2) Anna Maria, b. May 16, 1740 (?), d. May 10, 1801 (wife of Michael Bieber, b. Feb. 11, 1740, d. Oct. 26, 1832); (3) Christian; (4) Joseph; (5) Jacob; (6) Anna Barbara; And (7) Johannes.

Philip Fenstermacher, the youngest son of Mathias, was born Feb. 27, 1713, and was also a member of the Longswamp Reformed church. At an early date he acquired valuable land on which in later years iron ore was found in large quantities. Some of this land is still in possession of his descendants. In 1767 the proprietary return shows him to have been the owner of 150 acres, and in, 1779, 250 acres. He was also the owner of land in Lynn township, this county. He died June 15, 179o, and his WILL, dated July 1, 1789, was probated at the Berks court-house, on July 9, 1790. In the will provision was made for his wife, Elizabeth and after her death for his eight sons and one daughter: (1) John and (2) Christian, who, with his wife, were the executors, were given his dwelling and plantation of 249 acres and 6o perches (3) Peter was given another plantation of 103 acres and 140 perches, whereon he then resided; (4) Jacob was given (pounds)300; (5) Abraham, (pounds)350; (6) Magdalena (wife of Christopher Eylert), (pounds)300; the remaining sons (7) Philip, (8) Michael, and (9) Daniel, were evidently provided for during the lifetime of their father. Paul Grosscup and John.Borger were the witnesses to the WILL. Elizabeth Fenstermacher, the widow of Philip, died Oct. 1, 1791, aged 65 years and 11 months. They are both buried in the old graveyard adjoining the Longswamp church, of which they had for many years been faithful members.

William Fenstermacher, son of Jacob, was born Oct. 11, 1740, and about the year 1770 settled in Heidelberg township, this county, where he became a man of prominence. During the early days of the Revolutionary War he was a member of Capt. Conrad Roeder's Fifth Company of the Third Battalion of militia, and later served under the same captain in the fifth battalion. He operated a distillery in connection with his farm of 170 acres, and died Nov. 27, 1801, survived by his widow, Margareth Elizabeth, and five children: (1) Philip, b. Oct. 6, 1771; (2) George, b. Jan. 18, 1773; (3) William, b. March 22, 1775; (4) John; and (5) Elizabeth, b. Oct. 25, 1787, wife of Gottfried Peter. Another daughter, Anna Catharina, born in Longswamp township in 1763, probably died young, as no mention is made of her. William Fenstermacher is buried in the old Heidelberg cemetery, and doubtless also his wife, although no trace can be found of her tombstone.

Christian Fenstermacher, another son of Jacob, was born in Longswamp, June 8, 1748. At an early age he settled in Allen township, Northampton county, where he owned a farm of 140 acres. His death occurred Jan. 25, 1829. His wife, Maria Barbara Hilbert, born Dec. 4, 1757, was a daughter of John Hilbert, of Rockland township, Berks county. She died Dec. 20, 1826, and with her husband is buried at Schoenersville. Christian and Maria Barbara Fenstermacher were the parents of ten children: (1) Anna Magdalena, b. Oct. 18, 1776; (2) John, b. Dec. 4, 1778; (3) Philip, b. Nov. 20, 1783; (4) Maria Magdalena, b. Dec. 6, 1785; (5) Michael, b. Aug- 4, 1793; (6) Elizabeth, b. April 18, 1795; (7) Maria, b. Feb. 18, 1798; (8) Henry, b. Feb. 16, 1800; (9) Regina, m. Ross and had four children: John, Hannah, Lea, and Charles; and (10) Joseph.

Joseph Fenstermacher, son of Jacob, was born about the year 1750 in Longswamp, where he also acquired land, being taxed for 100 acres in 1779, and for 150 acres in 1780. His WILL is on record at the Berks courthouse in Vol. 4, page 363. It was made Dec. 26, 1805, and probated Aug 4, 18o6. His wife, Anna Margaret, m. n. Hoak, was the executrix, and provision was made in the will for his son, Johannes, to have the first right to the land at valuation, after her death. Her death evidently occurred prior to 1812, for on March 23rd of that year the heirs of Joseph Fenstermacher gave a release deed for 180 acres to his son, Johannes. The following are the names of their eight children:

i. Johannes, b. Feb. 8, 1776.

2. Peter, b. NOV. 20, 1778.

3. Rebecca, b. March 6, 1781, (wife of John Rau).

4. Catharina, b. Oct. 13, 178:2, (wife of George Kuhl).

5. Magdalena, b. Sept. 8, 1783, (wife of Jacob Leibensperger).

6. Elizabeth, b. May 24, 1788, (wife of Adam Keller).

7. Jacob, b. Sept. 11, 1789.

.8. Joseph.

Peter and Jacob are not mentioned in the WILL, nor were they parties to the release deed, probably having died before their father.

Johannes Fenstermacher, son of Jacob, was doubtless the same as the Johannes who was the founder of a large branch of the family in Lehigh and Allen townships, Northampton county. In the former township he owned a farm of 100 acres. In the year 1782 he was enrolled as a private in Captain John Dieter's Seventh Company of the Third Battalion of Militia. By trade he was a carpenter. He died in 1815, survived by his widow, Anna Maria, and ten children:

