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Mills Y-DNA Comparison

The 25 Marker test results for kit 5262 in the Mills Y-DNA Surname Project has been added to the  Y-Chromosome Markers Families Comparisons  site within the families in the Paleolithic group.  L. David Roper, who hosts this site, was kind enough to provide a diagram of the Paleolithic layer 2 that contains Mills.  This diagram below reflects the Mills DNA test results for kit 5262 in a visual way to see the genetic distances or relative mutations among the participants of other DNA studies.  By reviewing the diagram you will note that the Lawrence results are the most closely related to the Mills results.  Also keep in mind the the diagram would be different if another 25 marker would have been submitted for this comparison.  Mills Kit 5262 was used since his results were close to many others in the test and he had the 25 marker test performed.


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