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The Carter Family

:: Our Brother ::

Kenney Ray Carter
:: October 30, 1944 ~ November 23, 1965 ::

"Our brother, our protector; he was there one day,
the next moment he was gone.

But he is still with us; he is our angel."

Kenney was our brother . . . big brother, little brother . . . he was the 3rd of four children, all the rest were girls. Sadly, Kenney died in a car accident when he was only 21 years old. Needless to say, he was special in his own unique way to each of us, and we all miss him so very much.

Kenney has many nieces and nephews, with children of their own now, who never had the opportunity to know him. This section will be dedicated to him and his life, as well as the remainder of the Carter family lineage.

The Carter family, although not direct ancestors of mine, are an integral part of my life. My mother's first husband was Dale Smith Carter, and she had three children with him. After his death, she met and married my father. I was 9, 10, and 13 years younger than my half-siblings and therefore became "the baby" of the family.

These 3 half-siblings of mine, through their very nature, have always been not half-sisters and brother, but very simply my sisters and brother. There was never any "his" and "their's" . . . it was always just "us". They took me under their wings and gave me such wonderful memories of my childhood . . . bike rides, car rides, picnics, and sleepovers. It was fantastic and I wish to thank them all!

As a way of thanks, I wish to help them trace their side of the family tree, and also to have a place filled with memories of Kenney. Those nieces and nephews of his all wish that they had known him . . . and through us . . . his sisters . . . they can.

:: Kenney's Gravesite ::
Westminster Memorial Park
Westminster, CA
(photo courtesy of Vickie Davidson-Charlton)

Westminster Memorial Park
Westminster, CA
(photo courtesy of Vickie Davidson-Charlton)


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