1. Johannes, b. Aug. 20, 1781.

2. Jacob, b. April 12, 1783.

3. Solomon.

4. George, b. July 7, 1787.

5. Joseph, b. Oct. 2, 1789.

6. Elizabeth, b. March 14, 1792, M. Conrad Dreisbach.

7. Jonathan, b. Jan. 23, 1794.

8. Isaac.

9. Mary Magdalena, b. May 9, 1799, m John Peter Bachman.

10. Catharina, b. Feb. 1802, m. Dr. Griffith J. Scholl.

Philip Fenstermacher, son of Philip, was born Feb. 10, 1746, and when quite a young man moved to Lowhill township, this county, where, on May 12, 1767, he secured a warrant for sixty-seven acres of, land. He later purchased other land in the same township, and also owned grist mill. His wife, Maria Eva Knerr, whom he married in 1767, was born May 27, 1746, a daughter of Abraham Knerr. Soon after their marriage they joined the Lowhill church, organized in 1769, in the record of which appears the baptisms of most of their children. Philip Fenstermacher served as a private during the war of the Revolution, in 1778, in Capt. John Horner's Fourth Company of the Third Battalion, in 1780, in Capt. Andrew Dapper's Fourth Company of the Sixth Battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Henry Geiger, and in 1782 in the same company and battalion commanded by Col. Henry Geiger. Philip Fenstermacher's wife died Dec. 3, 1802, and on Feb. 27, 1804, he married again the widow, Elizabeth Hartman, who survived him. His death occurred Dec. 20, 1807, his brother, Michael, and Andrew Knerr being the executors of his WILL which was probated Dec. 29, 1807. Philip and Maria Eva Fenstermacher were the parents of eleven children:

(1) Maria Eva, b. April 22, 1768, m. Peter George, and had two children: Christina and Magdalena.

(2) Philip, b. NOV. 7, 1769, d. Aug. 21, 1794. His wife, Margaretha Meyer, d. Jan. 19, 1795, aged 24 years, 9 months and 16 days, and they had three children: Maria Eva, Philip, and Anna Maria, who m. Daniel Acker.

(3) Jacob, b. March 18, 1774.

(4) Johannes, b. July 9, 1776.

(5) Magdalena, b. Feb. 1, 1779, m. Johannes Klotz.

(6) Maria Catharine, b. June 13, 1781, m. Christian Mantz.

(7) Susanna, b. April 21, 1783, m. Peter Rau and had two children: Peter and Maria.

(8) Anna Maria, b. Aug. 29, 1785.

(9) Catharina Barbara, b. Dec. 26, 1788, d. Sept. 4, 1794.

(io) Henry, b. Nov. 6, 1791, d. Dec. 12, 1791

(m) Anna Elizabeth, wife of John George.

Michael Fenstermacher, another son of Philip, Sr., was born July 2, 1749, and like others of his family left the parental roof in early manhood. He took up his residence in Lynn township, where, in October, 1773, he married Philippina Kerschner, b. Sept. 20, 1753. He built an oil mill, which was later changed into a grist-mill, on a creek near Lynnville, and also opened a store in his dwelling-house. It was formerly narrated of him that for many years his doors were without locks, bolts or bars. He was urged to fasten his doors and finally consented. The next week after he had bolted and barred his store it was broken into and some of his goods taken. Michael Fenstermacher took an active part in the struggle for independence. In 1780 and 1782 he was a sergeant in Capt. Adam Stahler's First Company of the Sixth Battalion of Militia, and in 1783 ensign in Capt. Samuel Everett's First Company of the First Battalion of Militia. He was a member of the Lynn township (Ebenezer) church. His death occurred Dec. 1, 1831, and that of his wife on March 22, 1837. Both are buried in the old graveyard adjoining the Ebenezer church. Michael and Philippina Fenstermacher had seven sons and three daughters, as follows: (1) Jacob, b. April 14, 1775; (2) Philip; (3) Conrad; (4) Abraham, b. Feb. 2, 1781; (5) Johannes, b. Oct. 1, 1785; (6) Daniel, b. Feb. 25, 1790; (7) Peter b. Feb. 3, 1795; (8) Anna Catharina, b. Dec. 13, 1783, m. Samuel Billman; (9) Elizabeth, m. George Sendel; and (10) Barbara, m. Conrad Kerschner and had ten children: John, Elias, Gideon, Daniel, David, Mathias, Jeremiah, Salome, Catharine, and Abigail.

Jacob Fenstermacher, son of Philip, Sr., was born Nov. 19, 1751, and moved to Rockland township, Berks county, where he married Elizabeth Basters. The latter bore him five children: (1) Daniel, b. Dec. 7, 1777; (2) Magdalena, b. March 15, 1780; (3) Maria Charlotta, b. Oct. 22, 1788; (4) Henry, b. Jan. 1, 1792; and (5) George. His first wife, dying on June 30, 1796, he married again, Maria Troutman, b. Oct. 22, 1767, and she bore him seven children: (6) Abraham, b. June 9, 1797; (7) Judith, b. June 20,1798; (8) David, b. Dec. 6, 1799; (9) Reuben, b. Aug. 11, 1805; (10) Nathanael, b. Sept. 9, 18io; (11) James, b. Dec. 28, 18ig; and (12) Susanna, b. June 15, 1822.

Jacob Fenstermacher owned a farm of 100 acres in his native township, whereon he also operated a saw-mill and hemp mill. His death occurred July 19, 1835, and that of his wife, Maria, on Aug 21, 1850. They are both buried at De Long's church, Bowers.

