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I can't find my Surname (Lee) anywhere on the net!

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Posted by Johan Lee on December 14, 2000 at 12:43:10:

Hello there,

I'm a Malaysian Cantonese and my brothers, sisters and I are the first generation children to be born in Malaysia. My parents and grandparents have to get out of China because of the war. We are the decendants of the Lee family of Canton's Lee family of the "Flower Village". I can't find a single character in the Hundred Family Name book but for reference on the Character of my family name, it is available at this Chinese Character Dictionary site ( for you have an idea of my Family name in Chinese Character. And I know our family name is a very very rare one. And I do know that our Zhu Xian Pai (Ancestors Name Board/Ornament) is still standing the the "Flower Village and not looked after. All I know is that my great great grand father was a very famous teacher and wrote lots of Philosophical books and have taught many Famous scholars including producing Top scholars (Top student of China) every year during the Public exams.

Then the Japanese came and looted, kept or destroyed our books and from then on, we have no idea of our family background as well as history. My great Grandfather (Lee Shu Kan) was the Director (or was the Engineer) a Rail Company in Canton or somewhere near there. My Grandfather (Lee Fong Tao) was the First grandson of my great great grandfather and his uncle (my great grand uncle) was the MP Head of Guan Xi during the Kuo Min Tang Rule of China. My grandfather was also ranked a general (was it Leftenent General or Major General... not really prominent) and in those days, one has to be with a party to be in the Military or Government but he was in neither one of them. He manage to get in just because of his uncle. And he was also the manager of Beijing (Fan Dian) Restaurant/Rest House or something. He also was the host for a peace talk between The Kuo Min Tang Party and The Communist party there. No one kept a record of it. I can't find any history of it... the list of life's important event goes on and on and on but no one knows about it. He was also the Manager for Bei Jing Guang Bo Dian Tai (Beijing Broadcasting Corporation, or was it Canton... either way... he was a very well known man...!) Even an American or was it a British General heard of his kindness and helpfullness to the Community and dedication to the country that he visited him with discreetly without the internal security even knowing if any foreign officials have entered the country for a visit. The Lao Be Xing (peasants and people around him) branded him a very humble and kind person because he helps them in every way he can. Even during the war, they helped him all the way out from thge enemy's hands including generousity of offering food and shelter. Anyway, as I said, the history goes on and on and on and is liek a never ending story... wait till you hear about my grandma's side of the story...

Anyway, all I need is a history of the Surname Lee. Thank you very very much and I sure do hope to get a simple answer to whether if that surname is even in the book anymore.

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