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Re: Descendants of Warlord Tang Enbo

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Posted by Excelent ( on July 30, 2004 at 05:32:02:

In Reply to: Descendants of Warlord Tang Enbo posted by David Merrigan on May 24, 1999 at 14:18:21:

Dear Atty. Merrigan,
This has reference to your message which you posted in the internet re your inquiry about descendants of Tang Enbo. I am not a descendant of Tang Enbo. As a matter of fact, I am not even a Chinese. But, I am in possession of a set of a U.S. Dollar Bond with a face value of U.S.$10,000,000.00. The same was issued by the U.S. Finance Ministry in August, 1935 to TANG ENBO.
Based on informations which I have gathered from the internet, the U.S. Treasury Department had already denied the claim of a group pausing to be the heirs of the Plum Blossom Family, which is allegedly the true owner of the gold deposits covered by the said Bonds, on the ground that they are fake. But, a careful examination of the said Bond will readily belie the claim of the U.S. Treasury Department. The physical appearance of the Bond will easily show that its paper material is old and that it was really prepared and issued as far back as 1935. But, what makes the Bond really look authentic and genuine are the security marks that it bears. They are imbedded in the Bond and you can only see them if you put the Bond against a light.
I have already tried to get in touch with people here who may be interested to redeem the Bond and in my dealings with them, I learned that TANG ENBO allegedly came to our country, the Philippines, and stayed here until his death in 1954. I just donít know how the U.S. Dollar Bonds which he brought with him got into the hands of several people. My copy came from a client who does not know what to do with it. He entrusted it to me so that I can negotiate it with any party who is interested. If you are, you can get in touch with me anytime.
Thanks and regards.


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Subject: Re: Re: Descendants of Warlord Tang Enbo


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