Joseph Fenstermacher, son of Johannes and grandson of Jacob, was born Oct. 2, 1789, and died March 4, 1862. His wife, Maria Christina, m. n. Cole, was b. Feb. 1, 1783 and d. Nov. 4, 1879. Joseph Fenstermacher was a farmer near Stone Church, Northampton county, and was at one time supervisor in Allen township. He and his wife are both buried at Stone Church. They were the parents of five sons and six daughters: (1) Ephraim, a farmer of Lehigh township, (his wife was Julianna, nee Bachman and they had nine children: Aaron, b. Aug. 21, 184o; William, b. Sept. 16, 1843; James M., b. Feb. 23, 1851; Christianna C., b. Feb. 23, 1851 ; Maria, b. Jan. 3, 1846, m. Henry Heffelfinger; Franklin S., b. Nov. 26, 1853; Sarah Louisa, b. Feb. 14, 1849; Tilghman E., b. Nov. 26,1856; and Lucy Ann, b. July 27, 1859; (2) William, a farmer of Allen township, m. Harriet Lerch and had four children: Tilghman A., b. April 28, 1857; Sylvanus; William J.; and Ellen C., b. June 8, 1847, m. Milton Kuntz; (3) Cornelius; (4) Joseph William, b. Nov. 20, 18ig; (5) Christianna, m. Charles Bachman; (6) Julianna, m. John Bachman; (7) Elizabeth, m. Edward Weiss; (8) Magdalena, m. Theophilus Miller; and (9) Annie, m. Jonathan Beil.

Cornelius Fenstermacher, son of Joseph, was a farmer in Allen township, where he was born Jan. 14, ( ?) 1820, and died Nov. 22, 1898. He was a member of the Reformed wing of the Stone Church. His wife, Mary Susanna, m. n. Shive, was b. May 11, 1833, and d. March 3, 1884. Cornelius Fenstermacher raised produce on a thirteen-acre farm. His remains are buried at Stone Church. His children were: Lewis A., b. July 11, 1853, a farmer of Moore township; Harrison F.; and John J., of Hainesport, N. J.

Harrison F. Fenstermacher, of East Allentown was born on the homestead near Stone Church Oct. 23, 186o, and was reared upon the farm. At the age of twenty-one he learned the house painting and paper hanging trade, which he followed in Catasauqua three years. He then worked two years in a furniture factory at Sellersville, Pa., and following this worked at his trade at Lansdale, Pa., where he remained about three years. He then secured a position as timekeeper in the Lehigh Valley Railroad shops at Packerton, Pa., which he held for eleven years. Resigning this position he accepted another as pay-roll clerk with the Atlas Cement Company, and resided at Siegfried, where he remained about seven years. On Sept. 8, 1910, he settled in the Fourteenth ward, East Allentown, where he erected a residence at the corner of Third and Walnut streets. He is employed as an agent by the Prudential Insurance Company and is a member of the Reformed Church. On April 7, 1881, he married Lillian H. Fenner, daughter of Josiah and Elmira (Williams) Fenner, and they had three children: Bessie I., Lee S., and Elsie R., who died June 21, 1910, aged 16 years. Mrs. Fenstermacher died July 29, 1905, aged 44 years and is buried at Stone Church. On May 11, 1910, Mr. Fenstermacher married Ida M. Mosser, the widow of Levi Shollenberger, and by this union they have a son, Harry F.

Jonas Fenstermacher, another son of Johanne and grandson of Jacob, was born Jan. 23, 1794, and died Nov. 27, 1878. He followed farming as an occupation and owned a tract of land near Kreidersville. He married Regina Master, b. May 21, 1796, and died March 15, 1854. He and his wife are buried at Stone Church, of which they were Reformed members. They had seven children: (1) Manasses, b. Oct. 19, 1816; (2) Reuben, b. Nov. 13, 1817; (3) Lea, b. July 8,1820; (4) James, b. Sept. 1, 1821; (5) Henry; (6) Sarah M., b. June 14, 1835, died young; and (7) Caroline, m. Bachman.

Henry Fenstermacher, son of Jonas, was b. March 27, 1824 and d. April 16, 1899. He lived on the Fenstermacher farm, consisting of eighty acres of slate land at Slatedale, Pa. In politics he was a Democrat, and at one time was constable. His remains are buried at the Heidelberg church. His wife, m. n. Sallie Ann German, was b. March 14, 1830, and they were the parents of 12 children: Elias Wilson; Manetta, m. William F. Peter; Jane, m. Edward T. Dilliard; Erasmus H., Caroline A., (d. young); Benjamin H. (d. young); Franklin (d. young); James L.; Edna, m. Frank Nester; Ellen, m. Oscar Reppert; Robert A.; and Alavesta, m. Ulyses E. Smith.

James L. Fenstermacher, son of Henry, a citizen of Emerald, Pa., was born on the homestead in Washington township, Nov. 12, 186o, and remained upon the farm until he was 21 years old. In 1881 he moved to Mauch Chunk where he was employed for a year as an engineer. In 1882 he came to Emerald, where for several years he engaged in the mercantile business. He then secured employment as foreman of the Slate Shaving Department with the National School Slate Company, where he continued for more than a quarter of a century. For three years Mr. Fenstermacher was a slate operator, giving employment to a number of men. In 1904 he built his residence at Emerald, which is the most modern and handsome in the town. He is a member of the Evangelical Church, and served as class-leader and trustee. He is also a teacher in the Sunday school, of which he was for some years the superintendent, and is active in the religious welfare of the community. On Dec. 27, 1880 he married Alice Dorward, a daughter of Henry and Flora (Geiger) Dorward, and they had seven children: Henry E., William C., Clarence J., Urban V., Quinton 0., Horace, and Allen H.

Jacob Fenstermacher, son of Philip, and grandson of Philip, Sr., the immigrant, was born March 18, 1774, and died March 6, 1829. On April 19, 1796 he married Eva Elizabeth Seip, b. Feb. 28, 1778, and d. June 17, 185o. His remains are buried at the Lowhill church, while hers repose in the old graveyard at Neffs. Jacob Fenstermacher and his wife, Eva Elizabeth, had six children, as follows: Jonathan, b. March 27, 1802; Charles, b. Feb. 24, 1805; Elias; Maria, b. Jan. 14, 1797 (Polly, as she was familiarly named, who m. Solomon Ziegler); Judith, m. Jonathan Klein; and Leah, m. Peter Troxell.

