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Re: Re: Prevalence of the Qin surname

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Posted by Sharon Chun ( on February 01, 2006 at 16:02:56:

In Reply to: Re: Prevalence of the Qin surname posted by Louie Ching on October 29, 2005 at 00:00:04:

Aloha from Hawaii,

Looking for other Qin (Chin)s too.
Our English translations may change according to the immigration officer that let the person in. I have asked people who share the same name which character they have. So far, my family seems to be the only one in Oahu. My grandfather was first generation here from Sak Kee. (I think I'm spelling that right.)
I have visited China on conventions. Each time I have scanned the books for our name. I did find one who was Chinese professor teaching at a major university and his speciality was the First Emperor. He didn't speak English and I didn't speak Chinese so we couldn't communicate. Shame, I tried to explain I wanted to meet him because it seemed there were so little of us left. Is the Qin name from an area of china, as some names are district associated? According to the stories, the first emperor's father was a feudal lord-king of the entire western edge of old China. Perhaps there are more Qins in that area? The emperor himself was not really a Qin, but the story goes on to say that other family members where put to death if their existence threatened the throne. The second son was also a factor in trying to wipe out the family.
In the 1980's we visited China and were told not to announce our name and hide our name tags because there were still people who had a thing against Qin. The mind set seems to be changing, but that may be a factor. Can anyone get a Chinese phonebook or contact a consensus department to find out how many Qins there are?
I would like to stay in contact, but not sure how this site works. I know the first inquiry was from a Qin in Australia. It didn't say where Louie Ching is from, perhaps I don't know how to read the information. I hope I don't get junk-mail, but I wouldn't mind hearing from other Qins. My address is, please use the subject line because I practice the rules. All unidentified sends go to junk mail and are deleted if they are completely general.

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