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Owyang, Sin & Law families of the Sacramento River Delta area

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Posted by Lucky J. Owyang ( on April 29, 2004 at 16:41:11:

This is a revised posting from the original posting in 1997 ...

I am doing family genealogy and history for the Owyang, Sin/Suen/Sun, and Law families from the Chinese village of Dai Leung and Law Hue, Heungshan (now known Zhongshan) district, Kwangtung (now known as Guandong) Province, China.
: My grandfather Owyang Jee Cheong immigrated as a merchant and was the bookkeeper for the Sam Wo Sam & Company store in San Francisco Chinatown from 1882 until 1906. Then, my grandfather worked on farms and ranches as the Sol Runyon & George McCullough ranches, in and around, the Isleton, Ryde, Grand Island, Walnut Grove, Locke, Courtland, and Hood areas of the Sacramento River Delta farm country.
: My Owyang grnadfather raised seven children, three boys Edwin Cum Owyang; Patrick Chun Owyang; Lester Chow Owyang and four girls, Helen Gwai Lin Owyang; Ruth Mui Owyang; Flora Fah Owyang; Evelyn Eip Owyang. One of the boys being my father Patrick Chun Owyang. My grandmother was Owyang-Law Jook Yee was a member of the Law family primarily born around the Steamboat Slough in the Courtland area.
: My grandfather married in 1900 and went back to China with his family in 1920, and returned in 1922. There in Dai Lueng village my father Patrick Chun Owyang married Sin Gum Mui and they returned to Ryde, California in 1922. Two members of the Owyang Jee Cheong family remained in China. That was his wife and two children, Evelyn Eip Owyang & Lester Chow Owyang. Lester returned in 1927 and by the onset of the Japanese invasion of China, Evelyn Eip Owyang, whom stayed behind came back to America.
: Grandfather Owyang Jee Cheong' s wife Owyang-Law Jook Yee remained behind in China until she passed away in 1961. My folks, aunts and uncles lived in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Auburn in their adult lives.
: If you have any information or knowledge about my family or think you might have a connection, I would appreciate your input. Please e-mail me at:, Thank You. Lucky J. Owyang

revised posting April 29th, 2004

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Subject: Re: Owyang, Sin & Law families of the Sacramento River Delta area


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