Elias Fenstermacher, another son of Jacob, was born in the year 1807, and was a native of Weisenberg township. He was a farmer until 1853 when he removed to Allentown, where he purchased the northwest corner of Tenth and Hamilton streets, and dealt extensively in grain and feed. Later, with his son, Levi, as a partner, they conducted a grocery store in connection with the grain business. During the Civil War the price of wheat reached the high mark in the nation's history, and the farmers in bringing wheat to the Fenstermacher mart, or in passing and asking the price, when told $2.50 per bushel, would frequently remark "uscht," meaning "only," or "is that all." They expected the price of wheat to reach $3.00 per bushel.

Elias Fenstermacher was an able business man, and enjoyed a wide acquaintance. He dealt in groceries and bought and sold grain and salt by the boat loads, his place being the principle dispensary for the county of this staple article. He was a man of enterprise. He was an active spirit during the rebellion, and in politics an uncompromising Democrat. He was a supervisor of Allentown borough. His death occurred Aug. 24, 1875. He and his family were members of the Reformed Church. His wife, Esther Kuhns, died Aug. 8, 1892. Their children, who are now all deceased, were: Levi; Eliza A., the wife of Joseph Ruhe; and Phaon A.

Levi Fenstermacher, son of Elias, was born in the village of Heinimansville, in Weisenberg township, May 22, 1833. In 1853 he came to Allentown with his parents, and was associated with his father in the grain and mercantile business. He and his brother, Phaon, succeeded their father, and for a number of years they were wholesale produce dealers in Philadelphia and Allentown. They were also the first shippers of green groceries into Allentown, at the time when the inhabitants in the borough, were accustomed to use home-grown products of their gardens and fields.

Mr. Fenstermacher had imbibed the spirit of energy and enterprise possessed by his father, and like him was a successful business man and a Democrat in politics. Early in life he was a leader of the church choir, and was one of the organizers of St. John's Reformed church, in which he held many offices.

His wife was Fianna Metzger, a daughter of Jacob and - (Hoch) Metzger, the former at one time a hotel-keeper in Lehighton. Levi Fenstermacher died April 30, 1907, and his wife July 28, 1904. They had six children, namely: Seneca, d. aged three years; Laura, unmarried; William J., deceased; Edward E.; Hattie N., the wife of W. C. Lehr, of the firm of Shankweiler & Lehr, clothing merchants; and Ella, unmarried. All of these reside in Allentown, Pa.

Phaon A. Fenstermacher, son of Elias, was born in the village of Heinimansville, Jan. 27, 1836. In 1853 came with his parents to Allentown, and after the death of his father, engaged in the grain business with his brother, Levi, and later in the wholesale produce business. He also possessed the traits of his father, and was a Jeffersonian Democrat. He was united in marriage with Anna Maria, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Jarrett) Seider, b. Dec. 15, 1838.

Phaon A. Fenstermacher died Jan. 15, 1885, and his wife, Anna Maria, Jan. 13, 1901. They are buried in the Union cemetery at Allentown. Their children follow: Percival S.; Adella F., the wife of J. H. Shimer, of Stockertown, Pa.; Annie, the wife of Rev. C. L. Holloway, a Lutheran minister, of Long Beach, Cal.; and Eveline E., who is single and resides at Long Beach, Cal.

PERCIVAL S. FENSTERMACHER, son of Phaon, member of the state board of agriculture, chairman of the Lehigh county farmers' institutes, noted scientific agriculturist, banker, and representative citizen, resides in Allentown, Pa. He was born at Dubuque, Iowa, July 9, 1857, and when less than two years old his parents removed to Lehigh county, Pa. The public schools of Allentown afforded Mr. Fenstermacher his early mental training, and later this was supplemented by a course in the Allentown Business College. For three years he kept the books for Fenstermacher Brothers, wholesale produce dealers, in Philadelphia, after which he became a clerk for four years with Milton J. Kreamer, in "the old corner store," Seventh and Hamilton streets, Allentown. He was bookkeeper for Rube Brothers, in Allentown. In 1882 he was married to Agnes Kern, daughter of Edwin and Eliza (Gross) Kern, of Kernsville, Pa. Mr. Fenstemacher was compelled, owing to failing health to seek outdoor employment, and moved upon the Seider's homestead, which belonged to his mother. This farm he cultivated along scientific lines for twenty years. It is situated in Upper Saucon township, which district Mr. Fenstermacher served with marked ability as school director and later justice of the peace, for nearly ten years, resigning the office in 1903, when he moved into his residence at No. 214 North Eighth street Allentown, Pa.

He still carries on extensively general scientific farming, and he was one of the pioneers to engage in commercial orcharding. He is the general manager of the Trexler orchards, consisting Of 20,000 fruit trees, principally peaches and apples, which produce the most perfect fruit grown in the entire state. This has won for him a national reputation as a pomologist and scientific agriculturist.

Mr. Fenstermacher was one of the organizers of the Merchants' National Bank, Allentown, and served as a director of that institution until the organization of the Allentown Trust Company, in which movement he likewise participated and became a member of the board of directors, a position he still holds.

Politically his affiliations are with the Republican party. At different times he has taken an active interest in party matters. He was delegate to various conventions, notably the famous QuayHastings contest for state chairman in 1896.

Mr. Fenstermacher and his family are members of the Lutheran church. He has been active in church and Sunday school work all- his lifetime. The following are the names of his children: Lloyd S., of Spirit Lake, Idaho; Vinnie H., the wife of Dr. Otto C. Reiche; Anna, deceased. She was a public school teacher in New Jersey; Robert P., is a salesman for the Lehigh Portland Cement Company; Harry K., a stateroad inspector of Pennsylvania; Adella A.; Evylin M.; Theodore R.; Alma C.; and Samuel S.

