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Re: Possible Asian ancestry (Help would be appreciated)

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Posted by Al Chinn on August 24, 2000 at 15:42:36:

In Reply to: Possible Asian ancestry (Help would be appreciated) posted by K.L Liems on August 24, 2000 at 11:47:42:

Since you say your ancestor came from Surinam, then the name Liem is the Dutch way of spelling Lim, or Lin as indicated by the previous poster which means forest. As you know the "ie" in Liem is still pronounced as "i". I would venture to say that your ancestor may have orginally left Fujian Province in China and went to Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) from whence he probably went to Surinam (Dutch West Indies)and from there to Europe.If you wish to find out the origin of the surname Lin (Lim, Liem)go to Those who have not changed their surnames in Indonesia use both Lim or Liem. Indonesia has a large population of Hokkiens from Fujian Province and there are a lot of Lims there.

: Hi everyone.

: Several members of my family , including myself, have been interested in finding our "roots" , since we don't know where our family originally comes from due to several migrations. All we have is a last name, the name "Liems", (which we pronounce as Leems, don't know if it's pronounced that way originally) which we believe might be Asian in origin. The name was probably westernised by adding the letter -s, the -s usually indicating the meaning "son of", so Liems would be "son of Liem" ,which also means it might have been a give name to start with. Now the problem is also the time span. We have been in Europe for 7 generations I think, and my ancestors are believed to have come to Europe from Surinam, but we don't know where they came fom originally. So my question is,does anyone know the the meaning of my name and/or what part of the world it originates from? I would really appreciate it!
: Thanks!

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