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My Barnes Family History

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I have traced my maternal Barnes line back to John Barnes of Westmoreland, PA.   John Barnes was married to Rebecca (?).  They had at least two children. 

James W. Barnes, son of John and Rebecca Barnes married Amanda Baker My James and Amanda from Westmoreland, Pennsylvania to Rushville Twp, Schuyler Co., Illinois prior to 1860. They had five children all born in IL.  Their children were:  Preston, George, John, Alice, and Franklin. 

Amanda Baker was the daughter of George Adam Baker and Eva Hartman.  These Bakers are descendants of Peter Becker.  The Beckers changed their name to Baker after arriving in PA.  Peter Becker's son, Johannes Theis Becker, came from Westerwald, Germany to America.  Johannes Theis Becker (Baker) sailed with his sons Johann Adam and Johann Philippus Becker, on the ship " Two Brothers" to America, arriving  in Pennsylvania on 15 September 1749.

George Barnes, son of James and Amanda Barnes, married Mary Grace Bays in Vermont, IL.  Mary Grace Bays parents were Enos and Elizabeth (Smith) Bays.  Enos was a photographer, I would love to know how to get copies of photo he took of the family.  Enos' parents were John W. and Susan (Pearman) Bays.  Elizabeth (Smith) Bays' parents I believe are Oliver and Mary Smith.

George & Mary (Bays) Barnes children are in photo as follows: 

Clerk, Helen, Roger, John and Louise has been is a inset.

George and Mary (Bays) Barnes had three boys and two girls, John, Clerk,  Roger, Helen, and Louise.  Clerk and Roger Barnes were born in IL.  The family then moved to Lamar, CO where John Author Barnes was born.  The family then moved to CA where Helen Barnes was born.  The family then moved to AR for several years where Louise Barnes was born.  The 1920 Los Angeles Co., CA census reflects that Mary was married to a Harris W. Lawrence and that Mary and George's children, John, Helen, and Louise were living in the home.  Mary later remarried to a Mr. Usher.  George Barnes died in Little River Co., AR in 1914.  Mary died in Los Angeles, CA.

John Author Barnes married Esther Marion Mills in Los Angeles about 1930.  They had five children who are all now still living.  John and Esther (Mills) Barnes are my grandparents.  They divorced shortly about 1946.  John remarried to a lady named Polly.  I never really knew John and Polly Barnes.  John died in Paradise, CA.

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John Author Barnes

Torrance, CA


Mary Grace Bays Barnes

In her younger years


Mary Grace Bays Barnes

In her later years


John A. Barnes Sr. holding John A. Barnes Jr. & one of Grace Bays' Brothers

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