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Re: Jook Po / Zupu

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Posted by Raymond ( on December 10, 2006 at 18:16:35:

In Reply to: Jook Po / Zupu posted by Mr. Lui on November 18, 2006 at 11:07:58:

Mr. Lui,

Honestly, it is not so simple to obtain a copy of your family clan jook po (or zupu), even if you personally go there. I believe the elderly male of the village or the keeper of the ancestral village temple is the likely key person who maintains the village family clan jook po. You must keep in mind that the jook po is viewed somewhat as a sacred document with the family clan, and the keeper of the jook po is very protective of it. Many village jook po's were destroyed by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution of the 70's. However, many villages were able to hide their jook po's during this time period and are lucky to still have copies of them today. Anyway, I doubt if you would even get a response from your writing to request a copy of the jook po. It is best to make a personal trip to your village armed with old letters and photos of your family relatives as visual proof that you are a genuine Lui family clan member seeking a copy of the jook po. If convinced, the keeper of the jook po may allow the jook po to be duplicated for you (most likely at your expense). Of course, it would all be in traditional Chinese characters, and you'll have to get it translated later if you cannot read Chinese. Additionally, you should pay your respect to the ancestors at the village temple, and as a goodwill gesture, you should consider giving a small donation to the village temple. Finally, if you still have relatives in the village, you may consider hosting a dinner at a nearby restaurant as a goodwill gesture. This is very inexpensive to do by Western standards and will place you in a favorable light with your village relatives.

Hope this helps you understand your situation better. Good luck........


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