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Re: Ligan: Chinese?

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Posted by savelli on February 14, 2002 at 12:41:46:

In Reply to: Ligan: Chinese? posted by Joshua Ligan on October 28, 1998 at 19:10:05:

I guess to inform you that PHILIPINES was part of CHINESE EMPIRE, thus full of CHINESE SOLDIERS, ADMINISTRATORS, BUSINESSMEN, RELIGIOUS men, etc. Then USA and ENGLAND decided to destroy CHINA through "massive drugs production/distribution/selling" based on OPIUM manufactured in INDIA (quite like slaved labor workers, under UK "eyes=government). Massive amounts of drugs were made and trade, basically illegally, into CHINA BORDERS (HARBORS) and through great "corruption" they were "smugled" into CHINA with specific purpose of CORRUPTING main "GOVERNMENT and high employees, businessmen, army/navy forces", lowering their moral and aptitude to "work" productive work. The result was devastating, as if introducting "VARIOLA" among civilized American Indian (INCAS, ASTECAS, etc). Some "patriots" tried to resist corruption backed by UK (USA and other big nations also, envolved in illegal business profitable of OPIUM). Tus some "patriots CHINESE" tried to stop such NARCO-TRAFFICANT AGRESSION, in large scale, and came the WAR OF OPIUM. As result HONG KONG was given as indemnization and China had also to indemnify War Losses they imposed and "illegal destruction of OPIUM smugled into China"... It is amazing now USA say about drugs in Colombia and AFghanistan, if we consider what unexcrupulous businessmen (backed by their government) did in China. As result of breaking "central government" and european/USA/Japan ambition, several main provinces of CHINA, as PHILIPINES, were split into different "new nations" under USA or Japan or Russia and other european nations (as Indonesia by Netherlands, some to Portugal and Spain, etc.). In fact, a great "festival" of carrion, like vultures eating alive the CHINA. I have a site in INTERNET about such OPIUM WAR.

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