EDWARD E. FENSTERMACHER, son of Levi, proprietor of the Columbia hotel and restaurant, Tenth and Hamilton streets, Allentown, was born where he has always lived, and now owns, May 18, 1865. He was educated in the Allentown high school. He became a partner with his father under the firm name of L. Fenstermacher & Co., commission merchants of green groceries, at 18-20-22 North Tenth street. They were in business about ten years. In 1894 Mr. Fenstermacher obtained a license for what is known as the Columbia hotel and restaurant. The hotel has twenty-eight rooms, and in the successful conduct of his business he employs fifteen people.

On Jan. 17, 1900, Mr. Fenstermacher was united in marriage with Ella L. Wotring, daughter of Edwin and Rosa (Guth) Waring, who lives at the Sand Spring in North Whitehall township, and hails from a long-settled French Huguenot family, whose full early history appears in this volume.

Mr. and Mrs. Fenstermacher have no children. They are members of the Reformed Church. Mr. Fenstermacher has membership in the following lodges: B. P. 0. E., No. 130; F.O.E., No. I10; and K. G. E., all of Allentown.

Charles, a third son of Jacob, and grandson of Philip Fenstermacher, was b. Feb. 24, 1805, and d. April 6, 1875. His wife, Maria Zimmerman, daughter of Benjamin and Maria Kuhns Zimmerman, was b. Aug. I I, 1820, and d. March 19, 1909. Both are buried at the Unionville church. Of this union four children survived: Benjamin P.; Charles Henry; Amelia; and Maria, wife of Reuben Semmel.

Benjarriin P. Fenstermacher was b. April 25, 1845, and d. at his home in Schnecksville on Dec. 24, 1910. His widow, who is still living, was Louisa, m. n. Semmel, and they had the following children: Charles; Katie L., wife of Rev. Thomas Bachman; Allen R., b. March 25, 1894, and d. Nov. 30, 1908; Howard; 0liver J.; Robert A.; Lillian; Annie; Daisy; and Edgar B., b. July 13, 1876, and d. April 7, 1905.

OLIVER J. FENSTERMACHER was born Oct. 4, 1879, in Schnecksville, and received his early education in the township schools. For a time he worked on his father's farm, and later entered the employ of Mr. Rex as a clerk. In 1899 he secured a position as clerk with E. E. Long & Co., at Egypt, and in 1909 became a partner in that firm. The business is now conducted under the firm name of 0. J. Fenstermacher & Co. On July 3, 1904, he married Elsie V. Grammes, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Marck) Grammes, and their union was blessed with two daughters: Alma G. and Anna M.

Mr. Fenstermacher is a member of the Reformed Church at Unionville. Fraternally he is affiliated with Red Men Lodge No. 97, of Egypt; the order K. G. E., of Allentown; and Woodmen Lodge, No. 8576, of Cementon. Politically he is a Democrat.

John Fenstermacher, son of Michael and grandson of Philip, Sr., was born in Lynn township, Oct. 1, 1785, and d. Feb. 9, 1871. In 1812 he was assessed as a single freeman, and about that year married Susanna Schneider. He was a farmer in Lynn township, where Edwin Clauss now lives above New Tripoli, and is buried at Lynntown.

John and Susanna Fenstermacher had five children as follows: Salone, b. June 27, 1812, m. George Snyder; Polly, b. March 16, 1814, m. Philip Clauss; Catharine, b. June 10, 1816, m. Joseph Snyder; Jonas; and Rachel, m. Marcus Rau, a tinsmith.

Jonas Fenstermacher, son of John, was b. Aug. 13, 1818, and d. Nov. 21, 1891. He succeeded his father to the homestead located along the Berks and Lehight Railroad, above New Tripoli. His wife was Phoebe Ann Clauss, b. Dec. 29, 1818, and d. Dec. 14, 1900. Jonas Fenstermacher and his wife were Reformed members of the Ebenezer church, and both are buried at that place. Their children were: Levi; Diana, m. Stephen Moyer; Fianna, d. Young; Carolina, d. young; Phoebe Ann, m. Joseph Clauss; Catharine, m. Jonas Clauss, and they lived in West Penn, Schuylkill county; and Sarah, m. Edwin Clauss.

Levi Fenstermacher, son of Jonas and grandson of John, was b. Oct. 15, 1841, and d. Dec. 20, 1883. He resided with his father and followed the trade of a carpenter. He was stricken with apoplexy while riding a horse, from which he fell on the street dead. His remains are also buried at the Ebenezer church. His widow, m. n. Sarah Zellner, has her home in Lynn township with the family of Owen Handwerk. They had two children, namely: Henry S. and Victor L. The latter died Oct. 4, 1884, aged four months.

Henry S. Fenstermacher was b. Oct. 18, 1882, and since 1904 has followed farming as an occupation. In that year he purchased the Sylvester Sittler farm of ninety-seven acres, located along the north side of the Shochary, in Lynn township. He is a member of the Jr. 0. U. A. M. On May 18, 1901 be wedded Mary Heintzeman, daughter of Nathan J. Heintzeman, an, account of whom appears elsewhere in, this book. He and his wife are Lutheran members of Ebenezer church, which he serves as a deacon. They have the following children: Paul N., Mabel E., Mervin L., Verna P., and Lillian S.

