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General Quách Bốc

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General Quách Bốc

A subordinate of Bỉnh Di named Quách Bốc, just after informed, led his army batterring the Đại Thanh Gate of the citadel down to save his guvnor. Two brothers Phạm Du and Phạm Kinh killed both Bỉnh Di and his son and then escaped out of the citadel with Cao Tông.

Quách Bốc occupied the citadel and subsequently enthroned the young prince L‎ư Thầm. Cao Tông fled to Tam Nông, Phú Thọ and lodged at the residence of Hà Vạn, who was a minority leader holding a potential force. The Crown Prince Sảm, who later became the succeeding king Lư Huệ Tông, fled to Hải Ấp, Thái B́nh with his mother, Noble Consort Đoàn and his two younger sisters. Sảm lodged at the residence of Trần L‎ư, who was also an indigenous squire. Sảm married with Trần Thị Dung, who was Trần L‎ư daughter. Then he conferred the title Minh Tự on Trần L‎ư and title Commander of Anterior Citadel ( a title also held by Lư Thái Tổ during the time he was an official of Anterior Le Dynasty ) on the brother-in-law of Trần Lư named Tô Trung Từ. They recruit soldiers from the surrounding and managed to conflict against Quách Bốc.
Informed that Lư Sảm himself established his own court and arbitrarily conferred handles on somebody, Cao Tông was annoyed and wanted to suppress his military power. He sent Phạm Du to associate with Đoàn Thượng, but Du intrigued with the Princess Thiên Cực and missed the meeting with Đoàn Thượng. When fulfilling another meeting, as crossing over Ma Lăng, he was killed by the army of the landlord of Bắc Giang.

Trần Lư and Tô Trung Tự led their army back to the capital to defeat Quách Bốc. At the end of 1209, the rebellion was suppressed, Trần Lư was killed in the battle, Tô Trung Từ sent army to bring Cao Tông back. In the circumstance that Phạm Du have died and Tô Trung Từ held almost power over the court, Cao Tông had to lean toward him. Đàm Dĩ Mông although quisling with Quách Bốc when he occupied the citadel but eventually was accepted to be the Thái úy – a rather high official.

There had no document confirmed about how the endings of Quách Bốc and Lư Thầm were.

this is an excerpt from the wikipedia article here:

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