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Re: Meaning of my name?????

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Posted by B Kwong on November 14, 2001 at 10:27:45:

In Reply to: Meaning of my name????? posted by sanjili on November 12, 2001 at 05:20:19:

First of all, it would be helpful to know what Chinese dialect it is derived from. The language in which it is translated into (English, French, etc..) also may shed some light. I am assumming that this is your family name. The time and location of your ancestors migration from China is also a clue. All that said, Chinese has a lot of homonyms, where different words sound the same and can only be differentiated with the written characters. This all make it very hard to work from a Romanized name to its original. For example, "San" could means "three," or "hill," or many other words. The more other clues you can provide, the better chance you can find the origin of the name.

B Kwong

: hi!
: can anyone please help me out by telling me what does my name "SANJILI" really means?.I believe its a chinese word. If anyone can tell me anything about its origin, just about anything.

: Thanx
: Sanjili

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