Jacob Fenstermacher, son of Michael, and grandson of Philip, Sr., was born April 14, 1775, and resided all his life-time in Lynn township, where he carried on farming. In 1812 he and his brother, Philip, were assessed among the land-owners. His wife was Catharine Derr, a daughter of John Nicholas Derr, b. April 23, 1774. Her death occurred April 7, 1853, after a married life Of 50 years. Jacob Fenstermacher, like his father, was a Reformed member of the Ebenezer church. He died about seven months after his wife, on Nov. 3, 1853, and their remains are buried in the graveyard adjoining the church of which they were lifelong members. They had eight children: Magdalena, b. July 22, 1805, m. John Schneider; John, b. July 30, 18og, a resident of Weisenberg township; Daniel; Abby, b. July 22, 1813, m. David Muthard; Jeremiah, b. Aug. 22, 1815, and d. June 21, 1887. He was married to Matilda Hausman (1824-1903) and lived in Lynn township. Their children were: Sophia, m. Levi Heintzelman, and Sarah A., m. Moses Ohl; Rebecca, b. May 24, 1818 m. Michael Lauchnor; Conrad, settled in Mahanoy township, Northumberland county; and Philippina, m. Henry Bennighoff, who settled in Ohio.

Daniel Fenstermacher, second son of Jacob, was born in Lynn township, Aug- 7, 18 11, and d. April 8, 1884. He was a lifelong farmer in the township of his birth, and owned the farm now in possession of his son, Lewis. He built the present house in 1866, the barn having been erected by his father, Jacob, about 1841. Like his father and grandfather before him, he was a Reformed member of the Ebenezer church. His wife was Rebecca Bachart, daughter of Michael Bachart, of Schuylkill county, b. Jan. 3, 1817, and d. Aug. 27, 1904.

Their remains are also buried at the Ebenezer church. The names of their six children were as follows: Lovina, m. Joseph Moyer; Jane A., m. Frank P. Ritter; Lewis B.; Emeline, b. Jan. 22, 1849, and d. Feb. 24, 1861; William F.; and James M., b. Sept. 4, 1856, and d. Feb. 17, 1861.

Lewis B. Fenstermacher, son of Daniel, a farmer of Lynn township, was born on the homestead of his great-grandfather, Dec. 26, 1847. He attended the public schools and was reared to the pursuit of farming. In 1877 he was married to Annetta R. Weida, daughter of Joshua and Rebecca (Reinhard) Weida. The following year he commenced farming on the tract he now owns. This farm was in the Fenstermacher family since April 4, 1810, and contains seventy acres. In 1898 he acquired the adjoining farm of seventy-four acres, which had belonged to Philip Fenstermacher. In 1907 Mr. Fenstermacher retired from active farming, and was succeeded by his son-in-law, Milton J. Weaver. In politics he is a Democrat, but during his long and active life has always avoided political offices. He and his family, like his forefathers, are members of the Reformed church. He served as a deacon and also as elder of the Ebenezer church at New Tripoli. Mr. and Mrs. Fenstermacher have three children; namely: George 0. (a farmer of West Penn township, Schuylkill county. Has children: Mary; Ida and Clara, twins); Dr. James 0.; and Ida R., m. Milton J. Weaver, and has two sons, Henry L. and Robert H.

DR. JAMES 0. FENSTERMACHER, veterinarian at New Tripoli, was born in Lynn township, Nov. 29, 1879. He graduated from the township Schools in 1898 and taught "Fenstermacher's school" three terms. He then took a course in the normal school at Kutztown to the end of the junior year, after which he took up the veterinary course in McKillips Veterinary College, at Chicago. He graduated from this institution in 1906, and located at Campbellsport, Wis., remaining here until April, 1911, when he began practicing in New Tripoli. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and the P. 0. S. of A. In the latter order he passed through all of the chairs and was a delegate to four conventions.

WILLIAM F. FENSTEPMACHER, son of Daniel of Lynn township, is a leading resident of Coplay, Pa. He was born in Lynn township, April 13, 1852, and was educated in the common schools and the state normal school at Kutztown. He taught school at the "Fenstermacher school" in his native township, and also worked upon the farm. At the age of 29 he began life for himself, farming several years in Lynn Township. In 1884 he engaged in the hotel business at Schnecksville, conducting the Eagle hotel for four years. In 1888 he came to Coplay and became proprietor of the Eagle hotel, which he has conducted almost continuously ever since. He acquired ownership of the hotel by purchase from the Jonas Peters estate in 1898. The hotel was, established by the latter and his son, Moses, in 1862, and prior to coming into the possession of Mr. Fenstermacher, was at various times conducted by Jackson Biechy, Levi Kuhns, and Thornas Danner. It is the leading hotel of the borough, has all conveniences and thirty rooms. The hostelry is conducted along modern lines.

Mr. Fenstermacher is a director of the Lehigh National Bank of Catasauqua, and was the president of the Secured Realty Company of Allentown, until in 1913. Fraternally he is a member of the Order of Red Men at Northampton, and of the Heptasophs, at Allentown. In politics he is a Democrat, and at various times has served as councilman, school director, and assessor, which latter office he held for six years. He also adheres to the religion of his forefathers, and is a member of the Trinity Reformed church of which he was for six years a trustee. He was a member of the building committee and a liberal contributor toward the erection of the fine parsonage at Fourth and Coplay streets, also member of the building committee when the Reformed Church was remodeled in 1911.

On Jan. 29, 1880, Mr. Fenstermacher married Anna Elizabeth Gernerd, daugther of William and Elizabeth (Gross) Gernerd, of Schnecksville, and they were the parents of four children: (1) Harry W., d. July 29, 18go, in his ninth year; (2) Charles W., b. August 24, 1&91, a graduate of the Coplay high school, class of 1907, and at Franklin & Marshall Academy in 1911. During the vacation period after he had successfully entered the junior year, he was accidentally drowned in Picquay creek, on July 25,1913, while he and companions were camping near the Susquehanna river at Pecquey. He was a young man of sterling character, highly respected by his companions at home and fellow students. He was held in the highest esteem by the professors of college for the wholesome influence he exerted over his fellow students. (3) Robert D., d. Aug. 24, 1894, aged 5 months; and (4) Erwin F., b. August 13, 1896, who has entered upon his second year's study in Franklin & Marshall Academy.

