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Ezekiel Doucette

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Ezekiel was born on 12/13/05!  My First Grandchild!

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Neal Sugaring Up

12/09/05 - We thought Ramona's labor was picking up and we would be going to the hospital.

12/13 11:42pm Ezekiel was Born

This is his first picture.

Ezekiel is Weighed

7 lbs 13.4oz

Ezekiel being measured in at 21 1/2 inches

Ezekiel's Footprints

Daddy holding Baby

Mommy holding Baby

Ezekiel's First Bath

Baby Ezekiel Just Born

Neal and Ezekiel

Neal exhausted after birth and getting ready to sleep on cot.

Ramona and Ezekiel

In the Hospital

Getting Gifts on 12/14


The evening of the 14th

Grandma holding Ezekiel

12/15/05 - getting ready to take him home

Taking Ezekiel out of the Hospital

Going Home!

Ezekiel Sleeping

12/16, Grandma watching him so mommy can get some sleep.

Ezekiel on 12/17/05

He is a handsome boy!

12/17 Ezekiel

Ezekiel's First Home Bath


Mommy and Daddy washing Ezekiel


Washing Ezekiel's Hair

One of the Puppies

So Cute!

The Puppies

12/18 Great Grandpa Koko holding Ezekiel

He was Ezekiel's first vistor.

Great Grandma Barbara holding Ezekiel


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