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Re: Origins of surname 'Szetu/Szeto' ?

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Posted by Raymond ( on March 28, 2006 at 06:51:16:

In Reply to: Origins of surname 'Szetu/Szeto' ? posted by Mei Szetu on December 11, 2003 at 18:02:26:

There are several Anglicized variations of the spelling of the family clan name "Seto", including "Soo Hoo" and its variations. As long as the Chinese characters of your surname is the same, you are part of the Seto/Soo Hoo family clan. The Chinese Surname website ( has the following brief for the Seto/Su-Tu surname: ?i?k No.437 Si1 Tu2 (an official in charge ritual ceremony in the ancient Ruler's Court), Su-Tu, Seto(Cantonese). There is a huge predominance of Seto villages in Hoiping (one of the Sze Yup counties). You can check out the tons of Seto villages in Hoiping by browsing the list of surnames and clicking on "Seto" at My family clan name is Seid (also written as Sit, Xue and Hsueh). I have been told that many hundreds of years ago, the Seto's were a part of the Seid family clan. Because of a decree of the king to kill all Seid members due an unfortunate accident that resulted in the death of the king's son which was blamed on a Seid member, part of the Seid family clan fled and changed their surname to Seto to avoid capture and sure death at the hands of the king's army. My Seid ancestral village is Cheong Sah located in Sun Wui (another Sze Yup county). In my village is a shrine erected to commemorate the Seid and Seto bloodline linkage and brotherhood. A photo of this shrine can be viewed in the photo gallery at

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Subject: Re: Re: Origins of surname 'Szetu/Szeto' ?


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