Jacob Fenstermacher, a former resident of Hanover township, was born April 17, 1822, and died June 8, 1893. He was the only son of his father, whose name we have been unable to ascertain, although we know that he married a Miss Hackman. The father dying when Jacob was only nine years of age, the latter came to Northampton county, where he was employed by a Bethlehem township farmer. He later acquired an 18-acre tract of land in Hanover township between Bethlehem and Catasauqua, which is now owned by his son, George Fenstermacher. He was confirmed in the Hecktown Reformed church when 16 years of age. His remains were the first to be interred in the new cemetery at Schoenersville.. In politics he was a Republican. On Nov. 8, 1846, he married Lydia Unangst, a daughter of George and Elizabeth (Able) Unangst, b. May 1, 1821, and d. April 29, 1897, aged 76 years, less two days.

Jacob and Lydia Fenstermacher had the following children: Jeremiah, George, Maria, m. Jacob Henshue; Viola, unmarried; and Diana, m. John R. Riegel.

Jeremiah Fenstermacher, b. May 25, 1852, has a 42-acre farm in Hanover township, Northampton county. Prior to 1908 he lived in Hanover township, Lehigh county. Politically he is a Republican, and at one time was tax collector in the latter township. He is a Reformed member of the Schoenersville Church. Jeremiah Fenstermacher married Senia Catharine Ritter, daughter of Daniel Ritter, and they have two children: Harvey D., and Weston J., the latter still at home.

Harvey D. Fenstermacher is a farmer in Hanover township, Lehigh county, and was born at Schoenersville, July 2, 1876. He was reared as a farmer, and from the time he was eight years old until he was nineteen, worked for his grandfather Fenstermacher. He hauled milk for three years for his uncle, George W. Fenstermacher, and, in 1899 he began farming for himself near Schoenersville. In 1902 he purchased his present tract of 55 acres of excellent farm land, formerly the John Lerch homestead. He is a member of Christ Reformed church, Schoenersville, and in politics he is a Republican.

On Jan. 25, 1896, he was married to Amanda E. Hoch, daughter of William H. and Sarah (Fisher) Hoch, and they have the following children. George H., Jennie M., Cora J., Robert P., and Franklin H.

Tilghman Fenstermacher, son of Jonathan and grandson of Jacob, was born in Lowhill township, March 8, 1835, and died Feb. 21, 1908. When a young man he learned the carpenter trade which he followed several years. Later he took to railroading. From 1865, until the Reading Company assumed charge, he was roadmaster for the Catasauqua & Fogelsville Railroad. Thereafter he lived retired at his home at Mickley's, where he died. He was a member of the Lutheran Church, which he served as deacon and elder.

Tilghman Fenstermacher married Mary A. Merkel, daughter of John and Marietta (Seip) Merkel, and she preceded her husband in death on Nov. 19, 1900, aged 59 years and 24 days. They are both buried at Mickley's church. Their children were: Henry E.; John E. (of Catasauqua, a conductor on the C. & F. R. R.); and Minnie, who died April 3, 1896, aged 24 years.

HENRY E. FENSTERMACHER, sales manager of the Allentown Manufacturing Company's fertilizer department, residing at Helfrich Spring, is a native of Chapman Station, where he was born Nov. 22, 1862. He received his early education in the common schools, and from 1884 to 1900 lived in Illinois. He was engaged in a general merchandise business at Orangeville, Ill., and in 1900 returned to his native state and county, accepting the position which he now holds. In 1899 he erected his cement block residence at Helfrich Spring, where he now lives. He is a Republican in politics, and in 1911 was elected one of the seven school directors of Whitehall township. He is vice-president of the board, which was the first one elected under the new school code. He was made a Mason in Illinois and in 1901 became a member of Greenleaf Lodge, NO.. 561, F. & A. M., Allentown; Freeport Chapter, No. 23, Royal Arch Mason; and Freeport Consistory 32. He is a Lutheran member of Mickley's church, which he served as deacon, and since 1900 also served as trustee.

On Dec. 30, 1891, Henry E. Fenstermacher married his first wife, Mary E. Musser, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Dreibelbies) Musser, b. June 16, 1868, and died April 8, 1896. Their children were: Rachel Rebecca, who in 1912 graduated from the Allentown College for Women, and Mary Ellen, a student at Monroe, Green Co., Wis. On July 16, 1899, he married secondly, Mary J. Helfrich, daughter of Tilghman G. Helfrich, of Lehigh county, and they have one son, Tilghman G.

WILLIAM JACOB FENSTERMACHER was born June 28, 1863, in Allentown. Was educated in the public schools, and in young manhood, engaged in the green grocer and market garden line. Traveled for a wholesale grocer for 14 years, leaving the road in 1901.

He became owner of a cafe at 616 Hamilton street, Allentown, and at his death, his widow conducted the business for six years.

He was the first president of the "Eagles," a member of St. John's Reformed church. He died Dec. 21, igoi, and interment was in Greenwood cemetery.

He married Flora Ann Detweiler, daughter of Charles and Ann (Rheinsmith) Detweiler, of Allentown. His widow resides with her son, Charles L. Their children were: William, who died in infancy; Claude; Charles Levi, of whom below; and Harry Jacob, born March 20, 1893, by trade a jeweler and engraver, in Philadelphia.

Charles Levi Fenstermacher, son of William Jacob and Flora A. (Detweiler), was born April 19, 1882, at Allentown, and attended the public schools. He studied music under Martin Klinger, of the Allentown band, and is at present (1913) playing the trap drum at the Orpheum Theatre, and has filled this position for the past eight years.

He is also manager of the American Hotel pool and billiard room. He is a member of the Eagles and the Moose societies; and also of St. John's Reformed church.

