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Leong - Sam Sum and Sam Suey Village

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Posted by Kay Speaks on April 29, 2001 at 16:51:43:


[Trying to find information about my family. Following from immigration interrogation records.]

I am researching my grandfather LEONG JOE SING's family. He and his brother, LEONG FAT, were "paper sons", born in the Sam Sum Village, Sam Suey (Som Sui) District, China even though their papers state they were born in San Francisco. Immigration interrogation papers also called the village Sun Sang, Sung Sang, Sam Soy or Sam Suey District. As they were "paper sons" some of the sworn testimony in their interrogation are known not to be true. I have listed to the best of my ability some of the facts as known or per these papers. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Dates, descriptions and locations are directly from the interrogation papers and are subject to interrupter's translation.

PARENTS: Both parents born in the Sun Hoy year (1851-1853). Both parents were born the same year. In January 1932 they were living at 78 Stanton Street, Hong Kong. Wong Shee stayed in the home village most of the time, although she came to Hong Kong occasionally although her age made this a difficult trip in her later years. They are buried in the Sun Sang Gong (Cemetery), about one mile from the village. There are markers with photos at their burial sites.

Father: LEONG HURN HOY, (aka LEONG LOY, Leong Him Hoy, Leong Loyd, Leong Jing, Leong Yuen Hoy)
Mother: WONG SHEE (also known as Wong Gook had natural feet). Everyone, including her husband and grandchildren, called her "three" as she was the third daughter.

SON: LEONG JOE SING (aka LEONG JOY SING (pronounced Jee), Leong Joy Nom,
Leong Hung Bo, Leong Jew Nom)
Wife #1 - LAI SHEE (Leong Joe Sing: "I think I must have married her when I was 19 or 20 yrs, old in the Sun Sang Village, Wah Hing Village, subdivision of the Sun Sang Village. She died about C.R. 7 or C.R. 8 (1918 or 1919). She died at my village." Note: In an earlier testimony he said his wife had died around C.R. 3 or C.R. 4.
Children: Leong Wing Fook (born San Sang Village), married with two children (as of
5/22/1930 he was about 20-22 years old) wife's name is Leung Shee or Lum Shee (natural feet) living in Hong Kong with Leong Joy Sing's father. Lum Shee's father is of the LUM family, but no mention was made of his given name. As of 5/22/1930 (and later 1/14/1932), Wing Fook's children were Leong Hoy Ching 5 yrs (6 or 7 in 1932) and Leong Hoy Gwai (Leong Joy Sing said it was a son in 1930) age 4 years, but in 1932 he said it was a daughter named Leung Hing Gwai, 4-5 years old. Leong Kim Dai was married when she was 15 or 16, no children, and died after being married 1 to 1-1/2 years. She changed her name prior to her marriage. She had a sickness all the time so the family changed her name. She and her husband lived in Canton City or her husband's village. Leong Joe Sing's family lived at 78 Second Floor, Stanton Street, Jung Won
Section, Hong Kong.

Wife #2 - DANG LEE CHOY (aka DUN SHEE LEONG SING, Dung Shee, Dang Shee)
(natural fee). Dang Lee Chog and Leong Joy Sing were married C.R. 12-2-2 (March 18, 1923) in Hong Kong. Dang Shee was a native of Cheung Dong Village, Sam Suey District, China. Leong Joy Sing's testimony (1/14/1932) states that Dang Shee had been an orphan since she was a child. She had a young brother, but no other siblings were known. (Leong Joy Sing's 1/14/1932 testimony) "It seems to me his name is Dang Jee Hung, about 20 or 30 years old he is about 25. I do not know where he is living now, but I saw him at Hong Kong at my house, during my last visit. I do not think is married." Leong Joy Sing had never been to Dang Shee's home village of Cheung Dong. Dang Shee had never been to his village, but lived at 78 Stanton Street since she
had married him.
Children: Born in China (Hong Kong): Leong Wing Gum born C.R. 13-3-1 (April 4, 1924) in Hong Kong, Leong Wing Dung or Leong Wing Ding born C.R. 14-11-24 or 27 (January 8 or 11, 1926 in Hong Kong, Leong Siu Foon or Leong Sue Foon born C.R. 17-4-20 (June 7, 1928) in Hong Kong. Per immigration records #29158/9-19 dated 5/22/1930. Children born in the United States: Johnnie Wing Sing, Billie Wing Sing (later changed to William), Wendell Wing Sing. One child, Leong Wing Gu, died in infancy in 1934.

SON: LEONG FAT (aka Leong Wing Fat, Leong Fah, Leong Foh, Leong Hung Young):
Wife #1 - GUE SHEE (aka Gee Shee, Jee Shee) (one report said bound feet, another said natural feet); married K.S. 22-12-15 or 29-5-? (July 1903); died about C.R. 6-3-8 (about April 1917, at 38 years old, possibly in Hong Kong or the village, another report said she died about 1920). They had two children: son Leong Wing Sam born S.T. 3-2-1 (Feb. 28, 1911); daughter Leong Woon Dai born K.S. 30-5-1 (June 14, 1904) who stayed in Hong Kong. On 5/14/1930, Leong Fat stated Leong Woon Dai was 28 years of age, married and living in China. Gue Shee had one brother. Her father's name was Gee Ding who lived in the same village, Sun Hing, Sam Suey District, China.

Wife #2 - CHUEY YING (aka Mrs. Leong Shee, Mrs. Leong Fat, Jean Leong Fat); married C.R. 7-2-2. Traveled to the United States. January 15, 1919 on ex ss "Shinyo Maru" with Leong Wing Sam, 8 years (son of first wife). Children born in United States: Deming Ying, Lou Ling, Lucy Ling, Charley Ying, Ruby Ying. Died in California, U.S.A., C.R. 17-2-14 or 3/6/1928. Her bones were returned to China for burial.

SISTER: LEONG MEW JUM.. [Interrogation from Leong Joy Sing 1/14/1932] Married, but name of husband not known. "She died before my second marriage. She changed her name later on, but didn't know the new name. She had a lot of sickness so my parents changed her name."

Leong Joy Sing and Leong Fat pretended to live five houses apart in the same village in China. They did not claim a relationship with each other to the authorities. They lived on joining farms in Farmersville, California for many years. My grandfather, Leong Joy Sing, or as known to me, Leong Joe Sing, died in 1945, prior to my birth. Leong Fat, who died in 1957, was known to me as I lived on the neighboring farm. I have not heard of a sister. There is, however, a half-brother, Leong Fook.

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