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Re: Re: origin of surname

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Posted by Loc ( on November 24, 2006 at 02:35:59:

In Reply to: Re: origin of surname posted by Choon on February 14, 2006 at 13:45:29:

I wanna apologize on behalf of all Koreans for the way Choon portrayed himself as a Korean. As for Choon, so okay the guy Andrew Le was partly mistaken, no need to insult his whole country and ethnicity.
You are right, Ly Long Tuong (Why call him garbage?) was only the progenitor of the Lee(s) of Hwan San, which today number over 1,000 people, not all Lee clans. A lot of their descendants achieve great things for Korea and are no less Korean just because of their Viet ancestry. Among them is Rhee Syngman, known to South Koreans as the father and founder of the Republic of Korea. He can trace his ancestry to the Joseon Dynasty and the Ly Dynasty in Vietnam (then known as Dai Viet).
Also Ly Long Tuong did not accidently drifted to Korea, he and his followers escaped to Goryeo (Korea) about 850 years ago after being overthrown by the Tran Dynasty to avoid extermination. They couldn't settle into China, Champa, or any other neighboring country because those nations were sworn enemies. King Gojong of Korea welcomed Prince Ly as a courtesy from one royal to another. That hospitality was repaid when Prince Ly and his followers helped Goryo defeat a Mongolian invasion with their past experience with invading Mongols and Chinese in Vietnam.
So the fact that you think they're garbage just because they're Viet, tells me you are one of those racist ass Koreans that know nothing about other asian cultures and think that Koreans are superior to everyone else(don't make me Laugh, Haha).
Also, on that comment about how Vietnam is a wannabe China, last time I checked Korean culture is heavily influence by Chinese culture. From Art & Architecture to vocabulary, confucian customs and names. In fact most Korean surnames(last names) have Chinese origins. Even the most popular Korean last name, Kim is originally from China. Kim is the Korean version of the Chinese surname Jin. But hey, most east asian countries are culturally influenced by China this way, namely Japan, Korea, and yes, Vietnam. In the end each country is still distinctively different.
Lastly, no need to bring up past achievements by Koreans in those old ass olympics and world cups to make yourself feel better. Last I heard, Korea still havin't won the World Cup. But when they do I will definitely cheer for them (unless it's against the U.S.)

Asian Pride !!!

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Subject: Re: Re: Re: origin of surname


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