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Re: Lung On village in Toishan

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Posted by M.H. Yee ( on July 17, 2004 at 15:50:05:

In Reply to: Lung On village in Toishan posted by Mike Yee on November 21, 2002 at 00:58:19:

According to the Taishan Database, there are two possible Lung On/Longan or "Dragon's Peace" villages inhabited by Yees/Yus:
1.) At Taishan, Area 1, Xi'nan Heung, Guishui subheung, there is a concentration of Yu surname villages of which one is called Longan. This database information is gathered from what seems to be Pre or Early Republican sources. As such there since have been periodic boundary realignments and name changes. So, in this instance, during the 1980s, the former Guishui pao was divided into two brigades--Peixin and Guishui, both in Fucheng comune which surrounded Taicheng city. However from my own lists I can find no Longan, leaving me wonder if a name change or some other circumstance has occured. I suspect, though, that Longan under whatever guise is located in Guishui brigade. Today the term brigade has been replaced by village committee and commune by zhen or market.
2.) At Taishan, Area 4, Dihai Heung, Yanshan or Daling subheung there is a cluster of Yu villages including one called Longan. Prior to 1950, Dihai along with Xinchang and Changsha were collectively called Sanbu or "Three Ports". Changsha market has always been a part of Kaiping, whereas across the Dan river the other two markets belonged to Taishan. Sometime after 1950 sizeable portions of Dihai and Xinchang were merged and realigned to form Sanbu zhen of Kaiping. Sanbu city is the current administrative capital of Kaiping Shi. The area that remained a part of Taishan became, or was merged with, Sanba or "Three Eight" market. It is now in which things become complicated. This Longan village was redistributed to Kaiping but not to what one might expect; that is, Yanshan village committee, but rather to the adjacent Renqin. Therefore, the current location of Longan is Renqin village committee, Sanbu market, Kaiping. Also be aware that colloquially all of the many villages inhabited by Yus in the former Dihai region (which embraced the current Sanba zhen of Taishan and Sanbu zhen of Kaiping) were collectively called Yucun/"Yee Villages" or Rucun/"Scholars' Villages". As a lingusitic aside, Yu and Ru are homophones in the Taishan dialect and are pronounce as /yee/.

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