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chiu family

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Posted by Jasmine Banks ( on June 18, 2009 at 23:45:08:

I am researching the surname Chiu and looking for anyone else who might be doing the same. The character is the Zhao4 (when you click on "Chinese surnames" on this website then "The Hundred Families Surnames".

My grandfather, who passed away in 1991, gave us information that his home village was Zi-Kai (meaning Benevolent Brook), in the district of Sun Wui (or Xin Hui). He indicated where it was on an old map and wrote the Chinese characters for it but I can't seem to match it up on modern maps.

He said that his father was buried in 1931 in Gong Moon City, and that details of his lineage is carved on the tombstone. Unfortunately we don't have photos of that and he didn't write all of it out. He claims that his family lineage goes back 13 generations to Se Bun, the founder of the village and then 13 generations back to the Song dynasty.

My grandfather and his two brothers came to Australia around the 1920's, and a sister and an adopted sister remained in China. My grandfather's elder brother had a wife in Australia but had another wife back in China. One of the daughters of the first wife emigrated to the USA and my grandfather used to keep in touch but I have no idea where they are now.

If anyone is researching this surname or has roots from the same village would look forward to hearing from you.

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