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Re: Ong Wah

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Posted by M. H. Yee ( on July 19, 2004 at 13:45:37:

In Reply to: Ong Wah posted by Doris Ray on May 22, 2004 at 12:15:32:

In the Taishan dialect (of which Kaiping is a part of) your surname is pronounce something like /aang/ which rhymes with "tongue." In Cantonese a d or t is often added. Therefore, you may wish to expand your search to include variant spellings such as Dang, Tang, Dong, Tong, and Ang. Since many immigration papers have numerous spellings to your surname, much guess work can be involved. It is likely that your ancestor was registered to one of the District associations (i.e. Hoi Ping Assn) but without Chinese (in particular, a local dialect) communication with these bodies are difficult at best. Ask family members or search old papers as these might come up with donation slips or even membership dues. In the latter case you might get lucky and find a registration number. This number is necessary as it will give you some access to these sources. Refer to some journal articles by David C.Y. Lai as he has done some work on the early Chinese immigration to Canada.
As to Hoyping (pinyin=Kaiping) this is a district in Guangdong province. Many of the web sites devoted to this region are in Chinese. With this in mind, there are certain areas of Kaiping that are not only associated with the Deng (pinyin for Ong) surname but having migration ties such as the village committees of Hulong and Xiaohai in Chikan market, Kaiping Shi, Guangdong province.

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