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Re: Wong Kee

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Posted by Kevin Wong Hoy on December 04, 2001 at 09:20:44:

In Reply to: Re: Wong Kee posted by Stanley Wong on May 16, 2001 at 15:46:16:

: : My ggrandfather married in New Zealand 1896.
: : His marriage certificate states his father as Wong Kee Lee.

: : Is Wong the surname ? If so how would I go about tracing the gggrandfather in China. I only know great grandfather was born in Canton approx 1850.

: : Any help would be ppreciated.

: Wong is the surname. Kee is the first character
: of his name and Lee is the second character of his
: name. He is probably from Toishan district
: (ToyShan, etc) which is a rural area outside
: Canton (Kwangtung) because most of the early
: emigrants from that area came from Toishan and
: not Canton. Different dialects of Cantonese so
: someone from Toishan can understand a Cantonese
: much better than a Cantonese can understand
: Toishanese.

Dear Lyn

As you might know already in anglicised Cantonese, it is difficult to distinguish between the two Wong surname. There is Wong ( in Mandarin = Wang meaning king) and Wong (in Mandarin = Hwang meaning yellow).

In regards to Wong Kee Lee, it would be helpful for you to discover a document which shows his name or your grandfather's name in Chinese characters so that you will know whether he was a (king) Wong or a (yellow) Wong.

As it happens my paternal great great grandfather, was named Wong Kee from Shek Moon village in Zhongshan district. He was a (king) Wong. However, I believe that neither of his two sons travelled to NZ and there would be tens of thousands of men named Wong Kee in China. Perhaps, if you share with me the name of your garndfather, we can explore if there is other common details of interest. Stanley Wong's hypothesis that your grandfather came from Taishan in Sze Yap district cannot be ruled out either.

Good luck with your further research
Kevin Wong Hoy

Posted by Kevin Wong Hoy on December 06, 2001 at 20:33:34:

In Reply to: Wong Kee posted by Lyn John on January 23, 2001 at 16:59:17:

Further to my email of 4 December 2001, I was carrying out some other research and to my great surprise the text by Russell Jones, entitled Chinese Names lists a third Wong. this is similar to the 'king' Wong but with a water radical in front of it. I would think this surname is much less common than the other two.

Interested still in your recent thoughts.
Kevin Wong Hoy

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