John Fenstermacher, son of Joseph, was born near Topton, in Berks county. He owned two valuable farms. His wife, Dorothy Fisher, was a daughter of Heinrich and Catharine (Bastian) Fisher. She died in 1858, aged 67 years. Their children follow: 1. Reuben. 2. Leon, was married to Sallie Knappenberger and their children were: Emeline, Henry, James, Sarah and Elmira. 3. Hettie, m. John Henning. 4. Benjamin, m. Sarah Courath and had these children: Elvina, Cecelia, Mary, Victoria, James, Henry, Maria and Mary. 5. Angelina, m. W. Hamsher. - 6. John, of Ohio, had eight children. 7. Jacob, m. Hannah Bortz and had Oliver, Eliza, Chester, Milton, Kate, Agnes, Kate (the second), Lillie, and Jacob. 8. Sally Ann, born 1832, m. Frank Fisher, and they had a son, Garion.

Henry Fenstermacher, son of Leon, was born Nov. 9, 1850, in Upper Macungie township Lehigh county. He was a farmer in Maxatawny township up to 1890, when he moved to Allentown and is employed by the Trexler Lumber Company ever since. He has served Trinity Reformed church as a deacon and elder. He married Anna Elizabeth, a daughter of Nathan Haas. She was born in 1850 and died June 26, 1894. Their children are: 1. Ellen A., single, at home. 2. GEORGE LEON, born March 19, 1879, in Maxatawny township, Berks county. He attended the public schools and the American Commercial School. In 1898 he learned the barber trade which he has followed ever since. He has his tonsorial parlor at 404 North Eighth street, Allentown. In 1905, he married Annie M. Long, daughter of James W. and Leanda (Weidner) Long, of Longswamp township. They have two children: Leon James, who died in infancy; and Margaret Leanda. 3. Carrie is the wife of James Hoffman.

James 0. Fenstermacher, son of Leon, and a brother of Henry, was born in 1840. He was a farmer but now follows laboring at Topton, where he lives. He married Florenda Miller and, they have: Jennie, Emma, Maggie, Daisy, Florenda (deceased), Stella, William, Francis, James F., Leon, Harvey and Harry.

Francis Fensteramcher, son of James 0., was born October, 1880.. He is a cabinet maker at Allentown, where be resides. He married Flossie Fegley, and they have a son, Leroy F.

THOMAS J. FENSTERMACHER, an enterprising business man of Allentown, and a cement contractor of that city, was born in North Whitehall township, near Siegersville, Lehigh county, Sept. 30, 1867, son of Jonas and Elizabeth (Derr) Fenstermacber.

Jonas Fenstermacber (father) was born at Catawissa, Pennsylvania, died at Catasauqua, aged eighty-one years, and his remains were interred in the graveyard of Mickley's church. He was reared in Berks county, near Mertztown, and received his education in the common schools of the neighborhood. He served an apprenticeship at the trade of stone mason, and later removed to North Whitehall township, where he resided for twenty-three years, following his trade of stone mason and also devoting considerable time to farming. He then removed to Guth's Station, where he resided for two and a half years, working at his trade, after which he took up his residence in Catasauqua, where he spent the remainder of his days, working at his trade until four years prior to his death. He was a member of Mickley's Reformed church.

He married Elizabeth Derr, a native of Mertztown, Berks county, They were the parents of twelve children, seven of whom attained years of maturity, namely: Henry, a resident of Fullerton; John, deceased; Benjamin, a resident of West Catasauqua; Carolina, married William Seibert, and resides at East Catasauqua - Thomas Jefferson, of whom further; Lizzie, died, unmarried, aged thirty-one years; Peter, deceased, married Diana Rau, and they had two children: Edwin; Minnie, who married Oliver Weiss, and resides at West Catasauqua.

Thomas J. Fenstermacher was reared on the homestead farm, and he received a practical education in the common schools adjacent to his home. He remained at home, assisting his parents with the work on the farm, until he attained the age of eighteen years, when he married and went to housekeeping in Catasauqua, being employed in the Catasauqua Rolling Mill cutting iron. Later he served an apprenticeship at the trade of stone mason with Christian Garan, of Catasauqua, and followed that line of Work for seven years. In 1898 he moved to Allentown, locating on Maple street, where he engaged in the cement business, also following his trade to some extent,and at the present time (1914) has about fifty employees. The following is a partial list of the work in which he has been engaged: The cement foundations, etc., of the Young Men's Christian Association building, Eighth street church, Dubb's Memorial church, Orpheum Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, Pergolia Theatre, parsonage of Slavish church, South Bethlehem; Lehigh Dye Works; Slavish church, Sixth ward, Dye Works; Catasauqua Silk Mills, and many other buildings and private residences. Prior to engaging in business on his own account, be served as foreman for three years for William H. Gangewere, and in the same capacity for two years for Monroe Stephens. He was confirmed in Jordan Reformed church, and he and his family now hold membership in St. Matthew's Lutheran church, he being a member of its board of trustees and of the building committee. He is a member of the Knights of Friendship, No. 45, in which he has held all chairs.

Mr. Fenstermacher married Mary Schlacb, daughter of Guindertt and Johanna (Helmuth) Schlach, natives of Mechlenberg, Germany, from whence they came to the United States, accompanied by four of their children, nine others being born in this country, one of whom was Mary, aforementioned. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Fenstermacher: (1) Annie Mary, became the wife of Frank Webber, and their children: Oscar Thomas, died in infancy; Ruth, Clara, Harry Thomas; they reside in Allentown; (2) Clara Laura, became the wife of Joseph Q. Adams, a native of Alburtis, son of Nathan N. and Emma (Mull) Adams; (3) Oscar Thomas, died in infancy in Catasauqua; (4) Harry Jefferson, born May 26, 1900.


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