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Re: Origin of the surname Nga

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Posted by Mark Yutan ( on July 21, 2004 at 19:52:58:

In Reply to: Origin of the surname Nga posted by kl on June 12, 2004 at 23:18:23:

I'm sure that this is not the only origination of Nga, but the only one that I know of originated from a Tibetan monk, Nga Yu Gen, who travelled up the Yangtze River in the 15th century. While teaching at banks of the Dongting Lake, he fell in love with a one armed girl. Renouncing his vows of celibacy, he took her and fled back down the Yangtze to avoid her protective family. The girl's family actually gave chase for almost 3 years. The monk and the girl were never found, but it was rumoured in Hubei province that the two fled to Vietnam - this rumor came about many years later because an artist named Nga Wet in Vietnam actually painted the story of his grandfather immigration to Vietnam, and the painting depicted the travel down the Yangtze with a one armed girl, with a clan of people in pursuit. Ironically, this painting was sold to a merchant who hung it up in his home in Hubei province. It was only then that people put the pieces of the puzzle together. If you are a Nga with ancestors from Vietnam, then it is possible that this could be part of your family history. I hope this helps!

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Subject: Re: Re: Origin of the surname Nga


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