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Posted by raymond ( on September 07, 2008 at 23:37:37:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Seeto Clan posted by Richard Seeto on August 13, 2008 at 21:40:04:


You are to be commended for your effort to research and write your genealogy, at least for your branch of the Seeto Family Clan. I believe the Chinese are notorious for our personal and privacy nature, and reluctance to share information even with family members....and there are probably some valid reasons for that. Hopefully, your family clan members will eventually come to their senses and realize what an invaluable manuscript you would be producing for the Seeto clan's posterity. As time passes with the 3rd and 4th and each succeeding generation of Overseas Chinese, it will become even less likely that those generations would be able to construct your branch of the Seeto family clan genealogy, at least not as accurately.

Here is a tidbit of information that you may or
may not have known......the family clan association for the Seeto family name is called Fung Lun.....and most major Chinese-populated overseas city in the world should have such an organization. However, the Anglicized spelling of Fung Lun may vary from place to place. Surely the Fung Lun organization exists in Sydney and Hong Kong. Fung Lun is a joint family association for the Seid/Sit family clan and the Seeto/Seto/Situ family clan.....history/legend has it that the Seeto clan is of the same bloodline as the Seid clan.
(I am a member of the Seid family clan.) I mention this with hopes that you will be able to visit your nearest Fun Lung association and procure some information about your branch of the Seeto Clan.

Finally, if you can get your hands on the "jook po" from your village (the family genealogy book), then much of your research for the early years would not be necessary if you can find the common ancestral link between a name in your village to your Seeto branch. The jook po of course will all be in Chinese, so you'll need to get it translated if you cannot read Chinese.

Good luck in your genealogical pursuits.


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