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Lewis Elwood Rich

age 21 taken in Parsons, Kansas

(click on photos to enlarge)


Sarah Ellen 'Ella' (Henry) Rich

Lewis Elwood Rich's Mom

Lewis Elwood & Margaret (Barnes) Rich

About 1904

Ella Rich McCulloch

about age 1 (my guess)


Baby Nora Rich Chambers

Phillipsburg, Laclede County, Missouri

Taken about 1915

About 1919

Nora Rich Chambers

about age 5

1920/21 Rich & Shanks

From the left, Virgil Shank, Nora Rich, Delia Rich, Bernice Rich in front of Delia, Anna Shank, Marguerite Shank, unknown blond girl, then Minnie Shank in back with two little Warner boys in front of her.  The baby in front of the girl with curls is Geneva Shank.  Any one know who the blonde girl is?.


About 1920 at the Elwood Rich Home

Elwood & Margaret Rich


Walter Rich holding Penny & Bernice Rich

Lester Rich

Cecil Rich

Ella & Bernice Rich


This picture was not marked, so I'm guessing this is Ella.

1921 Rich, Shank, & other Phillipsburg Friends

From the left, the girl on the left end maybe a Cossey or Taggard girl, then one (also in dark dress) is unknown.  Next to her, Laura Shank, holding baby Bernice Rich is Margaret (Barnes) Rich, then adult woman in black dress with white collar is Inez McMenus Shank, this just a few months before her last baby was born (and died 3 weeks later) and she died two months after that...Tall girl with curls is Ella Rich and on right end, Mabel Shank.  Two girls in the middle in front of Inez are Minnie and Marguerite Shank, then Virgil Shank in front of Minnie, Nora Rich next to last and Anna Shank on the front right end.

1922 Phillipsburg Easter

This photo was taken at Easter, l922 on the Creek below the Cossey farm, Phillipsburg, MO. They had boiled eggs and eaten them for Easter.


Standing from left, Minnie Shank, Clara Wills holding Hazel Wills, Marguerite

Shank, Hariett Marshall, Inez Wills, Clifford Schultz, Neil Burd, Ed Atkinson, Frank Atkinson, Felix Marshall, Earl Wills, George Warner, Aunt Julie Cossey

holding basket.


Kneeling from left, Lola Wills, Anna Shank, Nora Rich, then don't know the

little boy in middle sitting, Hester boy, then Virgil Shank on right end,



About 1922/23 McGrew, Cossey, Taggard, & Rich

Left to right:  Laura Shank McGrew, Hershel Cossey, May Taggard and Cecil Rich.  Taken in front of the Wills house, Phillipsburg, Missouri


About 1923

Ella Rich & Ray McCulloch

About 1927

Walter Rich


Nora Rich Chambers

at Phillipsburg High School

About 1930 Egg Roast

These were Phillipsburg teenagers, about l930. The little kids had their

eggs boiled and ate them during the day, the teenagers at night. Makes you wonder who had a flash camera back then....

In the photo are Wills, Wilson, Shank, Crabaugh, Popejoy kids.  Bernice Rich is front left, the little girl. Margaret Rich is the older woman second from left, back row.  
There are four older boys in the back row, the one on right end, who looks like he had darkened his face or just had one incredible suntan, is "The Rich Boy".  

1939 Eli Shank Farm

December, l939, on the Eli Shank farm, from left, Ray and Larry Marlin,

Carrie and Eli Shank, Bernice and husband, Lester Rich.

1946 Elwood Rich Family

Margaret (Barnes) Rich with her children.  Photo taken on July 8, 1946 when the family united for their dad, Lewis Elwood Rich's funeral.

From left:  Margaret, Cecil, Ella, Lester, Walter, Nora, & Bernice.

Elwood's Obituary, published July, l946 in the Conway Chronicle



1951 Rich & McCulloch Family


Back row: Albert McCulloch, Truman Chambers, Lawrence Hendrix,

Porter Myers, Jack McCulloch

Middle row:  Great Grandma Margaret (Barnes) Rich, Ella (Rich) McCulloch,

Nora (Rich) Chambers, Bernice (Rich) Hendrix, Mary McCulloch,

Juanita McCulloch, Ray McCulloch, Minnie Alice McCulloch

Front row:  Jerry Chambers, Joe McCulloch, John McCulloch,

Colin Chambers, Mike McCulloch, Margaret Hendrix, Nancy Hendrix,

Loretta (Hendrix) Day, Margaret McCulloch


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Thanks to Martha (Shank) Bernie, Barbara (Chambers) Mickens, Colin Chambers, Joe McCulloch, and Albert McCulloch for providing the photos on this site.



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