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Origin of the Famy/Fauni, Philippines

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Posted by Aldrin F.T. ( on May 06, 2006 at 11:10:24:

Hi, people! Sirs, and misses. I need help.

For the first time in many years, I am in doubt of my Fujianese ancestry. And Iím threatened, actually. Iíve always believed that my maternal grandfather was Fujianese. And Iím too accustomed to that belief! Too much! But now Iím having legitimate doubts whether Iíve been living a lieÖ that I may not be Fujianese after all. My friend says Fukien doesnít have F soundsÖ and heís right! It doesnít. But our clan-name hapens to have an F.

On a positive note though, Wikipediaís list of famous Chinese Filipinos ďconfirmsĒ Emilio Aguinaldo Y Famy (an elder grand-uncle) was indeed Fujianese in origin. Or maybe they just guessed, I really don't know.

So, there. I'm still problematic.

Does anybody know the story behind the "Famy" clan? ...a Chinese mestizo family from Cavite. Emilio Aguinaldo's mother, Kapitana Trinidad "Teneng" Famy was supposedly (according to Wikipedia) Fujianese. But why with an F? Fukien doesn't have any f's! Could the Famy's (later changed to Fauni) be Cantonese? Or Mandarin? But why do they speak Hokkien, then?

Someone named Coogee kid from the forum said: "Famy must have been coined from the original "Fang Ming" ancestry of Emilio Aguinaldo. I guess 'Aguinaldo' was a Spanish pseudonym of the original 'Famy' Chinese clan." Hmm... int'resting, but what's a "Fang Ming"?

We could always change our clan-name to Pehoco (after the "Pe Ho" crest)... but historicity matters. I can't just let go of the Fauni name...

Help, anyone?

Thank you very much.

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Subject: Re: Origin of the Famy/Fauni, Philippines


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