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Kits with results in, however, no pedigree received:

146168 - requested pedigree 7/13/09

143496 - requested pedigree 7/13/09

N62956 - requested pedigree 2/10/10

167703 - requested pedigree 2/10/10

161314 - requested pedigree 2/10/10


Kits with results due back soon:

171605 - requested pedigree 2/10/10

Kits not turned in for processing:

(Kit 89436) Thomas Mills, b.1775 in Montgomery County, NC, d. ?, in Haywood County, NC
bulletSmith Mills, b. 1817 in Montgomery County, NC, d. 1862, Jackson County, NC
bullet Samuel Smith Mills, b.1847 in Haywood County, NC, d.4-14-1916, Jackson County,NC
bullet Frank Odell Mills, b. 5-20-1899 in Jackson County, NC, d. 11-20-1937,McDowell County,NC
bullet Clyde Joseph Mills, b.5-21-1921 in Jackson County, NC, d. 12-8-1992,McDowell County,NC
bullet Jerry Michael Mills, b. 3-11-1943 in McDowell County,NC,d.9-29-2006,Buncombe County,NC

Note:  pedigree received, however participant is not a member of the project according to FamilyTreeDNA site.



Removed kits 109998, 107325, 100018, N58454, 114565 from Mills groups since they would not provide a pedigree.




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